The Comfort Curve Nasal Interface System from Respironics is truly a breakthrough for patients seeking alternatives to traditional, ugly, bulky, uncomfortable masks. The ComfortCurve (which can be personalized with 5 different color bridges) looks great, fits gently but firmly to the face, and works like a dream! It really is the first nasal interface to provide a less invasive, more complete and lifestyle-oriented form of airway delivery.

By delivering air through a soft, cradling cushion that is supported by two ergonomic cheek pads, the ComfortCurve creates no unnecessary nostril irritation, pressure or pulling. It also includes Respironics' exclusive, lightweight, flexible tubing system that provides a more forgiving connection to CPAP and BiPAP devices. And because the ComfortCurve has a new, low-profile, compact design it provides unlimited visibility when in use.


  • Features an innovative cushion that provides a soft, cradling seal gently under the nose
  • Delivers a dispersed flow of airway pressure
  • Split-Strap Headgear is simple to use and cradles the head for a secure foundation
  • Quick-Clips on the headgear allow for easy release without loss of fit or changing of any settings
  • Five-position angle adjustments on the mask allow fo a customized fit
  • Relies on ergonomic and adjustable cheek pads (not the nose) to support the seal and further eliminate unnecessary nostril irritation, pressure or pulling
  • ComfortCurve Systems from cpapXchange include 3 cushions (Small, Medium and Large), headgear, and Respironics' exclusive ComfortCurve tubing system
  • Provides a lightweight and flexible connection to the device that is less likely to pull on the interface or disrupt the seal
  • Offers a less medical-looking, innovative and compact design that allows unlimited patient visibility for reading or watching television before going to sleep
  • Packaged within an attractive pouch for convenient travel
  • Available in 5 color combinations (sold separately) for a fun option and a personalized expression