AirFit™ N20 & AirFit™ For Her Headgear

AirFit™ N20 & AirFit™ For Her Headgear
  •  $31.00


AirFit N20 premium headgear is plush, soft and stable. It is designed for use with all Airfit N20 & N20 for Her Masks; and is available in three sizes and two color styles.

Color Information: This headgear is available in a gray with blue highlights or lavender highlights.

Size Information: N20 headgear is available in three sizes. Standard sized headgear, with blue highlights, comes with all AirFit N20 Mask Packs; and Small sized headgear, with lavender highlights, comes with all AirFit N20 For Her Masks. Small and Large headgear with blue highlights is also available as a separate item. Any headgear size and color can be used with any AirFit N20 series mask.

Usage Information: One pair of magnetic headgear clips is included in each N20 Headgear package.

Manufacturer: ResMed
Part Number(s): 63560, 63558, 63561, 63562
GGTIN Number(s): 00619498635603, 00619498635580, 00619498635610, 00619498635627
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7035

Materials: Latex Free

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