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PAPillow Double Edge CPAP Pillow - DISCONTINUED

Finding a comfortable sleeping position is one of the keys to success with CPAP/BiPAP therapy. With traditional bed pillows as the head sinks into the pillow it can push the mask off center and cause leak. In addition pressure points, caused when your mask frame and/or headgear are pressed into the face, can become sore and painful during sleep. The end result is a poor sleep experience and unsuccessful CPAP/BiPAP therapy.

PAPILLOW DOUBLE EDGE CPAP PILLOWPatented PAPillows are designed with elevated sides and a unique shape suited for CPAP/BiPAP therapy users. The DOUBLE-EDGE PAPillow features a unique shape and quilted side panels to create a distinct edge around the pillow that the mask and tubing can extend beyond. With the DoubleEdge PAPillow you "Sleep on The Edge" to reduce or eliminate common problems like mask leak and pressure point soreness.

The Double Edge works great for people who want a standard sized pillow (Approximately 22.5" x 15" x 4.5") designed specifically for sleep therapy users. (If you prefer a smaller pillow consider the MINI EDGE PAPillow available elsewhere on this site.)


  • Sturdy construction, high quality interlock-knit
  • Proper support for neck and head
  • Accommodates both left or right side sleeping
  • Comfortable, hypoallergenic synthetic down fill
  • Fitted pillow case included
  • Machine washable, cool dryer safe
  • Designed to work for back, side and stomach sleepers
  • Provides comfortable elevation and alignment
  • Helps prevent mask leaks and sore spots
  • improves comfort and compliance
Manufacturer: PAPillow
Part Number(s): 90000
GTIN Number(s): 00700112995491
In the Box: DoubleEdge pillow with removable 100% cotton fitted knit pillow case.
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399


Routine Care: For optimum life, fluff daily and refluff occasionally in a tumble dryer at warm setting for 10 minutes.

Machine Washing: All commercial and home laundry detergents are approved for use as long as the manufacturer's instructions are followed. Always balance the load and use water temperatures not to exceed 120º F. We recommend enclosing the pillow in a mesh laundry bag and using a front loading large capacity washer on gentle setting. Do not wash a damaged pillow.

Machine Drying: Tumble dry at temperatures not to exceed 120 F. Pillows may take a few hours to dry depending on your dryer. For additional agitation place clean tennis balls in with pillows. Keep drying until all synthetic feathers feel light and fluffy. If necessary, air dry (cool down) for an additional 30-60 minutes depending on your dryer. Caution! Never allow pillows to sit in a hot dryer after the drying cycle is over. Use the cool down cycle or remove pillows immediately.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome pillow

Very comfortable! I could sleep on it the first night. It did not take any time to get used to a new pillow. The side flaps allow you to turn your head from side to side with comfort - no more pushing the mask hard against your face. So happy I purchased this pillow!
By Kate,

Double Edge Pillow for CPAP/BiPap Therapy

The shape of this pillow is wonderful. Now I can use my CPAP without my mask leaking. I sleep on my side and this had caused problems with my mask loosening during the night and causing leakage. Now I can sleep on my side because of this pillow's shape - it takes into consideration my mask and tubing. Worth every cent I paid for it because nothing is better than a good night's sleep.
By C Bartosh,

cpap pillow

I hate this pillow it has no firmness to it so it is useless to use with the machine.
By LB,

Life Saver

I was depressed about having to use the CPAP full face mask. They said it would take six months for me to get used to it. Well it has been six months and I still dreaded putting on that instrument of torture, having to sleep on my back. If I tried side sleeping the mask leaked, squealed and farted. I was pure miserable. My husband of 61 years started wearing ear plugs. This is my first CPAP pillow. I love it!! Has made all the difference in the world. Allows me to side sleep and is comfortable for back sleeping also. I liked the way the company treated me when I called on the phone to get more information. The phone person spoke clearly and slow enough for me to understand her. I recommend this company.
By Marilyn Anne P,

Better Than Contour Pillow - Love It!

Hi, Just wanted to give my 2 cents worth about this pillow. Bought the Contour Pillow first. I used it one night. Hated It! Next I bought the PAPillow Double Edge Pillow for CPAP. I love it! What more can I say? There is no comparison. I would use it even if I didn't wear a cpap mask!
By Freddy in Indiana,

Great Pillows

We have been using these pillows for years but every so often they do need replacing. CpapXchange has been our go to source for the item. Great products and service.
By Victor,

too thick

the intent of this pillow is a good idea, and I'm sure it works well for some, but for me not so much. It is a very thick, rather hard pillow, and I think my neck is too short for it! I really can't get comfortable on it, and I can't get my face to reach into the cutout for the mask. I wish it was available in a thinner, perhaps softer version.
By paula,

CPAP Pillow

I have two things about the pillow that I graded it down on one is that the pillow has gone flat to fast for my liking and the other thing is I can't put another pillow under it. It's like this cpap pillow alone it's to flat but with another pillow under it it's to high to help keep the mask on my face.. So I just go with the cpap pillow alone...
By bigcat,

Best pillow ever

This is the best pillow I have ever used, whether for CPAP or not. It is great for side sleepers because it is full enough to provide lots of support when you lay on your side. I wear a full face mask and have not encountered any problems. I balked at first due to the price, but it is worth every penny.
By Glenn A.,

Excellent Pillow

This pillow offers great head and neck support while allowing the mask to hang off the side. This is my first CPAP pillow, but I am impressed with how much it helps me sleep.
By Carl,

excellent pillow for the sleep impaired

just bought this to replace my old one of the same kind--i think it is 10 yrs. old. in many attempts to get comfortable with my mask, this pillow has produced the best results. you can get good head support while hanging the mask off the side, and you can sort of tuck it under your chin to help with better neck support--this new one seems a bit more substantial than the old, but then again, 10 years of me beating on it! i'm about 100% compliant for 15 years and this is the best I have found. didn't even get rid of the old one--reading pillow! (suggest ordering extra pillow case for alternating in the wash)
By booobut,