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ComfortCurve Direct Seal Mask - DISCONTINUED

The Comfort Curve Nasal Interface System from Respironics is truly a breakthrough for patients seeking alternatives to traditional, ugly, bulky, uncomfortable masks. The ComfortCurve (which can be personalized with 5 different color bridges) looks great, fits gently but firmly to the face, and works like a dream! It really is the first nasal interface to provide a less invasive, more complete and lifestyle-oriented form of airway delivery.

By delivering air through a soft, cradling cushion that is supported by two ergonomic cheek pads, the ComfortCurve creates no unnecessary nostril irritation, pressure or pulling. It also includes Respironics' exclusive, lightweight, flexible tubing system that provides a more forgiving connection to CPAP and BiPAP devices. And because the ComfortCurve has a new, low-profile, compact design it provides unlimited visibility when in use.

Manufacturer: Philips Respironics
Part Number(s): 1019185
GTIN Number(s):
In the Box: Complete Mask FitPack with 3 Seals/Cushions (Small, Medium & Large), Headgear and Curve Tubing System.
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7034 A7035

Mask Type(s): Nasal Pillow Masks

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Customer Reviews

bring it back!!

The comfort curve was great. All your replacement masks with nose pillow styles has plastic inserts that go up inside a persons nostrils! Gross! thanks! What are you even thinking? Bring back a mask with a nose pillow that cradles, not invade!
By just a guy,

Good seal concept but flawed headgear.

The seal concept, now available in yet another attempt to make headgear, was excellent - the most comfortable I've used. But the headgear design was botched - will not stay in place vertically because there is nothing to hold it. And the clips are too fragile - improper edge margin. Plus the headgear is not durable. And the hose is not high quality .
By Keith S,

comfort curve

I agree , can't understand it finaly a good mask and they stop makeing it. ???
By kurt j.,

Why did they dicontinue this mask?

This mask was light and easily adjusted to the correct seal under the nose. I slept thoroughly and comfortably. Since they discontinued this mask, I have been unable to find another that I liked as well as the Comfort Curve. Please bring it back or find another source for a similar style
By Sleepless in CPAP,