Quick Connect CPAP/BiPAP Hose Adapter


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Quick Connect Adapter

  • Brand:Fisher & Paykel

This handy connector fits on the end of CPAP/BiPAP and Humidfier hoses to make connecting and disconnecting the hose easier. It will works anywhere a hose connects to another item (like a humidifier chamber, CPAP/BiPAP system or mask).


  • Manufacturer:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:900HC010
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:09420012400581
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards
  • Excellent Service!


    I needed a quick disconnect for my Luna 3B CPAP Hose to Machine, as it was really tuff to keep connecting/Disconnecting the hose to the machine {I use it as a travel CPAP} The description said it would work. I bought it, received it a few days later. Quick service, great item-worked perfect!
    Written by , Campbell, CA

  • Hose adapter


    This adapter fits my mask and hose and has made disconnecting from in the middle of the night extremely easy and has taken the worry about damaging my hose by pulling to hard a thing of the past. Very glad I have it
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  • Just What I needed.


    Fast easy and great shipping.
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  • Just What I Neede


    I was traveling and left my connector in another mask, had duct taped the hose to the mask, but it was still leaking. One quick Cal to cpapxchange. com and the next day, my problem was solved.
    Written by , Illinois

  • as expected


    It's a plastic collar - it works for its intended use.
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    These are great to prevent breaking the hose connectors while installing or removing the hose! Little simple piece of problem solving.
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  • Improves utility of my CPAP machine


    While my FP machine has the option to use the humidifier chamber, I have always chosen to run the machine with the chamber empty of water. However that chamber was just another place for bacteria to grow and I always wished I could eliminate it entirely. This connector allows that.
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