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DreamWear Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

Designed to feel like you're wearing nothing at all the DreamWear CPAP/BiPAP Mask is a truly breakthrough sleep therapy interface.

DreamWear's unique soft frame directs airflow through two tubes that meet at a single soft, under-the-nose nasal cushion for a simple, minimalist fit that adapts to your sleep therapy needs and maintains secure seal that feels like it's barely there.


  • Innovative Soft Tubing Frame
  • Unique Under-the-Nose Nasal Cushion
  • Simple, Secure Headgear & 360° Swivel Elbow
  • Lightweight with Minimal Contact & An Open Field of View
  • Multiple Cushion & Frame Sizes Available
  • Sleep Your Way with Under-the-Nose Cushions or Gel Nasal Pillows!
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Try this item at home, if you're not satisfied return it for a full refund of the original purchase price. If you decide DreamWear isn't for you, just return it within 30-Days of purchase. It's that simple!

Manufacturer: Philips Respironics
Part Number(s): 1116700, 1116680, 1116681, 1116682, 1116683
GTIN Number(s): 00606959023758, 00606959023765, 00606959023772, 00606959023789, 00606959023796, 00606959023802, 00606959023819, 00606959023826, 00606959023833, 00606959023840, 00606959023857, 00606959023864, 00606959023116
In the Box: Complete Under-the-Nose Nasal Mask Pack with Cushion and Headgear. Upgrade to a FitPack with 4 Cushions in Your Shopping Cart.
Warranty: 90-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7034 A7035

Maximum Recommended Pressure Range: 4 to 30 cm H20
Mask Type(s): Nasal Cushion Masks, Nasal Pillow Masks, FitPack Masks
Available Size(s): Small, Medium, MediumWide, Large
Materials: Latex Free

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Customer Reviews


At first I was doubtful about this very light weight, almost not there mask. It took me two nights to adjust the mask and really get comfortable with it. Others complain about noise. I have not heard any noise or hissing sounds. I would highly recommend, if you can get the 30 day free trial you try it out. I have worn all sorts of masks over the years and this one by far is the best.
By Ancient One, MD


I had great expectations when I bought this expensive mask. I've used CPAP for 4 yrs and I feel like I wasted my m9ney on the dreamwear. It is top heavy and pulls off my head just several hours into my night. I'm back to the old school naaal mask.
By Paula, Texas

Crackling noise coming from pillow hole in front!

The mask is very comfortable and has minimal contact with nose, however I notice annoying crackling sound when I inhale or exhale. Too bad as it keeps me awake!
By Tony C, Cincinnati, OH

I liked the features but couldn't use it. It irate...

I liked the features but couldn't use it. It irate my nose and wouldn't stay in place while sleeping! Returned after a few days. Still waiting my refund!!
By rexworley56,


I really love this. Was skeptical at first as not nasal pillows but the 1st night out was great & the next morning I felt great.
By gijodie326,

The best mask I ever had.

The mask fits perfect. You can't hardly feel it, Only the headband could be better. I sometimes lose the mask during the night.
By LightApricotDamselfly,


Best headset I have used yet easy comfortable easy to manage. Non irritating and doesn't make me feel to enclosed.
By firecrackercoy,

respitonics dream wear nasal

Amazing design.. The ONLY ONE THAT WORKS FOR ME!!!!

A mask I don't hate

I've tried many styles of cpap mask over the last several years, and for one reason or another have fought with all of them. Not so much this one, though! I'm a stomach sleeper and can actually sometimes sleep in my preferred position with this mask. I can definitely sleep on my side, which is a vast improvement over back-only. The only drawbacks I have seen are mostly from my oddly shaped head- the back strap will only stay in place if I put my hair in a ponytail and pass it between the two straps on the back of the mask. Occasionally I will still have minor slipping. The design of the pillow is my favorite part. I have a very small nose, and even after surgery the in-your-nose pillows in my size couldn't deliver enough air. The wide open design of this pillow means that enough air is always going to make it into whichever nostril is functioning at the moment. No more gasping for breath! One thing that has me confused is that in many reviews, the mask is described as being loud. In my experience, it's utterly silent. It's quieter than just breathing through my nose! Maybe it's because I had mine fitted by a sleep specialist, or perhaps it needs to be used with the rest of the Dream system (which I have) to function silently. Either way, I'm impressed by how quiet the entire system is, and how it's made me not hate using my cpap!
By K. Laurence,

Another favorable experience with Dreamwear

Just adding my favorable experience to others. I used a couple different versions of nasal pillows over the last couple of decades after initially trying a nose mask that caused sever skin rashes. The nasal pillows were OK, but required me to use KY jelly to establish the initial seal and prevent nasal irritation. The last nasal pillow mask I used also had such a strong exhaust airflow that my wife had to pull the covers over her every time I rolled my face towards her during the night. The DreamWear mask is more comfortable and eliminates both of these issues. I can roll off my back to either side with fewer leakage problems that with the nasal pillow masks. The hose exiting the top of the headgear frame keeps the hose out of the way - the most recent nasal pillow mask had the hose at the front of my face and I had to throw the hose over the covers and remember to work around it when turning over to prevent entangling myself or the hose from pulling the mask away when the hose fell over the side of the bed. The swivel in the hose attachment to the headgear frame is a nice touch that eliminates having to roll back the same way all the time without twisting the hose - the outcome is I am not awakened every time I roll in my sleep to keep the hose straight or fix it when it gets tangled.
By Hal,

Great mask, headgear needs work

Am a dedicated CPAP user for 14+ years. The dreamwear mask is a successful breakthrough design. My issue is with the headgear. It slips up several times a night, and I wake up because the mask then begins to lose seal and leaks. Phillips Respironics engineers, please resolve this problem and reach out to us registered users ASAP so we can get the update and start getting a full night's sleep. I contacted the company's help line to get some constructive feedback on this problem and all the person was able to do was to leave a note for the engineers that another person has problems with the headgear. Not helpful to users!
By FredK,

Sleek and comfortable

I've been on CPAP therapy for 8 years and have tried all kinds of masks. The Dreamweaver nasal mask is by far the most comfortable and least intrusive mask I've worn. Highly recommended.
By Sean B ,

Best ever!

I finally found the best!
By Jim B.,

Nice mask but increasingly annoyed my nostils

This mask gave a really good seal, perhaps the best I've had so far from any mask. That said, after about the fourth night of wear, my nostrils were irritated. I've had the same experience with other nasal pillow type masks. Nasal pillows are really great, they just don't seem to work for me. I would also add that I think this mask would be the least likely to irritate. If you think you can tolerate nasal pillows, I'd strongly consider giving this a try.
By Mike,

C pap Nasal Cushion

I really like my nasal cushion. It is much better than having the one that was tight to my face.
By Ruth Ellen M,