Standard Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (8-Foot Extended)


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Extended 8-Foot Smooth Bore Tubing
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  • Brand:CPAPXchange
  • Part Numbers:08TU

Just that little bit longer than standard tubes our 8-foot tubing provides greater flexibility and freedom of movement without noticable loss of air pressure.

The innovative smooth bore design of our CPAP/BiPAP Tubes keeps noise to a minimum so you get a better night sleep; durable medical grade rubber endcaps create a tight, long lasting seal with less cracking over time than older plastic products. Each tube is individually packaged in sealed bags from the manufacturer.

These CPAP/BiPAP tubes work with all machines that use "standard" CPAP/BiPAP tubing including most machines from DeVilbiss, Fisher & Paykel, AEIOmed, Puritan Bennett, ResMed, Covidien, Respironics, and others.


  • Manufacturer:CPAPXchange
  • Part Numbers:08TU
  • HCPCS Codes:A7037
  • GTIN Codes:00092237605370
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Materials:Latex Free
  • Great Tube

    Just what I needed to get up from bed to move around and even get to the bathroom. Get one I highly recommend it if you need to move about at night or if you have a king size bed the 6 foot will not reach the other side of the bed.
    Written by NealStambaugh, AL -2019-06-25

  • Like having the xtra to move without fear of pulling machine

    Purchased from CPAP exchange before no issues.
    Written by gotgiraffes2, -2019-01-29

  • Works Very Well

    No problem using the longer 8 Foot Tubing, and I like the greater freedom of movement it gives me.
    Written by pastorjohn-40677, -2018-11-17

  • Great Value

    Fits well, as well as more expensive hoses. Costs a lot less too. When it is time for another I will be back.
    Written by grd72354-62200, -2018-09-27

  • The Extra Length Is Great!

    The extra two feet of tubing has been such an improvement. Now I can turn over in bed without having the tubing **** my head back and wake me up completely. Nor do I have to worry about pulling the CPAP machine off the table! I am really grateful to your company for having these available, and glad I bought two when I found them on your website.
    Written by sharonpark2012, -2018-08-19

  • Great

    The order was fast and shipped fast.
    Written by gilbertnapper, -2018-02-09

  • Extended hose

    Good price and quality . I needed the extra length for movement in the night and this provides it without "yanking" on the machine or the mask, so between the hose and bedding clips, I am sleeping better since I have received them.
    Written by brianjakkit, -2017-03-02

  • Just the right size

    Wish it wasn't so stiff. It makes it hard to spread the tube out. Just the right size for my use, however.
    Written by CAPCITYTOURS, -2017-02-18

  • Great Length Hose

    For me, 6' is too short and 10' is too long. 8' is perfect but somewhat difficult to find. This company stocks the 8' at a reasonable price. Delivery was timely.
    Written by Sleeping well, -2016-11-26

  • Supply update

    This was a supply update.
    Written by Cathy, -2016-11-07

  • Yeah no more pulling on the machine!

    Just what the doctor ordered! OK, I'm no doctor but the longer hose is just great for me.
    Written by Rick, -2016-11-05

  • 8 foot hose works great!

    The extra two feet is exactly what I needed. I believe the 10 foot would've been too long. The hose is very lightweight, doesn't interfere with moving around in my sleep at all. I hope it's long lasting because I sure like it. It'll be the only hose for me from now on.
    Written by Rod, -2016-05-04

  • Standard Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose 8foot

    Love the extra 2 feet from the regular 6 foot hoses, and the cost is less then what my co-pay is if I get one from the local medical supply store, Great shipping time. I will be order from cpapxchange again
    Written by Richard, -2016-01-14

  • 8 foot bi-pap hose

    I like the extra length mahes it a lot easier when I toss and turn
    Written by charles y, -2015-10-02

  • great product and prompt delivery

    Love the 8' length.
    Written by Sharon, -2015-02-16

  • works like a charm!

    give me extra room to toss & turn
    Written by shelly s, -2015-01-15

  • a hose is a hose

    Good hose, can't complain. I would order it again when I need one.
    Written by mitch, -2014-11-06

  • Smooth Bore Hose Tubing

    Light weight and very flexible. Don't even know it's there.
    Written by David, -2014-08-30

  • Just right...

    I've glad I can order the 8-ft hose on-line. The medical supply companies I've done business with only have 6-ft and 10-ft, one too short and I end up pulling my machine off the night stand and the other too long and cumbersome. Also cpapxchange ships quickly and I even got free shipping!
    Written by j-sleeper, -2014-03-04

  • Great company to get cpap supplies

    I have purchased replacement items for my cpap machine for years from this company . Great prices , products and fast delivery
    Written by Sandy K, -2014-02-08

  • Right Length

    I have been using a 10 ft tube but like this one better. It is just the right length for me.
    Written by janniemc, -2014-01-02

  • Mid length adds comfort

    I've used a 6-foot length hose for several years. I decided to buy an 8-foot hose this time. I've been pleased with the additional length.
    Written by Lynnda, -2013-10-14

  • CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (8-Foot Extended)

    Excellent - the extra length helps from pulling on the CPAP mask.
    Written by quiet wyatt, -2013-03-07

  • 8 foot tube

    It's a 8 foot tube, what more can I say
    Written by Bruno, -2012-11-20

  • Tubing

    Worth the price, sturdy and reliable.
    Written by Distrea, -2012-09-28

  • 8-Foot Extended CPAP Hose

    Great product. The extra length is a big help when sleeping in a king size bed.
    Written by Greg, -2012-05-24

  • new longer hose

    Great product. This hose is 2 feet longer than my old one which I kept pulling off of the front of my machine.
    Written by Phil Greenleaf, -2012-05-11

  • 8 foot hose increases flexibility

    The standard bore 8 foot hose works just as well as the normal 6 foot ones. No problem maintaining the effective pressure. The additional length means I can sleep more towards the middle of a king size bed. It's not a game-changing improvement but does make me more comfortable.
    Written by John R, -2012-03-22