In-Line Bacterial Viral Filter for CPAP/BiPAP


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In-Line Bacterial Viral Filter

  • Brand:Hudson RCI
  • Part Numbers:H1605

With viral and bacterial filtration efficiencies of over 99.99+% each Universal Inline Bacterial Viral Filter for CPAP/BiPAP Therapy comes complete with holders as shown! Hudson's filter technology helps stop the viruses and bacteria that often plague CPAP/BiPAP users creating a clean, sterile environment for airflow.


  • Viral & Bacterial Filtration Efficiencies of over 99.99+%
  • Quick & Simple to Install and Replace
  • Allow for Bi-Directional Airflow
  • Low Resistance to Gas Flow means that you keep the strong airflow you've come to expect from your CPAP/BiPAP machine
  • Sonically Sealed -- No Chemical Adhesives

The Inline Bacterial Viral Filter is easy to install and should not require re-calibration on most CPAP machines including those from Respironics, ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, Puritan Bennett, and DeVilbiss. Simply attach it to your machine between the air outlet and your standard CPAP/BiPAP tubing. After that, turn on your machine and experience a steady flow of clean, pure, good tasting air.

The Inline Bacterial Viral Filter's naturally hydrophobic filter allows maximum filtration with a minimum loss of air flow.

Usage Information: Bacterial Viral filters last on average 4-6 weeks however your filters may last longer or shorter. In general BV filters should be changed whenever the filter material looks dirty.

Usage Notes: Some users find that using In-Line Bacterial Viral Filters can reduce pressure and therapy effectiveness in humidified CPAP/BiPAP machines. Use of Inline Bacterial Viral filters may adversely effect auto sensing on Auto-CPAP machines especially at low pressures (below 7cm).


  • Manufacturer:Hudson RCI
  • Part Numbers:H1605
  • HCPCS Codes:A7038
  • GTIN Codes:04026704399208
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards
  • CPAP Filters

    It was easy and fast. The good thing is that you find everything you need in one place. Thanks
    Written by typaldossr, -2019-03-12

  • Great service and product

    Great service and product
    Written by buzzy617, -2019-02-23

  • Great product but expensive price

    Ordered 4 to try and the product is great! For almost $4 an item the price is over double what you would pay on Amazon
    Written by josephspecht, -2019-02-23

  • In-Line Bacterial Viral Filter comment

    Quite a bit of airflow resistance.
    Written by rtomcala, -2019-02-18

  • Restricts airflow

    Reviews said it did not restrict airflow but indeed it did. Not happy
    Written by johnkrause2, -2019-02-11

  • not as advertized

    You can't use this with a humidifier. I did not find that out until I received it. Waste of money. They should make one that fits in the air inlet filter before the humidifier or warn you it can't be used with a humidifier.
    Written by dickloizeaux, -2019-02-11

  • My Dream Station machine has a very specific connection to the hose.

    The filter works best if you can attach it to the machine and your hose to the filter. Attaching the filter at the end of your hose and then your mask to the filter is too heavy,bulky and annoying. It caused marks on my nose bridge when I was sleeping because of the weight. Get it if your machine has a simple connection and can be placed first to the machine and then the hose. I really didn’t see a colour change in the filter after trying it for a week but with a houseful of holiday guests coughing and sneezing all night, I thought the extra filter might help keep me healthy.
    Written by conniewilson-19171, -2018-12-30

  • As advertised

    Very impressed with your filter. It does a great job glad I am using this product.
    Written by ALANKJKJ, -2018-12-06

  • Easy to use

    Very easy to hook up in line and priced right. Makes me feel safer when using my cpap
    Written by wfvaii-55961, -2018-12-02

  • In-Line Bacterial Viral Filter

    I have severe allergies to various environmental dusts and dust mites. Too much was getting by the filter on my CPAP. The In-Line Bacterial Viral Filter is a great solution. I place it on the end of the hose coming from my CPAP machine. It doe not interfere with my sleep. I just change it monthly when I change my CPAP filter.
    Written by davezinnc, -2018-11-18

  • Great product

    I sleep much better and longer. I wake feeling better than before. Sinuses don’t feel irritated nor stuffy.
    Written by dena62145, -2018-10-27

  • Seems like a good investment

    I have horrible allergies and was experiencing sore throats when waking up. This doesn’t happen very often while using the in-line filter. Only downfall I find as a side sleeper is the filter is bulky and the hard plastic container has clunked me a few times. Also holds a lot of water/condensation within the plastic case.
    Written by vmoore0485, -2018-10-25

  • I have ordered this product several times and have always been very satisfied.

    I have always had a good experience with every facet of my order
    Written by jimrussellkcle, -2018-09-10

  • Great filter

    Excellent product. I feel very safe using it
    Written by MYCIN17, -2018-08-17

  • Lack of quality

    This product is not the same quality as others I have purchased.
    Written by alohacg, -2018-08-10

  • Does a great job!

    I can tell the difference in air quality when using this filter. At home, I usually change it every month. However, when I'm traveling, sometimes I find myself in environments with poorer air quality. I recently went to Nicaragua and my filter turned brown and had to be replaced after only 10 days!
    Written by daoki-304, -2018-05-11

  • Finally Help

    This product is not talked about by the regular supply people. Found this by accident, tried it and have noticed drastic changes in my response to allergens and don't have the throat problems in the morning. will definitely be remaining a customer/user of this product. Will recommend to anyone that uses the therapy.
    Written by wbh2012, -2018-04-03

  • It works!

    For a number of years now, I've been using the In-line bacterial viral filter in addition to the regular filters and I think it works fine.
    Written by ssgsaf, -2018-03-29

  • Just what I needed for my bipap machine!

    Very pleased with the product and fast delivery!
    Written by yaritzabarreto, -2018-02-15

  • great product

    bought 2 one for the wife and me no loss of air pressure reassurance of clean air
    Written by kymedic1688, -2018-01-30

  • Works well!

    I am so happy that I found these filters! I am anxious to be how much they reduce the stuffy head my husband gets.
    Written by biggs4, -2018-01-15

  • Finally peace of mind!

    Happy to have these. Should have got them long ago but never knew about these!
    Written by mdav911, -2017-12-04

  • Excellant

    Fast delivery and great price
    Written by martyschalk, -2017-11-20

  • It will surprise you how fast they get dirty!! SCARY to think what we breathed in prior to having the filter.

    Buy them in multiples. I change mine every 10 days
    Written by CINNDREW, -2017-11-15

    Great product... Great free shipping... What's not to like?
    Written by SNOWCAT1211, -2017-11-07

  • Very good filter

    I ordered this for my husband’s cpap machine. His old filter was quite dirty and I didn’t realize how dirty until I received this one. I was reading that these should be changed on a more regular basis. We will from now on. Very satisfied with the buying process as well.
    Written by jr314421, -2017-11-05

    Great idea. I put it between heated hose and hose to mask. It has a smell when mask is first used but goes away after first few minutes.
    Written by djvalentine123, -2017-11-05

  • Works well

    Nice and clean experience
    Written by PearlAquaVole, -2017-10-26

  • review title#1

    It catches a lot of dust at and dirt that would otherwise had breathed in.
    Written by wpresley464, -2017-10-26

  • Visibly works

    These filters remove a lot more from the air stream than the little filter in the machine. I have not noticed any change in the pressure of the air, so win-win.
    Written by beckare, -2017-10-22

  • Great filter

    I could tell a difference after one night.
    Written by chermdane, -2017-10-17

  • Bacterial Viral Filter for CPAP

    Fulfilling the order was no problem. The filter appears to work, however, I've found no guidance as to how often the filter needs to be replaced. In other words, what signs do you need to look for that indicate that you are ready for a new filter. I changed the filter when the discoloration was obvious (on the tank side, not the hose side)...but I can only wonder if the filter should be changed more often or not. It would be nice if the retailer and/or the manufacturer would provide some guidance in this area. If there were clear guidance, I would give this product 5 stars!
    Written by a4j2425, -2017-10-05

  • Problem

    These filters have created more problems than solved. Cause a moisture backup, a constant gurgling sound and restricts flow. So our take on this is while they are relatively inexpensive they just don't do what we hoped they would
    Written by nicktcasper, -2017-09-27

  • No problems . Seems to wrk fine with my ResMed...

    No problems . Seems to wrk fine with my ResMed AirSence 10.
    Written by revadakin, -2017-08-13

  • Good experience. Catches a lot of dirt and bacteria that...

    Good experience. Catches a lot of dirt and bacteria that would otherwise gone into the breathing mask.
    Written by bridgecreekimages, -2017-08-04

  • With a heated hose you attach it to the mask hose

    Took me awhile to figure out where to attach it using a heated hose. I just put it on the mask hose. I hope it truly helps with bacteria.
    Written by PaleGoldenrodCobra, -2017-04-20

  • Works great

    Performs as expected. I will reorder. Would recommend to friends. Order from cpap exchange was delivered much faster than i expected.
    Written by TitaniumYellowMouse, -2017-04-05

  • Excellent product

    Works exactly as described, and great customer service! I will definitely shop at again. I wish I didn't have to write 20 words about it though.
    Written by paul_oreilly, -2017-02-20

  • Just what I ordered

    I believe I am happier with my c pap since adding this filter.
    Written by Harold , -2016-12-28

  • Great company-great product!

    I've been getting the bacterial filters from CPAP EXCHANGE for over four years (plus other items). The company is wonderful to deal with and their products always arrive in time and in excellent condition. I HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone who needs cpap products.
    Written by Barry, -2016-12-21

  • great product great price

    works great, easy to install. After a few days you start to see the dust etc.. that it traps. Love it
    Written by mike V, -2016-12-19

  • hypo filter

    better than expected
    Written by h24trapman, -2016-12-16

  • Efficient

    Ordering my product was easy online. The discounts were applied automatically and the site was user friendly. My purchase was delivered on time.
    Written by Juan B., -2016-11-07

  • Product does what is advertised to do

    Filter works well, although it appears to bring down the airflow a little. I therefore changed my settings by one point to compensate for that loss.
    Written by Victor R F, -2016-09-27

  • Filter

    Extra to make sure air flow is safe.
    Written by Larry , -2016-09-15

  • No More Flu

    These inexpensive virus filters are the best and have kept me from getting a cold or the flu for a couple of years now. I used to get sick quite often till I started using these filters. They turn black after a month or so from catching all the junk that would go into your lungs without it. Easy to install between bipap outlet and hose, no tools needed. Highly recommended.
    Written by Matthew, -2016-08-07

  • Excellant Product

    I searched on internet for a filter, and found this one and at been the best thing I could have done. Before getting the In-line Bacterial Viral Filter, my wife would get a virus infection once a month. I'm glad to say she has virus free for the past month. Wish her doctor or cpac supplier had told us there was this filter.
    Written by David, -2016-08-04

  • good job

    good job
    Written by J.C., -2016-07-18

  • Not so sure

    The first night the filter worked fine with ResMed Auto with Humidifier. The second night I felt like I could not breath. There was also a lot of condisation in the hose and nasal pillow. I had to take the filter off the machine. I would like to try the filter again and see if it works better.
    Written by kadyar, -2016-02-27

  • Good

    It's good to use. However, its very easy to have condensation in the cold night and make breath very difficult.
    Written by Yen-Chywan L, -2015-12-09

  • Restricts flow of air.

    I decided after a few nights to remove the filter. Needed more air flow.
    Written by Skip T, -2015-11-20

  • Retains high amounts of moisture

    These filters retain so much moisture from the humidifier that by morning, the filters are soaked and the oblong filter chamber is filled with condensate. The wet filters can develop mold and mildew bacteria trading one contaminant for another. I think the filters interfere with the auto humidification systems in my Auto-CPAP machine.
    Written by Larry A, -2015-09-21

  • Sucking Air Through a Straw

    Bought these to help with some allergies and it occluded the air so badly is was like sucking air through a straw.
    Written by Jo, -2015-07-31

  • Great Peace of Mind

    These filters greatly increase the cleanliness of the air being delivered to you. They do not affect machine pressure settings or other functions. They seem to last for several months. I've been using these filters for many years and highly recommend them.
    Written by John, -2015-07-14

  • cpac filters

    great product and service
    Written by claude, -2015-07-03

  • Wonderful Product!

    I was practically unable to use my machine because of allergies. The first night I used this I slept wonderfully and have had no problems since! Wonderful Product and answer to my problems!
    Written by D. Lee, -2015-05-29

  • Excellet

    I use a CPAP ResMed S9 Auto and this filter I could see how much dirt is in the air we breathe, as the filter gets dirty in a few days. How do I use also a Eson mask, I noticed that the diffuser mask has become much cleaner time. I installed the filter on the outlet air humidifier H5 and the trachea connected to it, so I consego the air that goes into the hose reaches my nose clean and free of impurities. When I use the CPAP without this filter immediately notice an irritation and a feeling that the air I'm breathing is dusty. It is an excellent product and very important for my health.
    Written by Marcélio, -2015-05-26

  • They seemed like a good idea....

    To have an extra fine filter in the line seemed to a be good idea until I tried them. They partially defeat the A-Flex operation of the cpap machine. When I exhale there is still a incoming pressure to fight. Without the filter there is no back pressure to fight.
    Written by Paul D, -2015-04-07


    Excellent product. I felt better the first day after using it.
    Written by Ken W, -2015-03-30

  • Filters are terrific!

    These little in-line filters trap everything that the foam filter misses. Great for allergy sufferers. Also, if you do aroma therapy, a tiny drop of essential oil goes a long way. I buy these 10 at a time and just love them
    Written by Dr Gilda, -2015-02-04

  • Bacterial Viral Filter for CPAP/BiPAP

    Seems to work very well, Need a little more time to find out for sure
    Written by tom d, -2014-12-22

  • HEPA Filters

    Everyone should try these on your CPAP/BIPAP (if you setting is above 7cmH2O). You will be suprised how much dust it removes. Outstanding product.
    Written by S. Bryant, -2014-12-15

  • no more sinus infections

    these r great they last a few months n u wont wake up w glogged up sinues
    Written by BigC, -2014-12-13

  • This little gadget is awesome

    I love this little gadget. The air smells more pure and there is less moisture. I consider this a must-have.
    Written by mitch, -2014-11-06

  • Additional filtering

    This filter installed on the outlet of my CPAP picks up anything that gets past the regular CPAP filters. After a week of use, I can see some discoloration on the filter inlet side and after three weeks the need for a new filter is obvious. Sleep is better & I don't have that stuffed up/mini cold feeling any more.
    Written by L Peterson, -2014-08-05

  • In-line Viral Filter

    I use one filter per week. At the end of a week the filter has noticeably darkened from the material it has caught that has gotten past the machine's filter. I recommend it to all cpap users.
    Written by Mike, -2014-08-01

  • In-Line Bacterial Viral Filters

    Just wanting to make clean and safe.
    Written by Jetmanpro, -2014-07-10

  • A Fix for Humidified Systems

    Yes, it is true that the filter will not work with humidified systems - if the filter is placed directly on the air output. Do not do that. Instead place the filter upstream between your hose and your mask. Then it will work just fine.
    Written by Fred E, -2014-05-26

  • In line bacterial Viral Filter

    Definitely cur down the air flow pressure, so could not use.
    Written by RPC, -2014-04-04

  • In-Line Bacterial Viral Filters

    Love the filter!! Amazing how fast it got dirty. I'm getting ready to buy several more to have on hand.
    Written by Kathye, -2014-01-05

  • I guess it works fine - but no good for users with moist air

    Delivered fast, especially during the Holiday week! It works as advertized. However, after using it for a few minutes, I realized that the moist air would not get through it so had to remove from hose.
    Written by Eddie, -2013-12-29

  • In line Viral Filter for CPAP

    I had never tried one of these before and didn't know if air flow would be diminished or not. No problem works great.
    Written by Tom P, -2013-12-25

  • bacterial filter

    great product
    Written by Susan, -2013-12-22

  • Time will tell

    I have the knowledge that I can have the air I breathe filtered threw this system and lessing the affects that will cause me to suffer threw the night without it and only time will tell of the difference it will make, I am happy to make that selection.
    Written by clear12, -2013-12-14

  • In-Line Bacterial Viral Filters

    These are the greatest filters ever. My machine has a filter on it but I didn't know how much dust and dirt was seeping past that filter until I used this as well. This one makes me feel double secure as to what I'm inhaling.
    Written by Susan, -2013-10-18

  • Very Happy Customer

    Package arrived on time and in good condition. Filters are good. Service is wonderful and the price is good. What more do you want.
    Written by Barry, -2013-07-23

  • Works like a Charm

    This filter fits in line from the CPAP outlet to the hose and does a good job trapping anything that might get by the intake filter or even any loose parts or dust from the CPAP machine itself. I will continue to use these filters on my wife's CPAP. The order was prompt and packaging was well done as well.
    Written by John, -2013-06-29

  • Bacterial Viral Filters

    I ordered five more filters because it has curtailed my sneezing and allergic reaction.
    Written by Gary, -2013-04-14

  • cpap inline filter

    Works as advertised. It does decrease the flow some but not enough to take away from the value of having it in place.
    Written by Blackeagle, -2013-03-18

  • viral filters

    In the past I had 3 occasions where I got a sneezing and runny nose with my CPAP. Have not had one since I installed the viral filter, which my CPAP maker does not offer
    Written by JY, -2013-02-28

  • Excellent Product

    I installed this filter in an attempt to eliminate/reduce my recurring sinus infections, even though I replaced my humidifier water daily and thoroughly cleaned all CPAP parts weekly. No infection issues for nine months since filter installation and a bonus is the filter stops humidifier mist from accumulating in my hose and mask. CPAPXCHANGE provided me with much information on what to expect with the installation of the filter since I was unnecessarily concerned.
    Written by SJH, -2013-02-10

  • Inline Bacterial Filters

    Filter works Great
    Written by Garry M., -2013-01-20

  • In-Line Bacterial Filter

    Seems to work very well, and it's reasonably priced.
    Written by Bill, -2012-12-18

  • in line viral filters

    works great I like the fresher air compared to no filter I use consistently now
    Written by Dutchman 54, -2012-12-15

  • In line filter

    Don't know what to say seems catch what gets by regular filter. I would recommend using one.
    Written by Scott S., -2012-12-02

  • CPAP Filter

    Filter works fine however the unintended consequence is that is causes moisture to collect in the hose and severly restricts air flow to the mask. Used it 2 nights in a row and could not continue.
    Written by Rich, -2012-10-18

  • No problem with this product

    Not sure if it helps yet
    Written by Linda A, -2012-08-16

  • Great Value!

    They are a great value and exactly as appeared in picture on website.
    Written by Neal Miller, -2012-06-08

  • In-line Filters

    These filters attach to the hose and hose nozzle, and are very effective in reducing contaminants, no change in pressure
    Written by annonomous, -2012-03-23

  • A Very Worthwhile Product

    These filters are an extra measure of protection against bacterial infection. This item does not seem to affect the function of my APAP machine. Highly recommended!
    Written by John, -2012-03-13

  • In-Line Bacterial Viral Filters for CPAP/BiPAP

    I had tried one of these as a trial purchased from a local veterinarian - they use them on their anesthesia machines. I cannot believe how gray these get after a couple months' use. I use a really good air cleaner in my home but these just add another layer of protection against all the things you can't even see. Very inexpensive, easy ta attach & a good price.
    Written by Cheryl, -2012-03-04

  • no more sinus infections

    these have stopped my occasional sinus infections Even though I clean the mask, tubing and parts I started getting sinus infection that required expense trip to dr and antibiotics. This filter has eliminated those for the last 6 months. An inexpensive solution to a repeat and expensive not to mention miserable problem. Highly Recommend these!
    Written by obxseadoo, -2012-02-01