White Ultra Fine Filters for PR SystemOne, REMstar M-Series & SleepEasy (1 Pack)


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Ultra Fine Filter

  • Brand:CPAPXchange
  • Part Numbers:1029331-CXC

These disposable ultra fine filters are designed for use with all PR SystemOne, M-Series and SleepEasy CPAP/BiPAP Machines. They were originally manufactured with a small tab on the long edge; however Respironics no longer includes the tab as it has been determined that it can cause the filter to pop out of the machine during use.

Usage Information: These filters are disposable. For optimal performance they should be changed regularly whenever they appear soiled or discolored. For full usage and care instructions please review the user manual that came with your machine.

Compatibility Information:
  • All PR SystemOne 60 Series CPAP/BiPAP Machines
  • PR SystemOne REMstar SE 220
  • PR SystemOne REMstar Plus 260
  • PR SystemOne REMstar Pro 460
  • PR SystemOne REMstar Auto 560
  • PR SystemOne BiPAP Pro 660
  • PR SystemOne BiPAP Auto 760
  • PR SystemOne BiPAP ST 960
  • PR SystemOne BiPAP AVAPS 1160
  • All PR SystemOne 50 Series CPAP/BiPAP Machines
  • PR SystemOne REMstar 150
  • PR SystemOne REMstar Plus 250
  • PR SystemOne REMstar Pro 450
  • PR SystemOne REMstar Auto 550
  • PR SystemOne BiPAP Pro 650
  • PR SystemOne BiPAP Auto 750
  • PR SystemOne BiPAP ST
  • PR SystemOne BiPAP AVAPS
  • All SleepEasy Series CPAP Machines
  • SleepEasy
  • SleepEasy II with C-Flex
  • All M-Series CPAP/BiPAP Machines
  • M-Series REMstar
  • M-Series REMstar Plus
  • M-Series REMstar Pro
  • M-Series REMstar Auto
  • M-Series BiPAP Plus
  • M-Series BiPAP Pro
  • M-Series BiPAP Auto
  • Note: These filters are NOT compatible with older REMstar systems. Older REMstar and other Respironics System filters are available elsewhere on this site.


  • Manufacturer:CPAPXchange
  • Part Numbers:1029331-CXC
  • HCPCS Codes:A7038
  • GTIN Codes:00669799940180
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Dimensions:1.75 x .875 Inches
  • Exactly what I needed

    Fast delivery. Extremely satisfied.
    Written by danieljarmstrong, -2019-08-06

  • Nice to save money!

    Used c-pap for many years so it is really nice to be able to purchase filters, hoses, etc from a reputable company and save money instead of having to purchase from the high priced local store!
    Written by MediumAquamarineSpoonbill-56610, Illinois -2019-05-24

  • Good parts

    Just good parts at a good price
    Written by rasterby, -2019-01-08

  • Filters & Hose

    Both products fit seamlessly, and they always have what I need!!
    Written by bmdtx, -2018-05-11

  • Excellent product.....excellent price

    My Cpap machine requires these filters. More expensive in stores. Excellent price and fast delivery
    Written by debnegri53, -2018-05-08

  • Decent Purchasing Experience

    The price was good (volume discount) and the shipping was fast.
    Written by Redondo-Beach-Customer, -2018-03-16

  • inexpensive and easy

    no problems, the product does what I expected.
    Written by soccrpav1, -2018-01-24

  • this is perfect

    this is what I was looking for, easy to purchase, fast delivery, I got exactly what I was looking for
    Written by nancut13, -2017-07-02

  • Just what I needed

    Replaced what I had to pay $15 for at the drugstore. Appeared to be the same, but time will tell.
    Written by PaleChestnutDolphin, -2017-04-11

  • Necessary Stuff

    Good filter, reasonable price, timely delivery
    Written by Sleeping well, -2016-11-26

  • Great for allergies and for keeping your machine clean

    I bought these filters for allergy season, but have discovered that they filter the air so well, my tubing stays much cleaner.
    Written by Steve, -2016-11-05

  • White Ultra Fine Filters for PR SystemOne, REMstar M-Series & SleepEasy

    I've been buying from cpapXchange for more than a decade. I've been happy with every order.
    Written by Dave, -2016-10-08

  • Return customer

    Excellent product. Price is very good compared to store prices. Shipping fast. Have ordered from this company in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
    Written by Deb N, -2016-08-20

  • white filter

    This filter is essential if your c-pap is near a window or vent. Although the unit requires a black filter, you will also need a white filter. Insurance and Medicare requires changing it only a few times. I find that I need to supplement them on my own because I can't imagine inhaling what settles in the air on a daily basis. They are inexpensive and necessary to protect your respiratory system.
    Written by Judy, -2016-07-13

  • White Filters

    Written by LUIS G., -2016-05-24

  • Item as described

    The Item was as described. All aspects of transaction were good. Will purchase from this site in the future. 5 stars all the way! Many Thanks!
    Written by Dendy 2, -2016-05-18

  • Stays in place

    This filter stays in place unlike other filters I have purchased. Very happy with this purchase.
    Written by thewitt, -2016-04-11

  • Quick service, good product

    Always have quick and correct service. Quality products.
    Written by Drake, -2016-01-30

  • Respironics filters

    These are the same filters provided by Respironics with the CPAP machine.
    Written by Dave, -2015-09-01

  • Filters

    Much easier to slip in...
    Written by Michael, -2015-05-21

  • White Ultra Fine Filters for CPAP Machine

    My husband and I have been using a CPAP machine for over 10 years now. I recently purchased the white ultra fine filters and I can't believe how much dirt they collect. We will never use our machines again without them. We are getting much cleaner air every time We use our machines.
    Written by Mary L., -2015-02-03

  • white CPAP filters

    Am satisfied; this is just what I was looking for.
    Written by E. Joyce, -2015-01-27

  • Filters

    Ordered product, it was shipped and received within 3 days. What more can you ask for?
    Written by Jetman, -2015-01-06

  • White Ultra Fine Filters for PR SystemOne REMstar, M-Series & SleepEasy CPAP/BiPAP Machines (1-Pack)

    Poor quality. Thin. Fit loosely in filter receptacle. Would not buy again.
    Written by an old enginner, -2014-12-30

  • More effective

    Outstanding Pro'd.
    Written by Max, -2014-07-12

  • Very thin and cheap

    These filters were very thin and cheap. Surprised this low quality product was offered from cpapexchange.
    Written by RG , -2014-06-02

  • These filters are a Godsend

    I change these filters every two weeks. They do their job. I am thankful that they are clearing the air that I am breathing at night.
    Written by Wendy H, -2014-02-13

  • Filters

    These are just the correct filters for my machine, nothing much to be said about that. The commendable part is the quick service this company gives. My local company that I was doing business with I had to call to order them, listen to them whine when I was told Medicare would only allow them to send me two at a time. (They want to make sure you don't overdose on the use of filters LOL) I now pay for them myself and order from these nice folks.
    Written by Mr. Wilson, -2013-10-01

  • Ultra Fine Filters

    Ultra Fine Filters work great
    Written by Richard, -2012-12-29

  • Fast Delivery

    I ordered my filters and got them in the mail very fast indeed.
    Written by nomorsnore, -2012-11-13

  • Original product with quick delivery

    This is my second time ordering this product from cpapXchange.com. Both times the product arrived quickly and by all accounts appears to be the same product sold through my Medical Service provider recommended by my doctor. But it is a much better value 1/3 the cost from cpapcXchange.com. I am happy with this and now plan to get my prescription sent over so I can buy other supplies from these folks.
    Written by Darrel, -2012-08-25

  • Fine Filters

    I will do business with them again. All you got to do find your Mask, Filters etc click on it and easy pay and you have in few days. Also got free shipping.
    Written by David, -2012-07-08

  • Ahhhh, now that's better!

    Even though you may be told that the ultrafine (white) filters are optional, in my mind... they are definitely NOT optional! I ran out of the ultrafine filters, and went without them for a bit and definitely noticed the difference. These filters were redesigned since the last time I got a new supply as they no longer have the hard plastic grid backing and tab. They are super thin, but seem to perform just as well as their predecessor. You won't be disappointed.
    Written by Karen B., -2012-06-25

  • They work what more is ther to say!

    They work!
    Written by Don, -2012-06-09

  • Ultra Fine Filters for RemStar

    I was told by (Company Name Removed) these filters were discontinued and unavailable any more. Digging into cpapXchange I found (Company Name Removed) to be wrong. I ordered the filters and they arrived quickly. The photo plus the detailed description were key in this order. Thank you cpapXchange for being so thorough.
    Written by Willilam Carlin, -2012-06-07

  • filters

    love the price and ease of use of filters. 5 stars
    Written by west, -2012-04-12

  • Ultra fine filters

    I very much dislike the change they have made in the filters. Without the tab I have a problem removing them from the cpap. I often have to use a pair tweezers.
    Written by John Kucharek, -2012-02-22