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Manufacturer: Puritan Bennett
Part Number(s): Y-133318-00
GTIN Number(s):
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7036


Information Provided For Your Reference
Discontinued 11.10.2014

The SnugFit (ADAM) Chinstrap from Puritan Bennett is a simple, adjustable chinstrap without the added straps or bells-and-whistles of some other straps. It comes in a rich black fabric and includes a simple Velcro mechanism at the top of the head for adjusting it to the best size for you. The SnugFit is a great option if you notice you're losing air though your mouth or find your mouth feels quite dry when waking up after CPAP or BiPAP therapy.

Purchaser Verified Reviews

Chinstrap is next to nothing

The chinstrap is made of very a thin material and will not last long. It has almost no elasticity and will not efficiently hold the mouth closed. It seems like it is made to fit an elephant's head and will not adjust down to fit a normal size head.
By Jim,

Live and learn

This chin strap only has one strap so is near impossible to keep in place. I should have known better but bought it because of the price.
By Darren,

chin strap problems

the chin strap is very robust and nice quality. Unfortunately it is too thick on the portion covering the top of the head under the Adams circut head set and the velcro extends down way too far on the side of the head and ends up grabbing the material of the head set which keeps it from positioning where its comfortable. I had to quit attempting to use it and go back to another style.
By Bill,