Mobile DC Power Cord for Various Respironics, Covidien and DeVilbiss CPAP/BiPAP Machines


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12v DC Power Cord

  • Brand:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1001956

This Shielded 6-Foot 12V DC Power Cord can be used to plug many CPAP/BiPAP systems into the "cigarette" style outlets found in most cars, boats, trucks, and other vehicles. It is compatible with a wide range of machines from Covidien, DeVilbiss and Respironics.

Literature: Respironics Shielded 12V DC Cord User Guide (PDF)

Compatibility Information:
  • COVIDIEN / PURITAN BENNETT - Compatible with all Sandman Systems including the Sandman Intro, Sandman Info, Sandman Auto, Sandman Duo, and Sandman Duo ST. It is also compatible with Puritan Bennett's GoodKnight 425/425ST BiPAP Machines.
  • DeVILBISS - Compatible with all IntelliPAP Systems including the IntelliPAP Standard, IntelliPAP Auto, IntelliPAP BiLevel, and IntelliPAP BiLevel ST.
  • PHILIPS RESPIRONICS - Compatible with all M-Series & PR SystemOne 50 Series machines including: PR SystemOne REMstar 150, PR SystemOne REMstar Plus 250, PR SystemOne REMstar Pro 450, PR SystemOne REMstar Auto 550, PR SystemOne BiPAP Pro 650, PR SystemOne BiPAP Auto 750, M-Series REMstar, M-Series REMstar Plus, M-Series REMstar Pro, M-Series REMstar Auto, M-Series BiPAP Plus, and the M-Series BiPAP Auto. It will also work with many older systems including the REMstar, REMstar with C-Flex, REMstar Lite, REMstar Plus, REMstar Pro, REMstar Pro2, REMstar Auto, and the Respironics BiPAP Pro. This cord is NOT compatible with 60 SERIES System One CPAP/BiPAP machines. For 60 SERIES machines use DC Cord Part 1097568. Is My Machine Compatible? System One 50 & 60 Series Differences
    • BRANDING = 60 SERIES System One machines include the words "System One" in raised embossed lettering stamped on both the machine and (if included) the humidifier. 50 SERIES System One machines feature branding that is painted onto the unit and the words "System One" only appear on the humidifier.
    • COLOR = 60 SERIES System One machines feature charcoal gray panels and metallic silver side panels. 50 SERIES System One machines are dark gray with ivory colored side panels
    • MODEL NUMBERS = 60 SERIES System One machines include reference numbers on the base of the machine that end in 60. For instance 560P appears on the bottom of all 60 Series REMstar Auto machines. 50 SERIES System One machines include reference numbers on the base of the machine that end in 50. Therefore 550P, 450P, 150P, etc would all indicate 50 Series machines.


  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1001956
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00606959412491
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards
  • Perfect

    Exactly what I needed, when I needed it. A great resource!
    Written by xmanmonk, -2019-06-01

  • great buying experience

    i have an older cpap machine and the charger for it fell apart and you guys had a charger for it! thank you so much!
    Written by sreed6597, -2019-01-26

  • Good price. Good shipping.

    Good price. Good shipping.
    Written by mark-55136, -2018-08-18

  • Life made easier

    Just what the doctor ordered. Will make my camping alot better.
    Written by jslee1, -2018-02-15

  • Just what I needed

    Ordered this to use while camping. Be sure to use the correct fuse depending on make and model of your CPAP machine.
    Written by Jfol73, -2017-11-19

  • Great Product!

    The power cord works great! Durable and easy to use!
    Written by Michael, -2016-11-05

  • 12V DC Power Cord

    Worked perfectly. Managed to get two full nights sleep with my CPAP hooked up to a 12V battery while camping.
    Written by Lou G, -2015-07-13

  • 12v dc power cord

    bought it to go camping works for what I needed it for
    Written by rich, -2015-06-04

  • Exactly what I needed.

    I needed a DC cable, I found this one to be very reasonably priced and I am very satisfied with my purchase.
    Written by Andy J., -2014-06-19

  • awsome

    This is perfect for power outages and camping couldn't be more happy with my pleasure in this power cord. Great workmenship on the quality.If you don't have one get one.Oh ya and works great on long car rides lol
    Written by Ron, -2014-06-05

  • cpap 12 volt adapter for auto/rv

    great it works
    Written by js, -2013-07-20

  • Fast delivery

    Great price and fast delivery with standard shipping. What more could you want? I will order again.
    Written by Dennis, -2012-06-04

  • Perfect Item for Camping

    This cord will solve the power issues for my required biPap machine using 12 volts from my camper.
    Written by PaulJ, -2012-03-02