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Single Strap Chinstrap for CPAP/BiLevel Therapy

Single Strap Chinstrap for CPAP/BiLevel Therapy
Manufacturer: ResMed
Part Number(s): 16015
GTIN Number(s): 00619498160150
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7036


  •  $15.95

This Single Strap Chin Strap from ResMed helps hold the mouth closed during CPAP/BiLevel therapy. The simple single-strap design fastens at the top of the head and soft cloth cup makes the strap more comfortable to wear.


  • Simple No Hassle Design
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • ResMed Quality

Purchaser Verified Reviews

Single strap chinstrap

I purchased the one with just one strap and it works very well at first. I use it by itself to try to keep my mouth closed while sleeping. I am a woman and my hair is slippery so as the night passes, the strap moves. I will purchase the one with more than one strap because it would serve my purpose better.
By Mojave Mouth,

Strap won't stay in place

Although I like that strap is small, it tends to slide forward or backward during the night. The strap also rubs my ears when i sleep.
By Bill,


Fit perfectly even for a large headed man! :-)
By Sleepy Don,

better than multi straps

Has to be the best single chin strap made! I will not go back to multi ones.
By Jane,

Works for Me

I was not aware I was a mouth breather. I started with a full face mask and it was never an issue. But now I am on a pillow mask and found I was opening my mouth and I didn't want to go back to a full face mask. This is the only strap that worked for me. I am so pleased. It works great.
By Val,

Only Chin strap I've used for over 20 years

For me it does the job, while being lite and comfortable.
By Wayne,

Chin Strap

Chin Strap was not available in sizes. The strap was too short. Had to cut and add 2 inches to each side to have it long enough to easily work.
By D Black,

Single strap chin strap

Very poor quality. Tried this one night and it is NOT effective at all.
By Burle,

Single Strap

Did not work for me, not good with a larger head.
By Ted,

Would not stay on

It constantly would slide off my head. I gave up on it after day two.
By Craig,

Chin strap

Exactly what I wanted / came quickly! Will use this site again.
By Joni in Texas,

res med chin strap

I have used this chin strap before and find it is the best one for me.
By Ida C.,

Has One Serious Flaw

Strap works for its intended purpose, but has absolutely no "stretch" to it. As a result it is hard to put on if you have it adjusted tight enough to hold your mouth shut.
By MSkill,


Don't care for this strap. It slides off my head and slips on my chin towards my mouth. I have a stretchy velcro piece from another strap the I use across the back of my head to stop the backslide. Then, I put my hair in a clip on top of my head to keep it from sliding forward. Tightening it makes it worse...too loose and it doesn't keep my mouth closed. Too much trouble for it to be worth it.
By Wolfsfire,


Simple, easy to use, does what it is supppose to and less expensive than the others. I would buy it again.
By Alice Dixon,