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DreamStation GO Portable Machine Series End Cap (Beauty Panel)

DreamStation GO Portable Machine Series End Cap (Beauty Panel)
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End Cap (Beauty Panel) Covera from Philips Respironics are designed for use with all DreamStation GO Portable CPAP Machines. End Caps protect the unit from damage, wear and tear.

Two End Cap Covers are available -- a Front End Cap Beauty Panel (shown on this page with a circle in the center of the panel and vent holes on the side) and a Rear End Cap Beauty Panel (shown on this page with a vertical oval in the center of the panel). You'll be asked to select the End Cap you require when adding this item to your shopping cart.

The Front End Cap protects the front of your DreamStation GO Machine where the tubing attaches to the unit. It should generally not removed unless it has been damaged in some way.

The Rear End Cap protects the rear of your DreamStation GO where the power cord attaches to the machine. The Rear End Cap is removed, and not required, whenever a DreamStation GO Battery Pack is attached to the back of the unit.

Both End Caps are made of durable, lightweight materials and both should be in place at all times on the DreamStation GO unless they have been replaced by an accessory like the battery pack as specified above.

Manufacturer: Philips Respironics
Part Number(s): 1133741, 1133742
GGTIN Number(s):
Warranty: 30-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399

Available Colors: White

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