BiPAP Auto System with BiFlex - DISCONTINUED


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Philips respironics: 1017439, 1017442

In the Box: BiPAP Auto BiLevel with Bi-Flex, Travel Bag, SmartCard Module with SmartCard, Filters (Reusable Foam and Ultra Fine), 6-Foot Tube, Printed Users Manual, Power Cord & External AC Power Supply, 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Heated Humidifier included depending on package selected.

The BiPAP Auto with BiFlex brings together a unique combination of technologies to provide the best opportunity for therapy success. It uses a multi-level algorithm to track subtle changes which occur naturally in sleep as well as apneas, leak levels and other changes. It then adjusts IPAP/EPAP pressures on a breath-by-breath basis to adjust for these factors and provide the lowest pressures possible for an optimal sleep experience without discomfort.

In addition the BiPAP Auto features Bi-Flex technology that softens the airflow on inhalation and exhalation to provide increased pressure relief, making breathing feel more comfortable and natural. Bi-level therapy with Bi-Flex has been shown to deliver a higher level of success for even the most difficult patients. In fact, one study has shown that 54 percent of non-compliant CPAP users were able to stay with their therapy when introduced to Bi-Flex.

Finally the BiPAP Auto offers advanced reporting with an Encore Pro SmartCard. This feature records detailed compliance and efficacy information giving clinicians insight into a patient's therapy regimen. Data management is more efficient, and reports are easily accessible for reading and sharing among physicians/clinicians, homecare providers and patients.


  • Auto-adjusting Bi-level pressure delivery
  • Multi-level algorithm - Uses two different sets of analytical parameters to keep track patient's breathing.
  • Bi-Flex - Softens the air at inhalation and exhalation to provide more comfortable therapy
  • Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity - Tracks and reacts to a patient's natural breathing pattern. It can detect the point of inhalation and exhalation in every breath, allowing Bi-Flex to make each breath more comfortable.
  • Encore® Pro SmartCard® and Data Management Software allow providers to track treatment progress.
  • Durable, long lasting construction
  • Enhanced Event Reporting - Tracks factors like apnea / hypopnea index, leak and snore. Encore SmartCard and optional EncoreViewer Data Tracking Software enables therapy tracking
  • Universal Power Supply - Automatic voltage regulator and international power supply for operation on AC currents from 110 to 240 without adjustments. (Plug adapter may be needed for operation outside of the United States.)

Parts for BiPAP Auto System with BiFlex - DISCONTINUED

Dimensions & Weight (Approximate)
  • BiPAP = 9.45" x 6.69" x 4.72" (approximately)
  • BiPAP = Less than 4lbs
  • BiPAP with HUMIDIFIER = 13.25" x 7" x 5.75" (approximately)
  • BiPAP with HUMIDIFIER = Less than 6lbs
  • External Power Supply = 5.75" x 2.5" x 1.5"
  • External Power Supply = 1.15lbs

Power Characteristics
  • Universal Power Supply = Input Range 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

  • Pressure Range = IPAP/EPAP 4cm to 25cm H20
  • Ramp Time = 0 to 45 minutes (5-min increments)
  • Ramp Start Pressure = 4 to EPAP
  • Altitude Compenstation = Automatic

Data Storage
  • Date, time, duration at pressure, patient event histograms, short-term detailed events, long-term trends, FOSQ tests