DC Cord Car Charger for Pilot 24 Plus Battery Packs

DC Cord Car Charger for Pilot 24 Plus Battery Packs
  •  $39.89


This DC Cord Car Charger can be used to recharge your Medistrom Pilot 24 Plus or Co-Pilot 24 Battery using the standard DC power outlets found in most cars, boats, trucks, and other vehicles for easy charging on the go.

To use, insert the charging end of adapter cord into the charge jack of either the Pilot 24 Plus or the Co-Pilot 24; and plug the other end into a standard DC power outlet. Charging a fully depleted battery will take 3-4 hours on average depending on available power.

Compatibility Information: This cord is only compatible with Medistrom's Pilot 24 Plus Battery & Co-Pilot 24 Plus Battery Add-on. It will not work with the Pilot 12 Plus or other battery packs.

Manufacturer: Medistrom
Part Number(s): 627843461203
GGTIN Number(s): 627843461203
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399

DC Power Input Range: 9V-28V
DC Power Cord Total Length: 4 Feet (Approximate)
Power Notes: The Car Charger will fully charge the Medistrom Plus Pilot-24 in about 3-4 hours

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