Respironics Gray Smooth Bore CPAP/BiPAP Hose Tubing (6-Foot)


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Respironics Gray CPAP/BiPAP Tubing
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  • Brand:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:622038

Gray Respironics tubing is 6-Feet long with a smooth bore -- to help reduce noise levels -- and long lasting medical grade rubber endcaps for a secure seal. It is heavier than Respironics bright white Premium tubing and has a slightly darker gray color.

These CPAP/BiPAP tubes work with all machines that use "standard" CPAP/BiPAP tubing including most machines from DeVilbiss, Fisher & Paykel, AEIOmed, Puritan Bennett, ResMed, Covidien, Respironics, and others.


  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:622038
  • HCPCS Codes:A7037
  • GTIN Codes:00616220380701
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Materials:Latex Free
  • Great Service

    The CPAP hose I ordered was delivered very quickly and appears to be better quality than the previous one that collapsed o after just 6 months. Love the free shipping and fast service. Will use them again.
    Written by DarrellSmith-17059, -2019-02-20

  • Great!

    Easy to order; got here fast! Will definitely order again!
    Written by cassbraband, -2019-01-25

  • Fit

    The hose does not fit my standard mask. It’s too large and keeps slipping off.
    Written by caw530, -2019-01-22

  • Really quick shipping

    Great experience! Ordered online, supplies came super quick! Will order from again
    Written by sherrilyda, -2018-12-06

  • Bilal Munir

    It was super easy to order and delivery was on time. Good product quality
    Written by bilalmunir83, -2018-09-25

  • Happy

    Very good product and very quick to respond to my order.
    Written by riglewski, -2018-09-21

  • Much better than the cheapo

    Cpap exchange is the best place to get supplies.
    Written by jbhudson830, -2018-01-06

  • Good service

    Items were better price than most places. My order arrived sooner than expected
    Written by burkhartmickey, -2017-12-07

  • Quality is good. Item arrived on time

    Thank you Item packing was good and arrived on time.
    Written by hsandovalbsn, -2017-10-02

  • Satisfied first time customer

    Easy to find, order and receive. No issues.
    Written by jewade2505, -2017-09-17

  • Tubing

    Product was exactly what I ordered. Fast shipping!
    Written by Jesse, -2016-08-12

  • Cost Effective Alternative to the White Performance Tubing

    I received the White Performance Tubing when I got my first machine and have been a snob ever since and really don't like the stiffer heavier tubing out there. This tubing also from Respironics is very similar to the Lightweight White Performance Tubing. It's slightly heavier and stiffer but still better than the generic one my supplier sends me. So if I'm hitting the end of my CPAP budget I'll get this hose as a good alternative.
    Written by Meghan, -2016-04-28

  • Poor hose

    I bought this hose because it was cheap and cheap it was. It kept sucking up water into the hose making all sorts of noise. Also some of the water would make it all the way up to the mask. I didn't think I needed to pay the higher price for the thermo heated hose. I went back to the thermo hose and haven't had any issues.
    Written by Don, -2015-05-29

  • great service

    the hose was perfect
    Written by jim, -2015-02-13

  • Very convenient

    Quick and easy order and fast shipping. Will definitely order again
    Written by Southern Nurse, -2014-12-08

  • Thank you!

    I purchased the BiPAP Hose for a family member, it worked like a charm. I did not know it was so inexpensive nor easy to order. It was shipped right away, and knowing that my family member is sleeping well is blessing to us all. Thank you!
    Written by Raine, -2014-09-13

  • Pleased with experience with cpapXchange

    I was surprised at how easy and quick it was to order a part for my cpap on cpapXchange. I was especially pleased with how quickly my order shipped and arrived. I will definitely order from cpapXchange in the future.
    Written by Rebecca, -2014-09-11

  • does the job

    The Respironics CPAP Hose Tubing does the job no air leaks as of yet and the price was right. I just wish that it was more flexible. This was a replacement for the original that was near 20 years old and didn't leak until a few weeks before replacing.
    Written by Bob in Bay, -2013-10-24

  • great

    nothing like a new hose or freshly cleaned hose for a good night sleep
    Written by mtntopmaggie, -2013-05-17

  • A bit stiff

    Hose tubing is a bit stiff and is slow to loose the bends in it from packing and shipping. All in all product works as it is supposed to, I didn't think I would miss the extra foot when i bought the 5ft length instead of the 6ft but I did, my fault of course but I thought this might make up someone else mind when comparing lengths.
    Written by Nadine, -2012-10-04