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Mouthpiece for TAP PAP CPAP/BiPAP Masks

Mouthpiece for TAP PAP CPAP/BiPAP Masks
Manufacturer: Airway Management
Part Number(s): PAP-NP1-201
GTIN Number(s):
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399


  •  $30.00

This Mouthpiece is designed for use with all TAP PAP Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Masks. The TAP PAP's mouthpiece is made of a soft, moldable polymer called ThermAcryl that is easily customized to provide an exceptionally stable and secure fit without pinching or pressure points. Once fitted the TAP PAP mouthpiece will not move or leak and does not require headgear; it fits snugly on your upper teeth without crowding the mouth or tongue.

Usage Information:TAP PAP's mouthpiece is easily customized by warming in hot water and placing on your upper teeth. If you find you need to re-fit the mouthpiece simply warm it again and repeat the fitting procedure.

Purchaser Verified Reviews

happy with this

allows me to sleep on stomach and side, and does not cause sores where other masks and straps touch face.
By peace4peka,

Love it!

I was happy to get a replacement mouthpiece instead of the whole "snorkel" as I call it! :)
By rose_jantz,


Love it. Comfotrable, able to sleep. Don't even know it is there.
By mrhodes-92180,

Mouth piece

The mouthpiece has a sharp place on it. I have not been able to fix it yet.
By Ron,

Tap Pap Mouthpiece for mask

I have tried a variety of masks for BiPAP over the last 15 years and have found the Tap Pap mask which uses a moldable mouthpiece. About every 6 months the mouthpiece needs to be replaced. The mouthpiece actually holds the nasal prongs in place, without the need for straps across my face. I love this mask because it does not leave indentations on my face from the mask. The mouthpiece is easily molded to the upper teeth using the directions.
By Chris C.,

Tap Pap mask replacement parts

Thank you for the excellent service!
By Steve ,

Tap Pap

I love it! For the first time I can wake up with no marks on my face. It is very comfortable and always stays in the same position even when you are tossing and turning.
By Karen,

Tap Pap mouth piece

This is an excellent product !! I ordered the complete mask setup on a trial basis and I am so happy I did. I recommend this product and just read the instructions for fitting the mouth piece.
By Jane,