Standard Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (6-Foot)


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Standard 6-Foot Smooth Bore Tubing
Was $8.75  $7.25

  • Brand:CPAPXchange
  • Part Numbers:06TU

The standard by which all sleep therapy tubes are measured, the 6 Foot Smooth Bore Tube is a great solution for most users.

The innovative smooth bore design of our CPAP/BiPAP Tubes keeps noise to a minimum so you get a better night sleep; durable medical grade rubber endcaps create a tight, long lasting seal with less cracking over time than older plastic products. Each tube is individually packaged in sealed bags from the manufacturer.

These CPAP/BiPAP tubes work with all machines that use "standard" CPAP/BiPAP tubing including most machines from DeVilbiss, Fisher & Paykel, AEIOmed, Puritan Bennett, ResMed, Covidien, Respironics, and others.


  • Manufacturer:CPAPXchange
  • Part Numbers:06TU
  • HCPCS Codes:A7037
  • GTIN Codes:0092237605356
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Materials:Latex Free
  • Better quality than the brand name tubing

    I started using this tubing a few years ago when the Respironics tubing was out of stock. The thing I like about this tubing is that the plastic is slightly thicker so the tube doesn't bend/kink as easily if it gets caught between the edge of the bed and the pillow. The tubing is also very easy to clean.
    Written by munyan, -2019-07-26

  • got hosed quickly

    I got my hose faster than I had expected.
    Written by philhenke, -2019-07-08

  • Fast and great

    What I like best is when I need it it is here with no problems and works great for me
    Written by susan147, -2019-05-29

  • Hose

    Working Great couldn’t be happier
    Written by soonerdude4ever, -2019-05-20

  • thanks

    ordering was easy and the hose was delivered quickly thank you
    Written by bobhottenroth, -2019-01-30

  • excellent product

    Easy to install but the only problem I had was there was a "****" on the one end that I did not notice. I had a lung biopsy a couple days and during the night wouldn't you know that that sharp end would find the opening of the operation. I had to get up and cut the sharp tip off and went back to sleep. It was my fault as I should have noticed it when I put it on the machine
    Written by psteak8913, -2019-01-03

  • Excellent service

    It cane when they said it would. It was what they said it was. No surprises. I will be using them again.
    Written by dragon43, -2018-09-24

  • Good quality

    Good price and good quality
    Written by alohacg, -2018-08-10

  • Great dealer

    Fast shipping. Perfect product
    Written by Bwdlion38, -2018-05-09

  • Parts order

    As always, Fast, efficient and AFFORDABLE service!
    Written by madlsnow, -2018-02-26

  • Almost identical to the OEM hose

    Identical to the OEM hose that came with my Transcend Auto Mini CPAP. The only difference is this one is a bit stiffer, whereas the original hose was a lot more flexible. Still not a bad price at $7.25 after replacing the hose that my cat chewed on.
    Written by MediumSpringGreenCoral-38483, -2017-08-29

  • Its a hose

    It is a hose. Not much more to say other than its a hose. I have to write 20 words. Its just a hose.
    Written by cburch97, -2017-02-15

  • Good Prices

    Excellent prices and good quality products. Fast shipping. I have ordered lots of things from this company and have been happy with everything.
    Written by WR, -2016-11-13

  • Great!

    This is a well made hose. Haven't had any problems with it. Fits and seals tightly.
    Written by Teresa, -2016-11-05

  • CPAP Parts

    This is the best company I have worked with in a long time. They are efficient and their prices are best. I will not hesitate to do business with them again.
    Written by Ken R, -2016-08-22

  • Excellent service price shipping

    Great seller will use again.
    Written by Lee, -2016-08-16

  • Great tube

    Great replacement tube
    Written by Andrew , -2016-06-09

  • Hose Tubing

    Very stiff and full of kinks. Sorry I threw the old one out.
    Written by Robert H, -2016-06-07

  • Tubing

    Great product at a great price
    Written by Bonnie, -2016-02-07

  • Standard CPAP Tubing

    This hose seems much stiffer than the hose I had prior. It looks very similar but it's apparently not the same hose. I'm slightly disappointed.
    Written by Ken, -2016-01-19

  • Happy with hose

    I'm happy with the flexible hose
    Written by Joe, -2015-12-28

  • Tubing

    Super Fast Shipping, Will buy again Thanks!!!!
    Written by Richard F, -2015-12-04

  • Great company, great products

    This was an exceptional price and quality of those from this company
    Written by Ricky, -2015-11-16

  • heavy and clumsy

    I ordered this by mistake instead of the upgraded white hose. it is worth the extra couple bucks for the much lighter and better made white hose.
    Written by rs, -2015-09-08

  • Excellent, As Usual

    Love you guys... orders are well priced, on time and in great shape!
    Written by Glynna, -2015-08-03

  • Awesome price

    Found this tubing at a great price.
    Written by JOE, -2015-06-10

  • hose tubing 6-foot

    Disappointed that this hose is very stiff when comparing to previous hoses. This makes it difficult to position when settling in for a "good nights rest".
    Written by Art, -2015-04-28

  • Standard smooth bore cpap/bipap hose tubing 6 ft

    it works great
    Written by Marlene, -2015-04-14

  • Hosing Tubing

    Too...Stiff and Too...Short.
    Written by Larry, -2015-04-03

  • Standard Smooth Bore CPAPA HOSE

    I have said it before and I will say it again and again, both the equipment and service I receive from CPAPAXCHANGE ARE ALWAYS 5 STAR.
    Written by Gregg H, -2015-03-26

  • Review Title

    tubing - too stiff, no built-in swivel.
    Written by James, -2015-03-13

  • poor quality light weight tubing

    I love this company but will not buy this tubing again.. It is ubar poor quality tubing. I wish I knew which tubing was like the stuff that I got with my machine.
    Written by poor quality light weight tubing, -2015-03-12

  • Right length

    Right length, not as soft as the original, good value for the money
    Written by Deval S, -2015-02-17

  • CPAP Hose Tubing

    My husband and I have been using a CPAP machine for over 10 years now and find that this tubing works great and is reasonably priced.
    Written by Mary L., -2015-02-03

  • Too stiff to use

    It seems something has changed (supplier perhaps) from the last time I purchased this item. The ends are so tight and hard I'm afraid of damaging my CPAP when pushing it on the machine. Putting it on my mask is also a pain in the butt. The biggest issue is the hose is so stiff and unbending it levers my mask off my face. I now have to purchase another because this one is unusable. Not a happy camper.
    Written by Steve P, -2015-01-07

  • hose smooth

    It was what I needed for my cpap mask..
    Written by Jeanie G, -2014-12-28

  • Hosed

    Materials this hose is made from are standard and no any step in improvement to the hose my unit came with. fits standard tank and mask.
    Written by Dalebert, -2014-10-27

  • smooth bore BiPaP hose 6 foot

    This hose is Very STIFF you have to un fold it and the bends will not come out I'm sorry I toss my old one even with the electrical tape patch on one end where it cracked. AFTER 2 WEEKS STILL HAS PERMENT BENDS IN IT.
    Written by David C, -2014-10-10

  • Don't shop anywhere else!

    I am still In disbelief that I paid so little for a replacement hose that I feel cheated buying from my local medical supply company. Last year I had to replace my hose and the local company charged me an outrages $70 to replace why cpapxchange only charged me $9 for the exact same thing! I won't go anywhere else ever again. This is my permanent home for my cpap supply needs.
    Written by Joe B. , -2014-07-22

  • Useful

    Nice one , very useful!!
    Written by Max, -2014-07-12

  • does not fit tightly

    this hose attachment does not fir the mask I purchased from you tightly
    Written by patrick, -2014-07-07

  • C-Pap Tube

    My replacement tube arrived on time and is exactly as described.Don
    Written by DonnaD, -2014-06-04

  • Standard Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (6-Foot)

    Exactly as described - half the price of what I have paid locally - delivered in 2 days. Excellent
    Written by jlb, -2014-05-05

  • solid replacement tube

    Tubing is heavier material than the original. Packaged in coil that hasn't fully straightened out yet after 2 weeks of use. Does not interfere with use. Connectors are very tight. Takes some work to get them off for cleaning.
    Written by Sharkie bob, -2014-04-04

  • good quality

    The tubing is nice because there is no plastic smell, however maybe a little short for me.
    Written by masked lady, -2014-03-25

  • Standard Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (6-Foot)

    The tubing is of good quality at an excellent price.
    Written by Tom P, -2013-12-25

  • 6' smooth bore hose

    Shipped promptly, excellent quality. Welll satisfied with all.
    Written by Burle, -2013-10-03

  • Cpap tubing

    Great quality at a great price.
    Written by Ken H, -2013-08-09

  • Fresh CPAP Hose Anytime

    I replaced my last hose, which was 12 feet long (way too much hose! lol). Delivery was fast and the hose was just what I needed.
    Written by Masked Lady, -2013-07-30

  • CPAP Hose

    hose works better than the more expensive opion.
    Written by Bob, -2013-07-30

  • Hose stinks

    Odor inside hose makes hose unusable. Have it out in the garage. Hoping the heat the Phoenix heat will cook the odor out.
    Written by Mike G, -2013-06-24

  • Simple hose

    Simple hose what else needs to be said
    Written by David Smith, -2013-05-08

  • Hose fits tight.

    This hose does not come out during sleep. Might pull machine into the bed, but air flow remains on.
    Written by Thomas, -2013-04-04

  • 6 foot hose

    this is a standard hose there is really not much to say it does the job and being my old one had gotten holes in it there was a serious need to replace my old one
    Written by Greg B., -2013-03-08

  • good product

    easy to use, lightweight, last.
    Written by Maggie, -2013-01-18

  • Fits really tight

    This hose fits so tight that it is hard for me to put the hose on the mask and the machine. It seems to be getting better with a weeks use. This is not a big problem because as the hose wears the tight fit will be appreciated as it will be less likely to leak.
    Written by DreamChick, -2012-12-29

  • CPAP/BIPAP Hose Tubing

    Excellent quality!
    Written by Susan, -2012-12-14

  • not much you can say about a hose.

    Other than the service provided in getting it here. It arrived on time. It was what I ordered. It fit. For this purchase that's about as good as I could expect.
    Written by John, -2012-12-04

  • good buy

    The tubes last a long time, given proper cleaning care and the lwngth is just wnough to move comfortabky.
    Written by Leo, -2012-12-02

  • CPAP Hose

    What I expected. Good Price. Received Timely.
    Written by Harry L., -2012-11-09

  • tubing

    very nice
    Written by john, -2012-10-22

  • Standard Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing

    The prices are very reasonable and the service is great. I appreciate the fast delivery of my orders and knowing how easy it is to order online is an added bonus! Thans!
    Written by Peggy, -2012-10-21

  • Thumbs Up!

    This is the third time ordering a hose from this company and I am very pleased with the results as always.
    Written by LJF, -2012-10-20

  • Tubing is slightly smaller than expected

    I recently had to replace the tubing that connects my mask to the Cpap. The new tube works fine, but it is just a fraction smaller than the old one so takes some effort to connect. I have to be very careful especially with the face mask connection b/c I don't want to break the plastic parts.
    Written by Elaine, -2012-08-12

  • It's long. It's a tube.

    It fits the machine and delivers air to your mask. What esle can one say.
    Written by Binky, -2012-08-12

  • Excellent

    The item was cheaper than anywhere else and came quickl
    Written by Lisa, -2012-07-10

  • Six foot tubing

    I am always pleased with the tubing I get.
    Written by Tim S., -2012-07-07


    Great service! Great product!
    Written by Michael, -2012-05-30

  • Great

    Heavier that what I was givin the first time from my first supplier.
    Written by Joe Shelton, -2012-05-24

  • Standard Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (6-Foot)

    It works.
    Written by Alan Pasternak, -2012-04-06

  • Standard Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (6-Foot)

    These supplies showed up at my door step a lot faster than I expected. Hose was as expected attached to my machiune with out problems.
    Written by Micky, -2012-03-08

  • Sturdy and long lasting

    This is a well made product that will stand up for a long period.
    Written by John, -2012-03-01

  • Good Tubing, Good Price

    I like this tubing because it's a bit better than what came with my machine.
    Written by James, -2012-01-13