Lightweight White Performance CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (6-Foot)


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22MM White Performance Tubing
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  • Brand:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1032907

Compatible with nearly all CPAP, APAP, BiPAP and BiLevel systems from every manufacturer on the market Respironics' Pure White Performance Tubing is 20% lighter and much more flexible than standard tubing. Its ultra-light design provides a more forgiving connection to the device so it is less likely to pull the interface and disrupt the seal!


  • Standard Length & Universal Connector Cuffs
  • Compatible with All Standard CPAP/BiPAP Machines
  • 20% Lighter than Standard Tubing to Reduce Drag on Masks
  • Bright White Color Looks Clean & Fresh

Standard Length & Universal Connector Cuffs: With a standard 6 Foot length and 22 Millimeter cuffs, Performance Tubing can be easily substituted for standard CPAP/BiPAP tubing. In addition, the ergonomically designed cuff is easier to grasp and remove from your mask or machine.

Compatible with All Standard CPAP/BiPAP Machines: It's not just for Respironics CPAP/BiPAP Machines! Performance Tubing will work with any system that uses standard CPAP/BiPAP tubing including most machines from ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, DeVilbiss, Puritan Bennett, Covidien, Somnetics, and more.

20% Lighter to Reduce Drag on Masks and Bedding: Performance Tubing is Pure White in color so it's a real change from the boring, drab and dreary gray for your old CPAP/BiPAP tube. And because it weighs less than standard tubing it reduces dragging and weight on masks and bedding. Performance tubing provides a more positive user experience increasing the effectiveness of CPAP therapy and helping to reduce the detrimental short and long-term consequences of Obstructive Sleep Apnea


  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1032907
  • HCPCS Codes:A7037
  • GTIN Codes:00606959002173
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Materials:Latex Free
  • Good stuff.

    Tubing is light and the ends grip exceedingly well.
    Written by royamoore, -2019-08-05

  • Tubing

    The product was just as expected
    Written by bodeca, -2019-05-02

  • Seems very sturdy and good quality.

    I found what I was looking for at a good price. The hose is a bit stiff and not quite as flexible as I thought it would be but it might break in with use. I will shop here again.
    Written by tobin1959, -2019-03-16

  • Good Tubing/Very Stiff

    Good tubing, but very stiff
    Written by VioletMarmoset, -2019-03-07

  • Excellent Service!

    Ordered a Respironics Gray Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (6 ft) on Wednesday. and it arrived on Friday. Shipping was supposed to take 5 - 8 days. Hose is better quality than the last one from another supplier that only last 6 months before the hose collapsed. This hose is a bit larger and stiffer than my original ResMed Slimline hose so will be slightly bulkier when traveling but this won't be a deal breaker. Great service and a great price from CPAPXchange. Now considering ordering their mask liners which I will review once I have tried them out.
    Written by CPAPer in Texas, Houston, Tx -2019-02-09

  • Not happy

    Kinks easy and stops air flow.
    Written by milldu1, -2019-01-31

  • Very nice tube.

    Nice tubing no problem I would buy again.
    Written by ppetropoulos, -2019-01-22

  • Just what we needed

    Pleased to know there is a place to order replacement pieces.
    Written by gdslagter, -2018-07-06

  • Less pulling

    The lightweight tubing makes a difference with less pulling on my cpap mask during the night. The difference is subtle, but noticeable. It's more evident with my new lightweight mask. Good result for a small cost.
    Written by amarends, -2018-07-04


    I purchase all of my CPAP supplies thru the CPAP Exchange.
    Written by KCarey9842, -2018-05-17

  • Does the job, a bit inflexible

    It's a solid tube and obviously does the job it's supposed to. The only job is how rigid the tube is and still has not lost its shape from being delivered in a package.
    Written by jaspersha, -2018-03-08

  • The machine works great and the customer service was Awesome...

    The machine works great and the customer service was Awesome and she new the product well and took the time to show me how to use it.
    Written by mikecastiglione1, -2017-03-10


    Written by CPAP USER, -2016-08-21

  • Travel CPAP tubing

    Very light indeed, just the thing for my travel CPAP. Can't wait to start using it.
    Written by Pat, -2016-07-26

  • Nice backup

    Lightweight, easy to clean, sturdy
    Written by Chris G, -2016-05-17

  • Lightweight White Performance CPAP/BiPAP Tubing (6-Foot)

    Definitely and improvement over the old tubing. Light weight and good quality. Glad I purchased.
    Written by djb, -2016-04-04

  • Lightweight white performance tubing, 6 feet

    Since I am using the Phillips dreamwear CPAP gear, I really appreciate the lightweight tubing. It makes sleeping more comfortable and it is easier to find a good space on my pillow. The tubing at the top of my head doesn't bother me at all. Thanks
    Written by D.Gresham, -2016-03-24

  • Hose that Holds

    Very flexible and moves with you not stiff and easy to clean and maintain.
    Written by Doug, -2016-01-10

  • cpap tubing

    very flexible and good quality.
    Written by Victor, -2015-11-26

  • lightweight white performance tubing

    This particular tubing received was not white (so product description is inaccurate). HOWEVER, the main characteristic of the tubing is still accurate: it is lightweight, which is good. Also the ends of the tubing I received are rubbery rather than plastic like the original "white" tubing was. I like the rubbery ends as they will not slip off the mask.
    Written by art, -2015-10-29

  • I use them daily

    My only negative comment is that in my old age and arthritis it has become difficult to put the hose ends on and off the quick connects, the quick connects make it easy until it's time to give them a thorough cleaning
    Written by mtntopmaggie, -2015-04-26

  • Good purchase

    I found this tubing to be well priced, very light and flexible, much better than my last experience. With my flexible fitting on my mask I hardly know it's there. My only complaint would have to be the ends seem a little hard. I have noticed this in the last couple hoses I have bought and I don't know why. I have several hoses saved from past purchases, including this model, and the ends on all of them seem much softer...made fitting to my mask easier.
    Written by Steve P, -2015-01-17

  • Light weight tubing

    This is really a light tubing. It does not pull on the pillow mask. I do not have to keep adjusting it. Will buy it again when needed.
    Written by Jan, -2015-01-06

  • Flexibility less than expected

    This tubing does not have the flexibility I was expecting. It works fine but is noisy.
    Written by Like to sleep, -2014-12-14

  • Sturdy but Lightweight

    I have been using this tubing for four years. I have never had one develop a tear. With weekly washing in baby shampoo, it holds up to daily use.
    Written by Jeanine, -2014-10-16

  • Tubing

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that this tubing is much more flexible that the others I have used in the past.
    Written by Marian F, -2014-10-14

  • Not what I wanted

    Hose is lighter, but no more compliant than others.
    Written by Wally, -2014-03-04

  • Lightweight and great

    I love this hose. It's lightweight and doesn't have that heavy pull on the mask that regular hoses do. The only thing that I wish was different is the length. I really need one that is longer.
    Written by Lisa , -2013-12-16

  • Finally Something that lets me sleep

    A great piece of equiptment. It allows me to sleep longer than I have in the past.
    Written by F. Ealy, -2013-06-03

  • Excellent

    The packaging was great. Great prices. couldn't ask for much more
    Written by Michael, -2013-03-31

  • Don't fight with the hose ever again

    I needed a new CPAP hose as I was fighting it every night. Most of the time the hose won. I went ahead and got two of the new light weight hoses and am glad I did. No more fighting to keep it where I want it in the hose holder. Doesn't put the weight of the hose strain on your neck. Will puchase them again.
    Written by Robert, -2013-02-13

  • Fantastic Value

    These hoses are very flexible and I was able to buy this name brand hose for less than the copay on the generic hoses sold by the supplier my insurance company requires me to use. They don't even offer the name brand supplies.
    Written by Jeff, -2013-01-16

  • Performance Tubing

    In my opinion this is the best tubing available for those of us using higher pressures with their bi-pap. It is very flexible and does not drag against the mask. The order arrived in just a couple of days. Thanks.
    Written by Bonnie T., -2013-01-15

  • Lightweight tubing

    Really light weight and seems to be quieter than the standard tubing. I like it a lot better than the regular grey tubing.
    Written by Bob, -2013-01-11

  • Lightweight White Performance

    good tubing the only think I use
    Written by tiny 52, -2012-12-14

  • Lightweight and flexible - perfect

    This is the Original equipment that came with my machine. It is wonderfully lightweight and flexible. No tugging on my mask and I can go from one side of the king bed to the other with no problems. Ordered a spare from cpapxchange at a great price and with superfast shipping. Win-Win!
    Written by Carla B, -2012-12-01

  • Worth it to me...

    I use a lightweight "Resmed Swift FX" mask, with the nasal pillows since I cannot tolerate anything on my face. I've rigged an "overhead" support for the hose. With the lightweight hose, I barely notice any "pull" or "tugging" on my mask, which is a heck of an improvement from the "standard" CPAP hose. I'm also such a light sleeper, that the slightest thing will wake me up, so a very lightweight, super-flexible hose really helps. I think if you are a heavy sleeper, or use a multi-strap (tight) face mask, you wouldn't notice much improvement from this product...
    Written by Christopher H., -2012-08-04

  • It's tubing.

    Just tubing
    Written by Geoman, -2012-07-21

  • Not needed - purchased with Sleep weaver, save your $$

    I was given the impression from the Sleep Weaver that my resmed tubing was not light enough for this mask. Wrong! It was fine. This was an extra upsell that was not necessary.
    Written by WGaren, -2012-06-27

  • Lightweight Cpap Tubing

    This tubing is easy to attach to the cpap and to the mask. I like the flexability of the tubing.
    Written by Karen, -2012-06-17

  • Looks like a good tube but what's so special

    Seems OK but not seeing 'lightweight' here.
    Written by Paul Maddock, -2012-03-24

  • Better than original

    The 'Lightweight White' hose is a high quality product. The description is exact - flexible, lightweight, moves quietly and seals well with quality connectors. For the first time a replacement piece is better the original. I should have used cpapxchange long ago - delivery and correspondence very professional - you have a new customer, thank you.
    Written by Don, -2012-03-14