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F&P Simplus Full Face CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

With three simple elements -- RollFit Seal, lightweight EasyFrame & ErgoForm Headgear -- working in harmony, the F&P Simplus CPAP/BiPAP Mask revolutionizes full face mask comfort. Simplus's full face seal rolls and flexes during sleep to create an individual, adaptive fit. The low-profile, EasyFrame provides a clear line of sight; and ErgoForm Headgear fits naturally to improve comfort for active sleepers.


  • Auto-Adjusting RollFit Seal Provides a Comfortable, Adaptive Fit
  • Lightweight EasyFrame Provides a Clear View Without Mask Pull
  • Breathable ErgoForm Headgear with Easy-Clip Frame Attachments
  • Advanced Air Diffuser for Quiet, Draft Free Therapy
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Try this item at home, if you're not satisfied return it for a full refund of the original purchase price. If you decide Simplus isn't for you, just return it within 30-Days of purchase. It's that simple!
For a limited time get a Free 6-Foot CPAP/BiPAP Tube with this mask!

Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
Part Number(s): 400475, 400476, 400477
GTIN Number(s): 09420012426154, 09420012426161, 09420012426178
In the Box: Complete Full Face Mask Pack with RollFit Seal (Small, Medium or Large) and ErgoForm Headgear.
Warranty: 90-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7030 A7035

Maximum Recommended Pressure Range: 4 to 25 cm H20
Mask Type(s): Full Face Masks
Available Size(s): Small, Medium, Large
Materials: Latex Free

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Customer Reviews

Does not work for me. It blows air out all sides. I've used a face mask for over 6 years and have not had this much difficulty. Have gone back to my old mask that fits under my nose.

Very poor. Does not work for me. It blows air out all sides. I've used a face mask for over 6 years and have not had this much difficulty. Have gone back to my old mask that fits under my nose.
By cgood-92618,

No complaints :)

Good price and came overnight delivery. The staff was very helpful in getting my order placed. I would order again.

very good with my puchase

purchase delivered as described timely. I did find my purchase slightly less expensive later on another site but I am happy with my purchase.
By jpleemon, Bellingham wa

Very Comfortable

I decided to switch to a full face mask from a nasal mask because when I got an APAP machine, the increased pressure compared to my CPAP fixed lower pressure caused a big leak through my mouth. This mask is very well padded and is very comfortable. Like any mask, you have to play with the tightness of the straps to find the right tension so that there is no leak, but even pulling the straps tight is not uncomfortable and does not leave marks on the face. While it was dumb luck that I picked this mask, a respiratory therapist I recently met confirmed that it is a very good mask compared to many others. I am vey happy with it and recommend it.
By Bart Hershfield,

My best mask

This is the best mask I have found. It is light, easy to take apart and makes no marks on your face. I have not had any major leak problems.
By david,

Best mask that I have used

I've tried a lot of different mask. This the most comfortable one that I have tried. The fit is good and the head gear awesome. Once you get it adjusted.
By Robert P ,

Not Impressed

Like some of the reviews I have just read, I was initially impressed by the comfort of the "rollfit cushion". Which works exactly as advertised, it rolls side to side on my long narrow nose bridge and every little move I make in bed results in a leak that blows in my eyes. This happens regardless of how tight I make the headgear straps. I received this mask at my local DME supplier who have been less than pleasant to deal with when I asked about switching masks when I have not had this one more than 30 days. So I am looking on this website to find something better. If you have a nose like mine, please do not bother trying this mask.
By Daryl,

F&P Simplus Full Face CPAP/mask & Headgear

I had a lot of trouble creating a seal without Leaks. Then I made the adjustments to the head gear tighter. It works Awesome now. The bridge of my big german nose killed me with other masks. The way this masks moves back and forth to Seal & relieve the pressure on the nose works Great. I would recommend this mask to everyone.
By Joseph S B,

Very stylish, poor design

In some respects this is a very stylish (ff a cpap mask can be stylish) mask. Like many other Fisher and Paykel products, they were apparently shooting for high end buyers who buy for name and flash.
The design of this mask just flows. It's even pretty. At first glance and use I thought I'd love it. There's really two separate masks with the face-facing one being attached to the outer, forward mask. The air line (very well designed) comes between these two masks, deflecting noise. But, the problem lies in the connection of these two pieces. The inner mask is supposed to snap into the forward-facing mask or plate. But it does a terrible job of making and keeping this connection. Wake up to go to the restroom, and when you rest your mark on the floor, these two sections separate. Great. Now, when you come back to bed, you have to reattach. This is an absolutely key connection to make this mask work well. Now, instead of going right back to sleep, I'm messing with putting the mask together. This is my chief complaint. I can't recommend this mask unless improvements are made in design.
By Michael,

Good mask, poor fit

I really wanted to like this mask. The build quality seemed excellent, and I was hopeful it would solve a growing mouth breathing issue I'm having. Unfortunately, no amount of adjustments would keep it from leaking. I ordered a medium based on the size guide provided, but I may have needed a small.
By Judy,

Terrible Mask (At least for Me)

I am a new CPAP user and purchased this mask after trying four others in the past month. I could not get the mask to seal and it leaked continuously.
By Jim ,

Awesome. Mask

Love this mask.
By Jerome,

Bipap mask

Excellent product
By Megha,

Not Adjustable Enough

I was unable to get the mask to stop leaking. My CPAP pressure is 20--so high, but not the highest. I could not gt the straps and mask frame adjusted to stop the massive leaks. Every face is different--it's just a matter of trial and error to find the style of mask that works best for your face.
By Spidersider,

Excellent Facemask

Having great difficulty with fit of other full face maks. Tried the F&P Simplus full face with headgear. Great fit and seal. Could not be happier.
By Neil S,