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PureSom Ruby (Topaz) Adjustable Chinstrap for CPAP/BiPAP Therapy

PureSom Ruby (Topaz) Adjustable Chinstrap for CPAP/BiPAP Therapy
  •  $19.99


The Ruby Adjustable (Topaz) Chinstrap is availabe in two sizes -- Standard and Extra Large -- with soft Breathe-O-Prene straps and improved velcro fastenings. The Ruby Adjustable's unique continuous strap design is less susceptible to slippage than many other chinstraps. Its ultra-wide comfort bands help hold the mouth closed and provide added comfort and stability during CPAP/BiPAP sleep therapy.

The Ruby Adjustable chinstrap includes two adjustable velcro straps so it's easy to put on and take off and fit to a size that's comfortable for you.

Sizing Information: The Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap is available in two sizes Standard and Extra Large. The Standard chinstrap adjusts to a maximum size of approximately 22-24 inches. The Extra Large chinstrap adjusts to a maximum size of approximately 26-28 inches.


  • Continuous design style creates stability
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Stylish Ruby coloring
  • Ultra-wide strap construction

Manufacturer: Cardinal Healthcare
Part Number(s): TMS-09ADJ-Standard, TMS-09ADJXL-ExtraLarge
GTIN Number(s):
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7036


Purchaser Verified Reviews

Too small!

Your "standard" size is for midgets. Even after adjusting, I could barely get in on. Very uncomfortable. Tried stretching it, got poor results.
By crittermag, Alachua, Florida

Mistaken identity on product

The gentleman I spoke with was very patient, as I was contesting that an incorrect product was mailed to me. He was great.
By jharr2222,

Puresom ruby chin strap

I called customer service and explained I had purchased a chin strap from my cpap company and ask if I could return this one. The lady was rude and said if I had opened the package I could not return it. The chinstrap is in a baggie so opening a baggie to look at it did not mean I have used it but I only looked at it to compare it with the one I brought from a CPAP company. However she was insistent I could not return it so as of right now I have a very sour taste with CPAP exchange. On your website it's stated no problem with returns but it seems your customer service does not understand your terms and refused to let me return it. I would very much like to speak to someone else and customer service that Matt would be able to assist me
By Vicki Winkler,

A Must Have If You Are A Mouth Breather

This simple device is necessary for mouth breathers to maximize their CPAP therapy. I noticed a significant difference when I do not wear it. It also reduces drooling too.
By RB,

Love this chin strap

In order for me to keep my mouth from being open during the night, this chin strap does its job
By Ilse,

Not very good

This chinstrap is very confusing and most difficult to put on. The adjustments are limited and thus it doesz not fit correctly. I still cannot figure out why there are so many positive reviews for this thing. A true waste of money and I would not buy it again nor would I recommend it.

ruby chin strap

great piece of equipment
By AC,

Just what I've been looking for

I am very happy with this strap. I have been looking for a comfortable and effective strap for quite a while. The problem I most often have is the straps are too small. This one fits perfectly. It did take a few nights to get used to, but now I am very comfortable wearing it.
By George E,

A five star experience

Received the order in just a couple of days. Extra large size fit perfectly. A low price for a quality product. No more dry mouth when I wake up in the morning. Thank you!
By Murph,


chinstrap is too small and am unable to adjust to make comfortable.
By Brian,

It's too tight

I choose the size follow their instruction. However, it is so tight that I feel very uncomfortable for many days.
By Yen-Chywan L,

Needed a large

I was sorry to learn this is only offered in a standard and x-large size. I needed a large.
By ronr,

chin strap

I think it is working pretty good for my husband. I had to make a few adjustments on it (sewed each end of the chin part to make it curve more, so it fit the chin better) but it is working better than the other ones that he has tried.
By keep on trying,

Adjustable Chinstrap

The PureSom Ruby (Topaz) Adjustable Chinstrap for CPAP/BiPAP works great until it stretches after being used for about 6 months.
By Me,

PureSom chinstrap

Excellent service. Arrived before I expected. Product is what I expected. I like this particular product because it is stronger than others I have used and the materials are thicker so that I can use the chinstrap for a longer period before I have to get a replacement. The price was competitive.
By Clarkpc44,