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Lightweight UltraLite Max Tubing - DISCONTINUED

Lightweight UltraLite Max Tubing - DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer: Plastiflex
Part Number(s): HUN19018
GTIN Number(s):
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7037


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Compatible with all CPAP & BiPAP machines that use Standard Tubing (Hoses), UltraLite Max Performance Tubes are much lighter and more flexible than most standard tubing. UltraLite Max's ultra-light design provides a more forgiving connection to the device so it is less likely to pull the interface and disrupt the seal.


  • Fits All CPAP/BiPAP Machines That use Standard Tubing
  • 35% Lighter & More Flexible Than Most Standard Tubing.
  • Quick Grip Plastic Cuffs are Easier to Attach & Detach

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Purchaser Verified Reviews

First time user

I decided to try a light weight hose for the first time. When using it with a mask it seems more comfortable (easier to keep the mask positioned so it doesn't leak. This can be a problem for me since I sleep on my side.) It takes a little getting used to the more ridged ends, and the hose itself seems to spring in a wide arc when I store my mask on the bedside table. (The regular hoses seem more like heavier wet washrags)
By Fat Geezer,

heavenly hoes

The hose is lighter than expected and helps with the new mask, sleep weaver elan, without this hose I don't think the mask would be as effective
By Tank,

tube wrestling

The tubing is quite unforgiving, so stiff it will push your mask right off your face if it gets caught on a pillow or blankets. Hose ends are hard plastic but seem to seal ok so far, time will tell. I have had much better and more pliable hoses.
By sleepless,

cpcp hose

good size. a bit stiff but still flexible.
By marietta,

6-Foot CPAP hose,

I bought this hose as I had holes in the one I was using. It is quite stiff though and I probably should have spent the money and purchased the hose by Respironics. Live and learn. It is doing the job but it would be easier to work with if it were a bit more flexible.
By Mrs. Easy-breather,

BI Pap Hose

Very light weight and easy to use
By Richard S,

light hose

nice light hose. but it is a little stiff...

Not as lite as expected

This felt no lighter than the standard tubing. In fact, my husband and I both thought it felt a little heavier! However, it's still comfortable when sleeping.
By JB,

Lightweight does not mean flexible

The tubing is stiffer than the more expensive lightweight tubing offered. It has not interfered with my sleep, but this feels less pliable than the tubing it replaces.
By RR,

One happy snoozzzzer.

Love my new Ultra-Lite-Max CPAP/BiPAP Tubing. Comfy level is much improved over old model. It's paper-lite and feels like it's not even there....zzzZZZZ.
By Larry N.,

Not as advertised

It was easy to attach, unlike others I've used. In fact it was so easy that it came off during the night and woke me up. It is very stiff and cannot be controlled easily like others I've used. It whips around when I turn over. Unfortunately I ordered two of them.
By Trudi,

Wonderfully lightweight!

I should have ordered the 7 or 8 footer, but this hose is light and so much easier to sleep with.
By Renee,

Hose too stiff

This hose is ridiculously stiff...I feel like I am sleeping in the middle of a loops and twists and yet is not flexible. I have bought other "lightweight" hoses that were great. This one is not.
By Sara,