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SleepWeaver Elan Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

The SleepWeaver Elan CPAP/BiPAP mask combines the best qualities of the original SleepWeaver with innovative new comfort and convenience features and a low profile design.


  • Inflatable Soft Cloth Cushion Rather Than Plastic or Silicone
  • No Rigid Frame or Forehead Support
  • Available in Three Sizes to Fit a Wide Range of Faces
  • Low Profile Design Eliminates Forehead & Nasal Bridge Pressure
  • 360° Rotating Elbow & Quiet Vent Holes
  • Small & Easy to Pack Away. Great for Travel!
  • Great for Allergy Sufferers: Latex & Silicone Free
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Try this item at home, if you're not satisfied return it for a full refund of the original purchase price. If you decide SleepWeaver isn't for you, just return it within 30-Days of purchase. It's that simple!

Manufacturer: Circadiance
Part Number(s): 100727, 100728, 100518, 100519, 100481, 100482
GTIN Number(s):
In the Box: Complete Cloth Nasal Mask with Cushion, Headgear, and Instructional CD with Booklet. Choose cushion size and color; or upgrade to a FitPack with 3 Cushions (Small, Medium & Large), a Tether Strap, and a Feather Weight Tube in your shopping cart.
Warranty: 90-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7034 A7035

Maximum Recommended Pressure Range: 4 to 20 cm H20
Mask Type(s): Nasal Cushion Masks, Cloth Masks, FitPack Masks
Available Size(s): Small, Regular, Large
Materials: Latex Free, Silicone Free

Purchaser Verified Reviews

poor design. I had to use a rubber band to...

poor design. I had to use a rubber band to fasten the cloth material and eventually gave up. it's not worth a dollar.


Comfortable - but does leave marks on my face in the morning. Ordering was easy and delivery of this item was quick.
By MangoTangoSwordfish,


I love this mask design, no breakout with this material type. It doesnt leak and is very comfortable, most mornings I wake up with NO MASK IMPRESSIONS on my face either. To us who have sensitive skin the ELAN is a lifesaver!
By ThulianPinkCicada,

Very soft and such comfort in mask

I have used the Sleep Weaver for a few years. When it came time to replace it, I decided to give the Elan a try. It is better than the original.
By devinemissc,


worst mask in 20 years , for me ,I used the same mask since the 90s till so idiot discontinued it been looking ever since that was the worst
By dgriffith2005,

Best mask & company ever

This company is always very helpful if I have questions. Things I buy are exactly described, I receive them timely & in excellent shape. I would highly recommend them. The elan mask is the best I have ever used. This is probably my 8th or 10th one. I won't use anything else!
By Pamela,

elan mask

I found it to be of poor quality. The straps are flimsy and I couldn't tell if I had a good seal or not. It was noisy which was ok because I like white noise when I sleep. It fell apart during the night probably because I am a restless sleeper. I will be returning it.
By Ms Ann,

Did not fit well

It was lightweight, but I did not like that fact that it left lines on my face and leaked. Sent it back.
By Gail K,

Poor quality!

I love this mask, but the seam holding the hose to the mask tore the third night I wore it. Now I am woken throughout the night when the hose pops out of the mask.
By Josh R.,

Sleepweaver Elan Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask

I'm struggling to find a mask that is comfortable for me. This is the 4th mask I've tried. I am sensitive to latex & silicone so its been a challenge. I decided to try the soft cloth mask to stay away from latex/silicone. Unfortunately, I find the cloth material scratchy under my nose and therefore not very comfortable. I think I have run out of options.
By Cindy L,

Sleep better at a lower cost

Was very pleased to find your web page. Provided all the options I was looking for. Will only purchase my cpap products with you in the future.
By Jeff,

Worst ever!!!

Nothing about this contraption was as advertised.
By Michael,

Great mask

So much better than the other types of mask. Good for side sleeping. This fits me very well, but it is all about fit.
By Susan,

Disappointed Sleepweaver Elan

I recently purchased the Sleepweaver Elan mask and am very unsatusfied with the product. The hose keeps falling out of the mask and it leaks. The first night I wore it my husband actually slept on the couch because it leaked so bad. I tried changing the size of the mask but the small one was to small and the large was one was way to big. I usually use the Sleepweaver advance but thought I would try something different but I will definitely be going back to that mask.
By Becky,

Is okay, but could be better.

My wife and I each ordered one, and things started off bad but never improved. My wifes did not fit comfortably and the pillow tore off of the hose connection. Mine was uncomfortable at first, but has improved. The problem I have is it states it is good for people with facial hair, but that is false. The bottom of the pillow, which has an exposed elastic band, gets pressed into the septum and rubs it raw. In 3 months we will be looking for new ones to try.
By Matthew J.,

best mask

I tried a lot of mask over the years. and this one by far is the best I ever used. sure it leaks sometimes but every mask does at times. most comfortable . I sleep on back and side.
By Ron m,

My favorite mask after 29 years experience.

As a CPAP user since 1987 (yes that is correct) I can say this is one of the most comfortable masks ever!!! 😀 Fits well, was easy to adjust it so it did not leak. Glad I got the mask with the swivel for a few more dollars. It took a few nights to get used to the fact that with no mask support on the forehead it is not immediately obvious which side goes up when putting the mask back on in the dark. Now I can tell by feeling for the strap that goes over the top of the head.😴 Time will tell if is durable or not. I reserve the right to award fewer stars if it is not durable enough to last at least 6 months. At least I know it will not turn rock hard like my masks did in the late 1980's! And there is no silicone to melt or turn soggy if it is transported in a hot suitcase left all day in a car trunk in the summer time. 🏖
By David W Mc,

1.8 AHI Beat that!

As with all the SleepWeaver masks I own, I can get the lowest AHI's possible. After wearing them for a few days, it seams like I have a problem getting a seal but I have found that if I reset the straps to like I just received it and then tighten it up again I can get back to great results. The masks do seem to wear out after 3 or so months but they are really economically priced. I own 10 hard masks most that I purchased some paid by insurance, none of them perform like the Elan and Advance by SleepWeaver. I have a top pressure of 16 and sleep on my side alot, if you haven't tried a soft mask, you should, they have free return insurance too.
By Thomas,

SleepWeaver Elan

I purchased this sleepweaver elan a few weeks ago and I found out that I can rely on it. After using silicon masks for more than 10 years, I've decided to seek other masks that don't have silicon on it. As I am getting itchy on my nose and face. Now I have this cloth mask, i can sleep well without scratching my nose and my face in the middle of the night. I can now sleep better without waking up. I think this will be my mask for the rest of my life.
By Ynnam,

Good deal

This is the most comfortable and easiest to clean mask I've ever had. No plastic or gel touching my face and it stays cool!
By Erin,

A tent does the trick

The devise works very well, period. Only need to solve one problem; the seal on the zone of the septum of the nose is achieved by a thin cord which also causes a problem irritating that part of the face/nose. Other than that, it is the best solution I have found in 15 years.
By AJ,

SleepWeaver Elan

Leaky Cloth Nasal Mask
By J Randall,

Cloth c-pap mash

I love it, very soft on my face, doesn't leave mark on my face, like the hard one.
By Peggy G,

SleepWeaver Elan Rocks

I have been using the SleepWeaver Advance for almost three years and have been happy with it but decided to try out some other masks. Got the Elan and have been using it for two weeks now and I love it!! Soft, comfortable, flexible! Nothing to complain about! You owe it to yourself to give this mask a try!
By Johnny Five,


Nice support around the head.

Circadiance Elan Mask

After two weeks of use I am very pleased with the performance of the Elan mask. The fit is comfortable and fairly easy to adjust. If I have had a leak, following the manufacture instructions to adjust usually eliminates the leak right away. My nights of sleep have been so much better. I won't be going back to the older Circadiance Advance mask.
By RM,


I got my CPAP 7 months ago and tried a few different styles of mask due to nothing seems to fit right and leaks. When I seen this one I was hoping that it was going to work and not leak air. I really don't like it as it leaks air worse than any other mask I tried. Not satisfied at all.
By Tom,

Elan soft cloth nasal CPAP mask

Can be difficult to adjust. Works well once adjustment are made. Hard to sleep on side. Mask moves and leaks.
By Tony,

Amazing fit

I was kinda skeptical when it came in, but it feels great on, and no soreness in the morning like my nasal pillar did
By Damien,


It worked well, but they should say what the cloth is made of because my ears were red from the straps
By Janet ,

sleep weaver elan ehhhhh

It's a quiet mask once you get it right, the headgear is funky, so if you move it has to be adjusted again and needs to pull from the top more, it's poorly designed, it has left a raw spot where my nose and upper lip meet that will hopefully go away after my face adjusts or the mask hunt will continue
By Tank,

Amazing mask

Thanks for the amazing fast delivery. The mask is awesome. Fits so good. So much better than all the other masks I have. Very quite and comfortable.
By Jessi,

Great Product

I bought two masks, the SleepWeaver Elan (100727) and the SleepWeaver Advance (101224), on the 30 day trial. I tried both and love the Elan. I'll be keeping that one and return the other. The Elan works very well and I have fewer lines on my face when I wake up. Most important it doesn't leak and keep my husband awake at night. This is a very good product. I'm still waiting for one that doesn't leave my face marked in the morning. That's why I only gave it 4 stars but for a good night's sleep, comfort and no leakage, it gets 5 stars. Thank you for a good product.
By Lorrie,

great mask!

Best mask I've ever used!
By lisann,

great head gear

i like this mask. it is a good transition from the hard plastic type
By Buzz K.,



thank you

Excellent...Thank you.
By Danielle,

If it werent for this mask my huaband couldn't use his CPAP

This is the only mask my husband can wear because every other mask he has tried whether it is nasal pillows, nasal mask or full face mask he ends up with blisters wherever the mask touches him. Doctors say he is allergic to latex and soul asylum.
By Heidi,

Very comfortable!

This is my first cloth mask. Love it! Took a couple nights for it to get broken in to my face shape but it's great now. No squeaky noise when I move like the plastic masks.
By Will H,


I like the fact that this is material instead of silicone. But I could not get this mask to not leak.
By Eve,

Do not buy

I purchased this several months ago and it did not live up to expectations. The fabric leaks around the edges and it does not feel comfortable around the nose.
A waste of money. I only use it if my new mask wears out until a new one comes which is rare.
By Paperboy52,

Nice Improve

Really like the new design with different sizes. I'm using the small now but use to use the normal SleepWeaver original
By Tony,


Absolutely Love the Sleep Weaver Elan!! So comfortable this will be the only mask that I will wear for now on!!!
By Sean,


The mask feels nice but I had lots of leaks during the night. The nose hole was too small for me and I had the largest one. I had 38% leakage each night no matter how tight I made it. I get maybe 5% with my old one.
By Dale,

Sore nose

very good mask but the elastic cuts into my nose. had to add a small piece of felt on the elastic. fits great and is now comfortable.
By Mike,


I really had high hopes for this one, unfortunately I could never get it to stop leaking! I did everything they said to do in the enclosed cd but to no avail. Really wanted to like this but perhaps the shape of my face doesn't lend well to this design. Have to send it back. :'(
By Terry,

Sleep Weaver Elan

No CPAP mask is perfect. They all have their pros and cons but without reservation I have to say that "cloth" masks are far superior to plastic masks. (imo) The ResMed Swift FX "pillow" nasal mask was extremely uncomfortable, especially for my nostrils.The straps were also way too close to my eyes.

The Respironics Comfort Gel Blue leaked like crazy and was extremely uncomfortable. To prevent air leakage the straps had to be so tight I thought my head would explode. I almost gave up on CPAP. I even considered surgery, but then I discovered the SLEEP WEAVER ELAN and it changed my life. The pros are that it is soft and comfortable against my skin and the head gear doesn't have to be overly tight, just snug. There is no pain or pressure on the nose. It's light weight and you can sleep in any position without a problem. The cons are that it has to be washed regularly and it does need frequent strap adjustment before you find the "sweet spot" for your face, But once you find it, it will hold that shape for quite a while. No mask is totally leak proof but with patience and effort, you can reduce leakage in this mask to the point where it works extremely well most of the time. You have to be patient with it but it's worth the work. Sleep Weaver makes another cloth mask called the Sleep Weaver Advance and I may try that one too just to have an alternative mask. When you accept that you have to wear these darn things every night for the rest of your life, you realize that a little variety can good be a good thing. The Advance has a slightly different design which could have some advantage over the Elan but I'll let you know when I try it. In any case "cloth" masks are where it's at for me personally. I didn't give the Elan 5 stars because there is always room for improvement, but by far it's the best mask I've used. It's worth the extra effort. In my opinion, the pros of this mask far outweigh the cons.

I know people with sleep apnea who gave up on CPAP and accepted the health risks because they could not stand the discomfort of the one mask they tried. My advice is DON'T GIVE UP after one bad mask experience. Try different masks until you find the right one for you. CPAP Xchange has great deals on masks and very good customer service. Sleep tight!
By Richard,

not what I expected

this mask is a piece of cloth with a nozzle attached. Did not fit well and gave pain below my nose no matter what I did.
By bk nuts 57,

Too small

This really isn't a review of use of the SleepWeaver Elan, because I couldn't use it. I ordered the larger of the two sizes, but was unable to use it because it was too small. It wouldn't fit over my nose enough to seal. I have used a CPAP for over 15 years and all the masks I order are medium, so I know I don't have an over sized nose. This is just to let prospective buyers know how small this unit is.
By Tim S,

Do NOT buy into the hype about the good feeling mask. Its a piece of cloth. No support what so ever. The weight of the hose from the machine to the mash pulls the mash from the face. And when you turn over...whew. What a nightmare.
By Gerald ,


This purchase was for my wife who has an allergy to latex and has not been able to use her CPAP for several months. We ordered the regular (which is a bit large for her) and it is working great with no allergic reactions at all. We are going to order a small for her to use and I will use the regular that she has now. We can't say enough about how good this product works.
By Audie J,

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Due to my allergy to silicone, I have found that I can't do the (plastic, gel and silicone) nasal masks anymore. The SleepWeaver Elan Soft Cloth Mask has solved all my problems. It is comfortable, pliable, and no skin allergy reactions. I highly recommend it to those with a similar condition.
By Marian,

Very pleased with my New Mask !!

I've had a plastic masks for the last year and didn't know there were other types of masks until I stumbled upon the elan soft cloth mask.. What a difference!! No more cracked plastic masks for me, I'm hooked!! I sleep EVEN better!!
By JP,


Not at all what I thought it would be. Totally dissappointed
By Jerry,


The face piece is wonderful. I love the face mask.
By Eugene W,

By far the most comfortable, mustache friendly

I ordered this for me, but I ordered a large size mask, hoping my husband would try it and like it and wear it. He is not going to cut of the mustache, his other masks including full face, he wouldn't wear. I made him try this mask, he loves it , he wears it every night, no complaints. So now I have to order a new headgear for mine. This was my second order of this mask for me, and now my husband with the mustache can wear his with the air leakage which is so annoying.
By Cathy,

elan soft nasal cpap mask

the mask fell apart as i was using it
By j g hughes,

Can't use anything else

I have a reaction to the silicone off gasses that causes congestion in my nose, so I found this. I had to watch the video to learn how to adjust it for the best fit, and then it was literally a dream. I recommend adjusting the top straps first and then the lower. The seal takes a minute or two to warm up and make a good seal -- then it should be fine. Better than fine.

Good for Movember

I just got my new elan cpap mask. It works great and I have a beard and mustache for Movember!
By Glenn,

Elan Soft Cloth Nasal...

I was not comfortable with the fabric or the head gear (too big for me).

Not to my liking

I had high hopes for this mask but found it disappointing. It was hard to find a fit that worked. Keeping the mask in place without creating a "hot-spot" was impossible. I abandoned it after three nights. It is far inferior to the standard sleep-weaver mask.
By John,

Comfortable, but had fitting issues

I like how comfortable this mask is, I sleep in many different positions, and didn't have to fight a plastic monstrosity. I tried the different sizes that came with the kit and had different experiences with all of them. the downfall was no matter which size I tried there was always a little puff of air directed at my right eye, and the part that lays against the nose to seal has IMO rough edges and caused some minor skin abrasions. If they would put a finish hem on all the cut out pieces, maybe a rubberized edge, it would help seal and reduce irritation caused by the fabric edge.
By Peter C,

Elan Soft Cloth

I hesitated, but then relented and bought this mask. Hesitating meant I lost weeks of wonderful sleep. This mask, out of my collection of about 8, ranks number ONE. I love it. It took about two days to get used to using, now I can't imagine ever going back to those bulky, plastic, claustrophobic, uncomfortable CPAP masks. I use the lowest setting of air pressure and the mask stays inflated. I am a side-sleeper who moves a lot. The mask stays in place, doesn't leak and is very comfortable. Well worth buying. If the makers of this mask read this, I would ask for two upgrades: first, a piece of Velcro and material to keep the hose on top of the head for us side-sleepers; and a quick release mechanism even if it is on the head gear and not the mask. Even without these two things (I improvised and made these fixes myself), I still rate this the best mask ever.
By PH,

doesn't work for me

this did not work for me; it took a while to adjust for leaks. this was especially problematic when one gets up in the middle of the night and then has to readjust when you get back into bed.
By dave,


This was easy to purchase online and was delivered quickly. I don't like this style mask as much as the one that has a strap that goes over the nose, but it's still pretty comfortable.
By Tisha,

Good idea, unfortunately

Thought this was a good idea and although the mask was comfortable had several problems with it. First, it rode up blocking vision which makes it unacceptable. Secondly, it leaks most of the time. It was relatively noisy when compared with other Cpap masks. And lastly my nose was cold whenever I tried it. This may not be the masks fault since I use a nasal pillow mask.
By Obie13,

I wanted to love this

I really wanted this to work. It was very comfortable, but I woke up several times during the night with leaks and noise. I am a side sleeper, and when I rolled over it would shift. I tried both sizes, thinking that would help, but it didn't. I love the idea, but they need to make it more stable.
By Linda,

Sleep weaver soft cloth nasal Capp/bipap mask

The elon sleep weaver mask is light weight and doesn't stick to your face or make you perspire. The main problem is the mask strapping leaves bad impressions on my face in the morning. That was what I was trying to get away from. I am not all that pleased with my new mask.
By John,

SleepWeaver Elan

I like th e SleepWeaver concept and did well with the first model I tired but the 'advanced' model provided when I needed to replace it did not fit my face well and leaked badly. So I went outside of my insurance plan and purchased the SleepWeaver Elan here with high hopes but was disappointed since I can not get it to stop leaking either. Since the original design worked for me, I believe that the SleepWeaver concept is a good one - very comfortable and quiet. However, the recept adaptations are not working well for me. Will keep pursuing to find out if the original design is still available anywhere since it worked well for me.
By Sharon,

Please redesign this!

The idea behind this product is excellent. The application falls far short of the mark. You breathe into an inflated cloth bag that has an inner lining. The pressure keeps the mask secure in the face. It's lightweight and comfortable. The problem is, the hose too easily snaps off and the retainer ring that keeps the hose connected to the cloth mask isn't secure. The mask 'blows' right off the mask during the night, every night. Also, the retainer ring is made of such cheap plastic that snapping it back on breaks it. I've had this product for less than 2 weeks and am ordering a replacement already.
By Robert T,

Not for the restless sleeper

Used a used a variety of nasal masks since 1995. Thought this style might relieve some of the pressure on my upper teeth. Found that the soft inflatable nasal mask was perfect as long as I didn't move. My supply hose feeds over our headboard, allowing me to rollover easily. With this particular mask, I found the "L" fitting constantly tugged the mask from my face breaking the very comfortable seal. I am a restless sleeper which caused constant leakage.
By Alan S.,

Elan from SleepWeaver

I have always used the Swift LT for women and have always wanted a nasal mask also. I have tried everyone possible and all others really hurt my nose for days and are very uncomfortable. I have tried the older models of the Sleep Weaver and the leaks were terrible and I ended up sending them back Well this one didn't leak, my nose isn't sore and I am a side sleeper and it worked just fine. I still have marks on my cheeks, but they fade. I am glad that finally I have found a nasal mask that I can wear.
By Amy B,

Elan model sleep weaver mask

I have the original sleep weaver mask and thought I would try the Elon model. The headgear is more comfortable aand the mask is more comfortable than the original design. I would recommend this to those people who don't care for the rubber type masks.
By Frank,

SleepWeaver elan

It's not as comfortable as I was hoping it would be. I still experience air leaks that wake me up. I'm hoping that as I continue adjusting the straps that I will finally get it just right and the leaks will disappear.
By Shari,

Not as good as the original model

I am a big fan of the Sleepweaver cloth masks over nasal prongs or other styles. I thought I would try the new elan but I am not impressed. The "envelope" does not seem to fill up with as much air as the original and the hose port seemed to pull down and cause the cloth to come into contact with my nostril and block off the air flow. I may need to adjust the straps a little more and do a little scissors surgery to see if I can fix the issues.
By Jere,

Very comfortable

Those having trouble using may be tightening too much. Watch the DVD and do just what it says. I think it is better than original Sleepweaver.
By Sleepy32,

An idea whose time has not yet come

I very much liked the idea behind this mask. When it works well, it has a light fit, low noise, and has less of that alien-face-hugging feeling than most masks. When it doesn't work (you get the mask slightly out of kilter as suggested in another review, or the hose adapter pops out), it leaks, it can be loud. There is much to love here. Truly, I think some of the issues with the leaking could be addressed by something like a breathe-rite strip sewn in around the nose interface. The real problem here, the one harder to deal with, I think, is that this is NOT an economical solution, in my opinion. It's basically an entirely new mask. Over the long haul, I don't think this product holds up. In summary, I love the idea of this mask. To succeed,the leaking needs to be dealt with and the price needs to come down.
By Mike,

love it

Been using it for 3 months, no air leakage with or without the extra hose, don't use tether. I have pressure of 11 and absolutely love it. Better than the previous mask and headgear 10 times better than the advantage or generation 2 headgear. Is it possible those having difficulty aren't tightening straps correctly? Unfortunately my supplier can't get it for me!
By Barbara,

Comfortable but leaks like a sieve

The mask is fairly comfortable, but it leaks like a sieve. I can sometimes get the leaks stopped, but any movement at all and it is leaking again.
By Greg,


Extremely comfortable like its predecessor the Sleepweaver Advance, and easy to forget you're wearing a mask at all. I find no difference in the comfort (superb!) or need to adjust for occasional leaks. The plastic adapter may pop out of the mask unexpectedly but easy to put back. It's not necessary to buy the Circadiance Feather Weight connector tube if you use Lightweight White Tubing instead of the standard hose. Overall 5 stars for comfort but 4 stars because I don't find this mask to be an improvement over the previous model.
By Deborah B.,

Not my Favorite

After about 2 weeks of constant adjustment I finally gave up trying to get an acceptable seal. Very difficult to take off and put back on in the dark. Be prepared to spend a couple of minutes trying to adjust it every time you put it back on. Cleaning takes some long range planning.
By Bill,

Not worthy of consideration

I was eager to receive the SleepWeaver elan Soft Cloth Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask as an alternative to travel lighter. To my disappointment I could never get this mask to fit and not leak. It would be a good emergency mask but not worth any more than that. Very disappointed.
By Charles,


I really wanted this mask to work, I have tried for two weeks and no luck. I will be returning and will keep looking for that perfect mask.
By Dawn,

Still Searching

Could not use this mask due to the hose attachment seems to pull mask down (even with the lightweight hose being used) and air will leak into eyes. Still searching for a mask to be able to use machine as prescribed to finally get a full nights rest.
By Teresa G.,

Worst ever!

This mask is a flimsy piece of junk! The weight of the tubing pulls the mask down, leading to loss of mask seal and a huge upward air leak, right into the eyes. Even with the tubing supported, the inflated mask is like breathing into a paper bag, with much difficulty exhaling, since it has no real outflow ports; instead, outflow is supposed to circulate through the scratchy, not soft, cloth that makes up the mask. Don't waste your money on this new product--I'm planning to send it back!
By 7carpileup,

Not my favorite

I was unable to achieve a good seal because of the angle the headgear held the soft mask to my face. I also did not care for the feel of the hot air when I exhaled. Because of the design it swirled around my nose and mouth. It is well made and I sure wanted it to work, but it is not for me
By Kevin,

Sleepweaver Elan Soft Cloth Nasal Mask

This mask is very confortable. It allows me to sleep thru the night and wake up without my nose being sore from air leaking around the old pillows Iwas using.
By Fantanstic Nasal Mask,

couldnt sleep with this

this mask kept sticking to my nose and I would wake up gasping for air i went back to my old mask
By Jim,

Sleepweaver Soft Cloth Mask

I was excited when I first saw this advertised and gave it a try. It didn't take long for me to be greatly disappointed. After carefully reading the instructions I couldn't get a good seal no matter what I tried. Air kept blowing into my eyes. {:~(
By Al P.,


does not fit as well as the original sleep weaver mask
By dr_roy,

I give it a 4+ and my wife gives it a 4.5

First of all as usual, delivery was quicker than the tracking ability. The Elan arrived in 3 business days. I have used the Elan now for 6 nights. As noted above, I rate it at this time a 4+. It is much more comfortable than my ResMed* Mirage FX, which sadly was the most comfortable Cpap mask I have used in about 15 years. I use the ResMed CPAP S9* with the metal humidifier and the heat adjusting air hose. My wife said the Mirage FX mask could come loose if I turned anyway, and she would have to wake me to adjust it. The Elan only comes loose when I turn over on my left shoulder, probably due to the weight of the heated hose and the extra comfort hose needed for the Elan. One night I tried not using the comfort hose, and it made the coming loose worse. So I'm back to using the comfort hose to connect to my Resmed Heated Hose. I had to use the Gecko Pads with any maske. Has, anyone priced those pads lately since Resmed bought them? Yet, my nose and areas around the nose would be a little tender each morning. To keep the Mirage FX mask from leaking even more, I had to really tighten the straps. That left strap marks on my face for a couple of hours each morning. I have no marks in the morning after using my Elan or tenderness over or around my nose and no need for the Gecko pads. My first mask, years ago came close to putting me into plastic surgery to repair the abrasions on my nose. The Elan has to be the best relack of side effects. I need the large, and inspite of the web site showing how to replace the mask with the large size, it was a little challenging. They should simply mark the bottom as BOTTOM. The Elan is much warmer and stays warmer than any other mask, so I start my S9 out with a mid 70 degree heat. I had to start the Mirage at 81-82. We live in Wino Country in Northern California and even in late June our outside temps can dip into the mid 40's at about 4 am. We prefer to sleep with the windows and doors open until we notice frost outside and inside. The cold dry temps at night makes most cpap machines not worth the pain and effort. The ResMed S9 with the heated humidifier chamber and the auto heat hose handled most of the cold at night. With the FX, I would wake up snoring or my wife would wake me up and I would kick the humidifier temp up to the Max of 86. With the Elan, I never put the humidifier temp over 80 degrees. If things continue alone the same path, in a few months I will give the Elan a 4.5 to 5, unless: *ResMed buys them out and doubles the price and enforces their thuggery one price not really fair trade policy for the users and real customers, us.
By Grampa S.,

By far the most comfortable mask.

I just received my elan mask 1 week ago, and I love it. Extremely comfortable, no leakage, much better than the original sleepover mask which I originally thought was the best until I received the elan. Perfect for side sleepers. I would totally recommend this product. Thank you for creating something so comfortable so I can remain compliant with my cpap machine. Most people do not stay compliant because of the discomfort they experience every night. I wake up refreshed every morning.
By Renee A,


This is quite simply the greatest mask ever developed for CPAP users. I have struggled for year and never found one that was quite right. This was COMPLETELY comfortable from the first minute I put it on. Simply put...Fantastic! A God-send! It did take a while to get it adjusted right because there is no frame or rigidity to it whatsoever. It was well worth the time though.
By ericinspring,

revolution in mask design

There are hundreds of masks on the market today. All of them made of plastic until Sleepweaver soft cloth. I have the Elan. In my view this one mask instantly renders all others obsolete. Especially useful for side sleepers.
By Kurt,