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Heavy Duty Medical Alert Luggage Tag for CPAP/BiPAP Equipment

Heavy Duty Medical Alert Luggage Tag for CPAP/BiPAP Equipment
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U.S. Transportation Security Administration policies state that Respiratory Equipment (like CPAP and BiPAP/BiLEVEL) systems are allowable as carry-on luggage. In addition, because they are a medical necessity, CPAP systems should NOT be counted towards your carry-on allowance.

This 4.25 x 2.25 inch heavy duty, durable plastic, Medical Equipment I.D. Tag, with a removable strap, identifies your equipment for easier check-ins and security points. Our Medical Equipment Identification Tag reads:


CPAP/BiPAP/VPAP/AUTOPAP This respiratory therapy device is a medical necessity and should be kept with the patient at all times. It should not be stored away from the passenger and does not count as carry-on luggage. This device provides life support for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

DOT (Department of Transportation) Rules State Respiratory therapy devices (i.e. CPAP) brought into the cabin by an individual with a disability shall not count towards the limit on carry-on items. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Rules State Respiratory therapy devices may be inspected at any and all check-in points but should not be separated from the prescribed owner.

A little help goes a long way. Help security and help yourselves get inspected as fast and as expedient as possible. Please note that this tag only identifies your medical equipment. It does not guarantee faster processing due to security levels at various airports or attitudes and personalities of security personnel.

Please do not use this ID Tag on other types of carry-on baggage.

We recommend also carrying your doctor's prescription and/or a letter of medical necessity with you while traveling.

NOTE: The Generic Medical Alert Luggage Tag design and text may differ slightly from that shown above.

Manufacturer: cpapXchange
Part Number(s): TAG-CXC
GTIN Number(s):
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399


Purchaser Verified Reviews

Just what I needed

Quick delivery & exactly what I expected. Hope to get through airport security more smoothly
By merileebluel,

Fits my needs

The tag fits all the needs I was looking for having something visible so TSA won't hassle me while going through the checkpoint.
By jhaschke50,

Medical Alert Tag for CPAP

Nice, heavy plastic tag to alert airport screeners and gate personnel that you are carrying a CPAP and are entitled to carry it on board the aircraft without penalty. Nice size. Looks good. Will transfer to new CPAP bag when you upgrade machines.
By Robert,

As Promised: On Time and As Advertised

I ordered the cPAP luggage tag in preparation for travel. It was delivered promptly and was as advertised.
By Roberta,

Owner cpap

Ordered medical alert tag for travel with cpap...haven't departed yet so nothing to report
By Nelda M,

medical equipment travel tag

travel tag for my cpap machine, quality appears to be excellent, easily readable any tsa agent should be able to figure it out
By sauyong,

Exactly what I was looking for.

I know I'm supposed to carry the Cpap in my carry-on, but rarely do. After a recent trip overseas with the Cpap in my checked bag, TSA opened the bag to check it out. I understand that an apparatus of that size with all the circuitry might arouse suspicion. It is my hope that having this tag on my checked bag, future inspections might be prevented. I haven't travelled since getting the tag. The tag is sturdy and has an important, official appearance giving it legitimacy, which is what I was after.
By Barry S,


It was everything I expected.
By Jay,

Good Sturdy Tag

Found this to be a good STURDY tag. It would be nice to have a little more room for ID purposes and a smaller company name area. Was thrilled to find there was no shipping charge. Would order from the Exchange again.
By J.,

Luggage Tag

A good tag for a carry on bag full of medical equipment
By David,

CPAP luggage tag

The luggage tag for my CPAP is just what I wanted - easy to see, durable, easy to attach. Quickly shipped and reasonably priced. Thank you.
By Judy H,

Product great for travelers

Excellent. Info on tag should help with airline check in and also security. Service from CPAPexchange is top notch.
By Dave in PA CPAP user since 1987,

Luggage Tag

Came when promised and as advertised.
By Paul,

Loved it!

Great tag...makes me want to fly somewhere just so I can use it and avoid the hassle about whether my Cpap is a medically necessary device or carry-on luggage! Am showing it to everyone who could benefit!
By Irene,

Top communication

Wonderfull Customer service assistance. Super fast delivery. Top communication. Best Regards from Germany
By Fischer-Moore,