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Green Crush Resistant Multi-Channel Lumen Oxygen Supply Tubing

Green Crush Resistant Multi-Channel Lumen Oxygen Supply Tubing
  •  $4.49


Salter's Green Oxygen Supply Tubing has three-channels to resist kinks and occlusion. It has no "memory" so it will remain straight when uncoiled decreasing pull on cannulas and increasing overall comfort.


  • Green so it's Easy to See
  • Multi-Channel Crush Resistant
  • Available in Various Lengths
  • Standard Oxygen Connectors Included on Both Ends
  • Compatible with All Major Manufacturers

Manufacturer: Salter Labs
Part Number(s): 2021G-21-Feet, 2035G-35-Feet, 2050G-50-Feet
GGTIN Number(s): 00607411200731, 00607411200687, 00607411200632
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A4616

Dimensions: 21 Feet, 35 Feet, 50 Feet (Approximate)
Materials: Latex Free

Purchaser Verified Reviews

Delivered for FREE on time with professional packaging and right...

Delivered for FREE on time with professional packaging and right product.
By patrickmellin,

Happy With It!!!

Just was at first just happy to find it available. Item is just as described and was a Godsend I rejoice!
By frencheyme, PA


I bought this tubing for my mom, so she could have more mobile room around her house. The length is great for what she needed. It was good for a short while, but the tubing kept tangling, twisting, and kinking up. She got so frustrated with it, she took it off and went back to her old tubing. Would not recommend this.
By C. Moore,

Green Crush Resistant Multi-Channel Lumen Oxygen Supply Tubing

excellent product.
By Debra,

Good product, great price and fast shipping

I was very pleased when I received my order, arrived promptly and product was what they claimed it was. I have been using this same brand tubing for the past year and so far so good. Also can't beat the price. Thanks cpapxchange for your professional service!
By Danyel L,

Fast Service

I am new to C-Pap and wanted to purchase a back-up 50' tubing. I found what I wanted on your site, ordered it and within a few days it was delivered.
By Joann s,

50 ft Oxygen Tubing

It is what it is, a 50 foot green oxygen tube. I've seen them advertised from other sites that they don't kink or twist but that simply isn't true. This is no fault of CPAPxChange. the purchase was fast with great service and price. I will purchase from them again.
By wellvideo,


Purchased because old tubing was crimped and difficult to get air through. Hope this one is truly crimp resistant. Color is more visible. Great length.
By sthnreb,

Oxygen tubing

This product is PERFECT, I have been dealing with Medicare... After 1 year of their cheap wimpy tubing, I bought this for myself, it is amazing not to trip & fall or get it wrapped around my feet & legs, and falling. GO GREEN
By Merna,

Great tubing, but not perfect

This tubing does not get tangled as others I have experienced. It has kinked or crimped, but is easily straightened out with no damage. The green color is wonderful. Realistically, it seems almost impossible to have a 50' line lay flat when it is not stretched to full length.
By Donna,