Long Life Dishwasher Safe Water Chamber for H4i™ Heated Humidifiers


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Long Life Humidifier Water Chamber

  • Brand:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:26958
  • Warranties:1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

This long life "cleanable" humidifier water chamber (with a clear tub) will last for 2-years on average with proper care and maintance. It is compatible with all H4i Heated Humidifiers as well as HumidAire 3i (H3i) Heated Humidifiers that have been upgraded using the H4i Upgrade Kit.

Usage Information: Each chamber will hold 390 ml of water (when properly filled to the fill line). Chambers should be filled with clean water each night. Using distilled water is not required, but it will maximize the life of the chamber and reduce mineral deposits. This chamber is dishwasher safe and the metal heating plate on the bottom of the chamber is removable for easy cleaning.


  • Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:26958
  • Warranties:1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • HCPCS Codes:A7046
  • GTIN Codes:00619498269587
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards

    Written by grandpajohnny, -2018-01-17

  • Dishwasher Safe Only If You Can.....

    The chamber is impossible to disassemble like the instructions state. Call support and they will even tell you. This is my second one and I still cannot open the clasps on the side or remove the top ring to place in the dishwasher. I just add a few drops of a good biodegradable dish liquid with very warm water into the chamber and shake, let sit then rinse thoroughly. This chamber only lats about 2 years at best before it starts to leak.
    Written by cindyolen, -2017-02-15

  • tank

    hope it last as long as the others
    Written by h24trapman, -2016-12-16

  • Broken Pin

    The pin that holds one of the hinges on the bottom of the water chamber broke off through normal use and the chamber started leaking just two months after purchase.
    Written by Mark W., -2016-12-05

  • Good for both handwashing and dish washing

    The water chamber is heavy duty and will last for a long time if you handle it with care. It can be dish wash on the top shelf but I don't really see the need to do so when you can open the chamber and clean it manually. If you use vinegar and water you should not use over the recommended ratio of vinegar to water as a cleaner. Over time it can cause the plastic to become weaker. In addition, when you open the the chamber you should use both hands and equally pull the the chamber apart. I have broken two of these chambers like that. Lastly, when putting it back together don't force it together or you will break it. Because it can break when opening it, I rarely open mine to clean it.
    Written by Ross, -2015-09-24

  • Humidifier

    Broke and leaked with routine use in less than 2 months
    Written by Vikki, -2014-08-19

  • It's The Service That Counts!

    The water chamber that was sent works fine as i expected it to. Was was exceptional was the customer service that i receives from CPAP Exchange. I will be a CPAP Exchange customer for life!
    Written by Harp 32, -2014-02-04

  • Great product

    I really like this water chamber. I do not plan to put it into the dishwasher, but like being able to take it apart to clean. The hinge works better than expected so far.
    Written by Kassel, -2013-11-30


    My CPAP humidifer was getting pinkish mildew in it (even thought I cleaned it very frequently) and I knew it was time for a new one. I couldn't believe my luck when I found exactly the right one on the cpapXchange website and the price was great! They shipped fast and I have a fresh, new humidifier. From now on, when the chamber starts getting cloudy, I'll just replace it! Very happy buyer!
    Written by Masked Lady, -2013-07-30

  • 1 design flaw

    I appreciate this product for the ability to clean it easier than the CPAP's original equipment. This is the second one I have purchased more quickly than I expected because the plastic hole for the hinge pin is too thin and it easily broke. You have to be very careful taking the bottom off and putting it back on.
    Written by scott, -2013-02-01

  • Very happy customer

    Could not be happier that I found your web store. cpapxchange is great and literally 90% less than the local ENT offices charge. They will never see my money again. Now, for the product, I had never even been told of the dishwasher option upgrade for the water tank. It's a great product and is 1000 times easier to clean.
    Written by Todd, -2012-10-11

  • Finally a water chamber that can be cleaned!

    If you have the H4i, you probably agree that it would be so much better if the water chamber came apart for easier cleaning! Well now it does. I love my new water chamber. It is so much easier to clean now and is much more durable than the original one as well. You can tell it is of much higher quality the second you remove it from the box! I highly recommend this water chamber for anyone who has the H4i heated humidifier for their cpap machine.
    Written by James H., -2012-03-01