Rechargeable Battery Pack for Everest Series Systems - DISCONTINUED


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  • For Reference:Discontinued 09.01.2011
  • Brand:AEIOmed
  • Part Numbers:1145252

The Everest Rechargeable Battery Pack will integrate with all Everest, Everest 2, Everest 3, Aura and Polaris TR CPAP systems. The battery pack weighs approximately 1.5 lbs and attaches to the bottom of the CPAP to form a single unit.

Operating times vary depending on your system setup and pressure settings. With the Everest 3 the battery pack will power the unit for an average of 12-hours at 10cm with passover humidification or 8-hours at 10cm with heated humidifier using Enhanced Energy Management settings. With older Everest systems the battery pack will power the system for approximately 11-hours at 10cm with passover humidification. Using heated humidification with older Everest systems will significantly reduce battery life, usually by approximately 50%.

The battery pack can be recharged from any AC (via the Everest power cord) or DC power source (via the Everest Mobile Power Adapter) by itself or while attached to an Everest CPAP. Recharge time averages less than 4 hours with depleted cells. The Battery Pack uses dry cell batteries that are allowed as carry ons by the FAA. Airline security machines (X-Ray, etc) will not damage the Everest CPAP or battery pack. Warranty 1-Year.


  • For Reference:Discontinued 09.01.2011
  • Manufacturer:AEIOmed
  • Part Numbers:1145252
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards