ResMed Tubing Wrap Royal Blue Soft CPAP/BiLevel Hose Tube Cover (2-Meter)


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ResMed Royal Blue Tubing Wrap

  • Brand:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:33963

Many CPAP/BiLevel users find that one of the most annoying parts of therapy is the constant presence of the cold, ugly, medical tubing that connects the user's system to the mask or interface. In addition cold hoses and tubing can cause condensation and rain-out disrupting sleep and therapy.

ResMed's Tubing Wrap is a soft nylon/polyester fabric CPAP/BiLevel tube cover that improves comfort during sleep and helps prevent rain-out by lightlly insulating CPAP/BiLevel Hoses and Tubes. The Tubing Wrap's hidden soft-touch zipper extends along the length of the tube so it is exceptionally secure and easy to put on and take off with no unecessary stretching or sliding. Tubing Wraps are easy to clean and come in stylish Royal Blue so you can hide unsightly medical tubing beneath a comfortable soft fabric cover.


  • Soft, comfortable fabric construction means no cold, plastic tubing to disturb sleep
  • Help prevent condensation and rain-out
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Hidden soft-touch zipper for easy, secure application and removal
  • Easy to wash and care for


  • Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:33963
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00619498339631
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards
  • Tubing Wrap For Insuation

    Was having trouble with condensation inside my bipap tubing do to the difference in my bedroom temp vs humidifier temp. Worked as soon as I installed it!
    Written by tglidden2887, -2018-12-22

  • Very Nice

    Tubing cover is very nice and very durable. Solves the problem that I was looking to address. Cat hasn't chewed through my hose since.
    Written by pgareau, -2018-10-27

  • Tube Wrap

    Tube wrap works as advertised. Insulates tube to prevent moisture build up. Well made. Looks nice.
    Written by ewbradshaw, -2018-08-30

  • Great

    Just what I needed, good communication and fast shipping!
    Written by DRYPERRY, -2018-06-12

  • My first order

    Faster shipping then I ever expected.
    Written by kyote011, -2018-03-04

  • Great /Great

    Nice product , fast shipp
    Written by gotboy41, -2018-02-05

  • Good purchase!

    This is good quality for the money. It fits nicely and helps the hose move smoothly when I move.
    Written by michellekirsch47, -2018-01-25

  • ResMed AirSense10 CPAP/BiLevel Hose Tubing Wrap

    No more waking up with moisture on my face. Works great!
    Written by lilbeis, -2018-01-24

  • Resmed Hose Cover

    Best price I found for an authentic Resmed hose tube cover.
    Written by bielser, -2017-11-29

  • Still get rain in my mask

    Pros: well made, good size fits my heated 2 m tube, closes with with a long zipper, lightweight, right price. Cons: way too lightweight, it doesn't provide enough thermal insulation and I still get water condensation in my mask, so.. next step will be to add extra padding to see how it goes.
    Written by Adelara, -2016-10-09

  • Love this cover!

    Easy to zip on hose. Easy care to hand wash line dry. Keeps hose from forming condensation. A+
    Written by Happy cpap user, -2016-06-08

  • ResMed Tubing Wrap Royal Blue Soft CPAP/BiLevel Hose Tube Cover

    It doesn't cover the smaller hose that connects the big hose to the nose piece. Maybe because I don't actually have a ResMed CPAP. Unfortunately when I asked my PCP for a prescription for a newer CPAP with heated reservoir he just wrote CPAP down and didn't consult with the pulmonary dept of the clinic who had very specific prescriptions for CPAP's. I hate the one I have as it has been trying to kill me ever since it got cold outside by shooting more than a tsp full of COLD water up the hose and into my nose and spraying out all over my head! This cover has helped a lot with that though. But it would be nice if it covered that smaller tubing as well!
    Written by tx dashoapholic, -2016-02-25

  • very good

    good for insulation. very easy to put it on. However, not very soft.
    Written by Yen-Chywan L, -2015-12-09

  • Superb service

    I ordered a slimline wrap by mistake. Totally bummed because I opened the package. I used the chat on the page and Jennifer found a way for me to get the correct wrap for my cpap tube without lots of cost!! Got it within a few days and it is perfect for cooler fall weather! I will be back!!
    Written by Lisa WY, -2014-10-28

  • Got You Covered Hose

    Like that it has a zipper that runs the length of the hose.The cover beats a cold hose at nigh. It's a keeper!!!
    Written by Happy, -2014-06-21

  • Nice addition

    I purchased this because I started having problems with rain out. But when I turned the humidity setting down the air was too dry. I pit this on the tubing and restored my humidity setting. No more rain out.
    Written by Sean, -2014-05-28

  • Definitely helps the tubing. looks Great!

    Functional and attractive.
    Written by Geoman, -2012-07-21