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SnugFit Style Chinstrap for CPAP/BiPAP Therapy

SnugFit Style Chinstrap for CPAP/BiPAP Therapy
Manufacturer: AG Industries
Part Number(s): AC133318
GTIN Number(s):
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7036


  •  $12.99

The SnugFit Style Chinstrap from AG Industries is a simple, adjustable chinstrap without the added straps or bells-and-whistles of some other straps. It comes in a rich black fabric and includes a simple Velcro mechanism at the top of the head for adjusting it to the best size for you. The SnugFit Style is a great option if you notice you're losing air though your mouth or find your mouth feels quite dry when waking up after CPAP or BiPAP therapy.

Purchaser Verified Reviews

Chin strap

I'm very disappointed with the quality of this chin strap. The Velcro is separating from the chin strap
By Larry E,

Chin Strap

Not what I expected and does not stay attached and I end up throwing it across the room as it has tangled up in everything. Would not purchase this type again. As this is my first experience with chin straps I would have to try something else to be able to be breath right.
By J. Carter,


I would not give this any stars. All it is is 1 long black strip with a whole for the chin and u velcro it together. Too long. Does not keep my mouth shut and when you are a mouth breather it won't do the job. Don't waste your money.
By Carrie B,


Works as designed.
By Ricky,


The chin strap kept my mouth closed, but I needed to make it tight so my lips wouldn't leak air. With the strap tight it stretched out quickly and the space in the chin cup hurt my chin and left lines in it. I will not order another one of these.
By Lou,

Chin Strap

Chin strap fits very well and seems to be of good quality
By DJ,

Chin strap didn't work

Unable to secure it properly on my head. Large head. Needs more support than provided by strap without feeling like you were in a noose.
By rev,

Doesn't stay in place

The product does keep my mouth closed but it does not stay in place. So it then fails in it's purpose and I wake up with mouth open. That makes the c pap not do what it is supposed to do
By Mark,