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Transcend Series Machine Base (Filter Frame) for Newer Machines

Transcend Series Machine Base (Filter Frame) for Newer Machines
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This Machine Base (Filter Frame) is designed for use with newer Transcend CPAP Machines including the Transcend II, the Transcend EZEX, and the Transcend Auto. The base attaches to the bottom of the Transcend CPAP machine and the removable air filter fits inside.

Color Information: Transcend bases have been available at various times in different colors -- light blue, light gray, medium gray and dark gray. The frame color will not effect overall machine performance.

Compatibility Information: This Machine Base is compatible with newer Transcend Series CPAP Machines where the base is removed from the CPAP by pushing a button on the bottom of the machine. If your Transcend's base uses a latch, rather than a button, as a detaching mechanism you will need the Filter with Frame for Older Transcend CPAP Machines (Part 503003) available elsewhere on this site. Old and new Transcend filters and filter frames are NOT interchangeable.

Manufacturer: Somnetics
Part Number(s): 503071
GGTIN Number(s):
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399


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