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CPAP Moisture Therapy Skin Cream (1.0 oz Tube)

CPAP Moisture Therapy Skin Cream (1.0 oz Tube)
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Break the dry skin cycle and enjoy a good night's sleep again! If you've experienced the drying, chafing and skin irritation that sometimes accompanies CPAP therapy then CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream will be a welcome addition to your daily ritual. CPAP Moisture Therapy is Petroleum Free and combines a rich mixture of Aloe Vera and Emu Oil with Vitamin A & E to moisturize and protect the skin.

Apply CPAP Moisture Therapy to facial areas where your mask and mask straps meet the skin, inside your nasal passages if you use a pillows mask, or anywhere you experience chafing or skin irriation due to your therapy. Also use CPAP Moisture Therapy when you get a new mask to prevent chafing from occurring!

Apply CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream as often as needed to maintain soft skin and eliminate discomfort from dry or cracking skin. CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream comes from the makers of RoEzIt Therapy Products!

Manufacturer: LouSal Enterprises
Part Number(s): REICMT
GTIN Number(s): 00852927004018
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399


Purchaser Verified Reviews

Works awesome​

I didn't know they made such a thing and it works little bit in the morning and it lasts all day and the redness is diminishingly !!
By Lenhartksm, Vernon Center NY

Increased Redness

This product increased the redness under my CPAP mask and I have discontinued using this cream.
By Gary,

Love the feeling of my skin

Doesn't make my skin oily. Skin is soft. Love this product will buy again.
By Happy cpap user,

CPAP Moisture Therapy Skin Cream

I use my CPAP with the humidifier but still get dried out nasal passages that can become very sore. This cream takes care of that issue EVERY single time!!! It is very much worth every penny I pay for it!!!
By dashopaholic,

Works Good

Works good for those times my nose gets a little to dry from using my CPAP machine thanks.
By Linda F,


This is my favorite cream to use with my nasal mask. I am a side sleeper and somehow this cream helps to keep slipping to a minimum. It can also be placed in the nose which I do when the Ayr saline gel starts to sting. I have used the lanolin cream recommended by some but found it way too slippery and prefer this one. I will order more.
By acamp,

Repairs dry face

Was having a problem with my face being very dry and the mask blowing out and difficult to keep sealed this won't hurt the mask and keep your skin soft so the seal to your face stays good all night
By Marty G,

Good pain remover

I have found this cream to be good to remove pain especially on the bridge of the nose. However, I wouldn't recommend depending on it daily.
By Debbie,

CPapa Moisurizing Cream

Prompt delivery of items ordered!
By Ron,

Skin break down

I apply the cream to the bridge of my nose and forhead, where the mask makes contact. I experienced skin break down and pain at the pressure points. This cream has eliminated that completly. I had discontinued using my CPAP until I discovered this product. A little goes a long way.
By George,

Dry Nose

Works great no more dry nose from mask
By Diane,

Try it

This cream is awesome! I use it every morning after my shower, just rub a little bit on my nostrils and it helps me keep the skin smooth. As I'm sure you know, there are times during the CPAP experience when your nose is dry, crusty and/or blistered. I especially experience this when moving from moist to dry environments. If/when I have a little irritation, I use it more often and the cream helps the uncomfortable feeling disappear.
By DS,

In Line filter.

This filter fits on the machine and then to the hose. I have only used one but, that was enought to show me that a lot of things that were too small to see until they deposited on the filter. It showed me I was breathing in very super fine dust and dirt. It showed up on the filter. I keep my house super clean but, even then that still was not enought to keep things from being sucked up through this filter. It was stopped at that filter. I sleep longer and get better sleep than I have in a long time. I feel that it is because I am breathing better and cleaner air at night now.
By Linda Strong,