Flip-Top Lid (Cover) with Seal for H4i™ Heated Humidifiers


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Flip-Top Lid with Seal

  • Brand:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:26953

This is the Flip-Top Lid (Cover) with Seal that closes and covers the removable humidifier chamber used on all H4i Humidifiers as well as HumidAire 3i Heated Humidifiers.

Usage Information: When this Flip-Top Lid is used with H3i Heated Humidifiers it converts the humidifier so it will only work with H4i Heated Humidifier chambers.


  • Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:26953
  • HCPCS Codes:A7046
  • GTIN Codes:00619498269532
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards
  • Perfect Replacement

    This lid was a perfect replacement for original Resmed H4i humidifier (which had a broken lid-hinge after being dropped).
    Written by tjmjv, -2018-12-09

  • Quick, Perfect and Affordable!

    CPAP Supplies offers such a wide variety of supplies - that many times require a RX, but if you break a part, Medicare won’t pay for it anyway. Thank you so much.
    Written by kfeld01, -2018-06-02

  • joefuria

    very good in the way I was taken care of. Quick delivery.
    Written by joefuri, -2018-05-03

  • Just what I needed

    I needed to replace just the seal on my old humidifier...was only able to bain the new seal with the humidifier so I ordered the new humidifier with the new seal - price was acceptable. Had used the old humidifier for a period of nine years.
    Written by wlcxxx, -2018-03-26

  • Peplacement Disappointment

    I ordered a replacement cpap water chamber lid based on a previous review that I read on your website. The newer resumed does barely fit my old Escape ii discontinued model Cpap. But it is very very loud. I couldn't stand to use it. Will just keep duct taping my old lid.
    Written by nonilaws, -2018-03-04

    CXC Notes: Hello, It sounds like you're using a NEW Flip Top Lid with an OLD Chamber. You'll note on our site... When this Flip-Top Lid is used with H3i Heated Humidifiers it converts the humidifier so it will only work with H4i Heated Humidifier chambers. Take care!


    Written by grandpajohnny, -2018-01-17

  • Flip-top lid cover

    It's great! Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong lid. It doesn't fit my cpap. However, it fits my husband's great. It arrived in a timely fashion.
    Written by touchedbyemails, -2017-10-30

  • Worked great on my Escape II

    This was just what I needed as a replacement for the broken lid on my Escape II. It allows me to keep this machine pumping along. It amazes me that it still works perfectly after 16000 hours, with no noise and no maintenance.
    Written by Bill, -2016-09-27

  • GREAT!!!

    I was surprised of the excellent quality of my products. It came by mail on time and it fits my Cpap machine exactly!!!
    Written by Charlton B, -2016-01-22

  • Outstanding product and service!

    Outstanding product, the part fits perfect! The price of my ResMed flip-top lid was way below any other competitor I searched for on-line. I used regular ground mail (cheapest price-free) expecting the 5-7 day delivery schedule but received my package 3 days after I ordered it! Every aspect of my experience was outstanding and I highly recommend CPAPXCHANGE!
    Written by Teagan, -2015-07-22

  • Wonderful to do business with!!!

    I was disgusted with the lack of service by my local cpap supply company. I had not previously done business with cpapxchange, but was delighted to receive a necessary part for my bipap machine in only a few days. This company is highly recommended!
    Written by Paducah Phil, -2013-08-23

  • H4 lid

    H3 water tank no longer available. H3 to H4 conversion kit no longer available. Bought the H4 lid and an H4 tank for my H3 humidifier. Works great. Also much quieter than before.
    Written by Dennis, -2013-08-07

  • flip -top lid (cover)

    Excellent product & very reasonable prompt service! I will always order from your company from now on.
    Written by Wanda, -2012-09-30