AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiLevel Mask with Headgear


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AirFit P10 Mask with Nasal Pillows & Blue Headgear - Extra Small
AirFit P10 Mask with Nasal Pillows & Pink Headgear - Extra Small
AirFit P10 Mask with Nasal Pillows & Blue Headgear - Small
AirFit P10 Mask with Nasal Pillows & Pink Headgear - Small
AirFit P10 Mask with Nasal Pillows & Blue Headgear - Medium
AirFit P10 Mask with Nasal Pillows & Pink Headgear - Medium
AirFit P10 Mask with Nasal Pillows & Blue Headgear - Large
AirFit P10 Mask with Nasal Pillows & Pink Headgear - Large
Integrated Flexi-Tube Short Tube
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty

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  • Brand:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:62920, 62921, 62922, 62923
  • Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

ResMed's AirFit P10 & AirFit P10 For Her CPAP/BiLevel Masks are remarkably quiet and lightweight; bringing welcome advances in comfort and fit to an already legendary line of nasal pillows masks.

AirFit P10 nasal pillows adapt naturally to movement during sleep maintaining a secure fit; while the QuickFit Headgear auto-adjusts to provide gentle stability with minimal facial contact.


  • Exceptionally Quiet with QuietAir Mesh Venting
  • Dual Wall Nasal Pillows For a Gentle Fit & Secure Seal
  • Four Pillow Sizes Available To Fit a Wide Range of Users
  • QuickFit Auto-Adjusting Headgear
  • Integrated Flexible Short Tube
  • Remarkably Lightweight, Minimalist Design
  • Intelligent Enhancements for Men & Women

his and hers airfit p10 cpap masksIntelligent Enhancements for Men & Women: The AirFit P10 is available with different nasal pillow sizes and headgear colors to fit a wide range of men's and women's preferences. Headgear is available with pink or blue highlights; while nasal pillows are available in four sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large.

Exceptionally Quiet with QuietAir Mesh Venting: AirFit P10's QuietAir woven-mesh venting eliminates the traditional "exhalation holes" found in most masks. With QuietAir woven-mesh air is gently and noiselessly dispersed away from you and your bed partner. AirFit P10 & AirFit P10 For Her are approximately 50% quieter than ResMed's previous nasal pillow masks.

Dual Wall Nasal Pillows for a Gentle Fit & Secure Seal: AirFit P10's Nasal Pillows feature a soft outer wall for comfort and a secure inner wall for support. AirFit P10 & AirFit P10 For Her nasal pillows rest on an integrated air chamber, with trampoline action, that adapts to your natural movements during sleep providing a gentle, secure seal even for the most active sleepers.

Each of the AirFit's pillow sizes features a different color ring for easy identification: ExtraSmall (pink), Small (clear), Medium (gray) and Large (blue).

QuickFit Auto-Adjusting Headgear: AirFit P10's unique QuickFit headgear, with split-strap design, is auto-adjusting and simple to fit -- just spread the back straps apart for a looser fit, or bring them together to tighter fit. The warp-knitted nylon headgear is unobtrusive and elasticated so it gently stabilizes the mask and pulls the pillows into place. QuickFit headgear slips on and off easily without any extra clips or adjustments.

All AirFit P10 masks come with Quickfit Headgear in gray with blue highlights; and all AirFit P10 For Her masks come with QuickFit Headgear in gray with pink highlights.

Integrated Flexi-Tube Short Tube: The AirFit P10 includes an integrated, lightweight Flexi-Tube short tube that extends off of the mask frame -- stretching and bending to increase flexibility while maintaining seal and stability. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of sleeping positions comfortably without mask drag or catching.

Remarkably Lightweight, Minimalist Design: With just three parts -- nasal pillows, headgear, and mask frame with integrated short tube -- the AirFit P10 is about 50% lighter than previous ResMed nasal pillow masks. The minimalist design requires very little facial contact, has no forehead support, and no hard parts that touch the face. AirFit provides a clear field of vision and an open feeling when in use so it is easy to sleep with. In clinical studies participants slept on average 42 minutes longer with the AirFit P10 compared to ResMed's Swift FX.


  • Manufacturer:ResMed
  • Part Numbers:62920, 62921, 62922, 62923
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Pillows Mask with 1 Set of Pillows, Integrated Short Tube, and Headgear.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:00619498629206, 00619498629213, 00619498629220, 00619498629237
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials:DEHP Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free, Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Pillow Masks, His & Hers Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 20 cm H20 Recommended
  • Fits great

    It's great, Its fits prefer and dont know you have it on
    Written by woody02hd, Great -2019-07-05

  • Seems cheaper made than the last few I have had.

    I have used this specific model for well over 2 years. This time it seems to leak around the nose piece to the head gear. The past head gear sets I have had did not do this.
    Written by t76stang, Houston -2019-06-14

  • Best

    CpapExchange and these nasal pillows are the best. Excellent helpful customer service. Quietest nasal pillows available. Used for years and tried others but always go back to these.
    Written by DPAYNE19, -2019-01-18

  • Best so far

    I like this mask a lot. My only issue is the there is not much adjustability of the head strap. Others have complained about it getting loose, but I felt it is too tight and am anxious for a bit of stretching. My nose gets sore after 3-4 hours and I take it off. Part of my issue is that I moved from the medium pillow to the large because it gave me more airflow. The medium one made me inhale a bit harder. May need more cpap pressure but I’m new at this. Thought I’d like the Dreamware nasal mask due to the top of head connection but it made more noise when breathing when sleeping on my side.
    Written by 52cabernet, -2018-11-10

  • Great product.

    This is for me a minimalist headgear and nasal pillows. The only problem I had was the headgear stretching too much from use to create a good seal. So I’m very glad now that the clips are included with the headgear to take out the slack. This probably doubles or more the life of the headgear. As always CPAPExchange has what I need at competitive prices and then get my order right out to me.
    Written by WTHODGE, -2018-09-13

  • Miss the overhead option

    Good fit however I miss the ability to gracefully route the hose over my head. Instead it's in the way when I roll over.
    Written by kbsanborn82, -2018-07-15

  • This is the best mask I've tried yet.

    This mask is super quiet and doesn't vent all over my wife when I'm sleeping on my side which happens a lot. My old Aloha was comfortable for a while but over time it wouldn't swivel well, the vent on the front blows really hard and it's always cold air.
    Written by andrew-6510, -2018-06-15

  • Always great prices and fast delivery

    Loved the selection. Was easy to order and the price was right.
    Written by mcjoe, -2018-03-28

  • Pretty good so far!

    I'm just trying to get back to using CPAP regularly, and this Airfit P10 was recommended to me. The mask is far more comfortable than my old one. It's just getting used to pressurized air going up my nose that's not easy.
    Written by jknappsax, -2018-01-12

  • Thank you for this MASK

    I previously had a nasal mask, my face broke out in whiteheads, marks on my face the next day. The pressure hurt my cheek bones. NOW it doesn’t feel like I have anything on, lightweight, the small fits perfect and I believe I can wear this for a long time. I’m glad I found it and your service is great.
    Written by linrobark, -2017-11-13

  • wonderful

    Great price. Fast shipping
    Written by msrugs13, -2017-09-13

  • Sleep .... FINALLY!

    Started using my Cpap about 2 weeks ago with the Airfit 10 Nasal Pillows. Extremely comfortable - only took a couple nights to get used to (and feel comfortable with) it and get a great night's sleep.
    Written by ramja0830, Charlotte, NC -2017-08-16

  • Finally...great fit

    I have had a heck of a time trying to find a mask that fits. This is the 5th mask/nasal pillow mask that I have tried and I am sticking with this one! It is great for sleeping on your side or your back and it stays sealed very well throughout the night. I am so relieved to finally have a good fit without sores and rashes!
    Written by Stacy, Wyoming -2017-07-28

  • Easy sleeping

    This is the best ! It's light and fits snug but not too snug.. Love it!
    Written by Joanie L, -2016-09-29

  • Mixed feelings

    This mask is a mix of the good and the bad. The good part is it's quiet and the exhaust is very hard to feel. Both of those allow me to sleep well. The bad is the straps. They're not adjustable and they stretch over too short a time. This results in a looser fitting mask which slips or leaks. It's great to start with but the material stretches too much over time. I'd rate this 5 stars if the straps were adjustable
    Written by Gary, -2016-09-28

  • When less is more

    This was a great purchase for me. The very light and streamlined design of this nasal pillows mask is the next best thing to not having to wear a mask at all. For me, the fitting was easy with the 3 sizes provided, the mask stays in place all night, and once I got the fit right, I had virtually no problems with leaks. It's easy to take apart and clean. The only drawback that I experienced was the head strap that I had to stretch to make comfortable, and will probably need to be replaced fairly often. I also needed a full face mask as a backup because of seasonal allergies, and found the Airfit full face mask to be very comfortable as well. Very pleased with the mask, and cpapxchange customer service.
    Written by Susan D, -2016-08-27

  • Great Mask

    This is a great mask. Comfortable and no leaks.
    Written by Jim, -2016-08-26

  • Nice but

    I like this mask as its light and you feel very little pressure. Very quite The only two small problems
    1). The design make it difficult to get a seal
    2). As I turn over in the night the mask will slip off my head
    Written by Ecwebb, -2016-08-18

  • I like it

    Very comfortable. The only problem is the head gear stretches after a few weeks of use. They will stretch about an inch longer and you have to readjust often during the night.
    Written by George, -2016-07-13

  • Excellent but for the straps

    This mask has everything going for it—comfortable long-lasting pillows, minimal obstruction of your face, light weight, easy to put on, almost completely silent, highly diffuse exhaust that won't bother a sleeping partner, easy to disassemble and clean—except it's got one big problem.
    The longevity of the straps.
    This mask is designed around a one-piece, non-adjustable elastic head strap. The fit can be adjusted by moving the split halves of the back of the strap up and down on your head. It works great... for about three months. And then the elastic stretches out by an inch and a half or so, and the headgear no longer fits tightly enough to maintain a good seal.
    Unfortunately, most insurance will only replace those straps every SIX months, so you're stuck with an ineffective mask for three months. Some users have had good luck frequently washing the strap in very hot water and drying it with high heat to shrink it.
    If ResMed could find a material that would remain comfortably elastic that long, this mask would be five stars and an absolute no-brainer. If they could convince insurance to replace the straps every three months, it'd be a no-brainer. But as it is, I'd advise not throwing out your old mask until you've had the P10 for six months, so you can be sure you can live with the straps.
    Also: Because of the strap elasticity, and the way the hose comes straight off the mask, it's important that you make sure your grey hose has enough slack before you go to bed. The short hose of the mask is extremely flexible and will accommodate a lot of twisting and turning... but if you run out of slack and start pulling on the grey hose, the weight of the hose is probably going to overcome the elastic in the straps. I've found that making sure the short hose is folded up near my face before I sleep give me enough slack to roll over without waking up to mask tug.
    Written by Rob, -2016-06-27

  • Love it, but can't use it!

    I love the nasal pillow mask as it is very comfortable and allows me to sleep on my side without pumping large amounts of air into my stomach. Unfortunately, blowback into my mouth continually wakes me leading to badly fragmented sleep. I had to return it (sadly).
    Written by Ken, -2016-05-26

  • Great Nasal Pillow Mask

    The Air fit p-10 is by far the best mask for me. I've had leaks as low as 0 and AHI is generally less than 3. This mask is so minimal after a few minutes I barely know I have it on.
    Written by Bruce, -2016-04-16

  • leaks and cant tighten straps

    This pillow is comfortable . But you cannot adjust or tighten the straps and the strap slides off the back of my head. Maybe I have a flat head. I took the straps and crossed them so that the back strap was on top and top was now on back , got tighter but didn't help . So I tied my hair in a pony and grabbed the strap and included it in the tie. That helped. The pillow leaks at night and I have to adjust it constantly . Someone said to get a mask where the tubing is not attached to the nasal pillow but on top of the head. So I may look for one of those
    Written by Sleep Apnea x15 yrs, -2016-03-21

  • P-10 Pillow mask

    I really like my pillow mask and head gear. I would give it 5 stars if the head gear was adjustable. It fits well when first purchased but does stretch out.
    Written by kadyar, -2016-02-27

  • I can live with it

    1. Thanks to the good folks at cpapXchange for the excellent service.
    2. Masks are probably the biggest determining factor whether a person benefits from the prescription.
    3. These I can live with, I wore the first one out after a couple years and bought the same kind again.
    4. When I first get it, using both straps is too tight, so I position one up on top so it makes it looser.
    5. Eventually the straps get too loose, but you can buy replacements of straps and nose pieces and everything.
    Written by Ched, -2016-02-22

  • AirFit P10 for her

    I have used the airfit p10 for a week now and i love it !! I use the med pillows and am very pleased with the seal & fit. I will be telling all my family & friends about this sleep mask!!!
    Written by Alta K, -2016-02-16

  • Great mask

    This mask is great. I love nasal pillows, used to have a Pilairo f&p, but this one is way more stable and does not leave annoying marks on your face. Totally recommend it
    Written by Giorgio R, -2016-02-14

  • Friendly, fast shipping and good prices

    It was a good experience buying from this company. Sometimes the prices when you phone in our cheaper than the online! The staff are friendly and helpful they can answer all your questions. Overall it was so easy to do. Shipping was really fast and I highly recommend buying from them.
    Written by C. Cameron, -2016-01-19

  • Love this mask!

    I've been on CPAP/APAP for 15 years,and tried six masks before I found one that worked for me, due to allergic reactions. I had been using ithe Adam circuit most of those years. I wish I had seen the AirFit P10 before now, and I would have switched long ago! It is so light!
    Written by Mary B, -2015-12-12

  • p10

    I love it no leaks fits perfectly great to do business with thank you
    Written by Richard Rogers, -2015-11-07

  • Not happy with this mask

    The pillows don't seal very well and the mask elastic is too stretchy allowing it to slide around when you sleep. Maybe it's my head or the fact that I'm used to a different style of mask previously but this just isn't working yet. I'm trying to make it work but so far it's nothing but disturbed sleep.
    Written by Sleep Disturbed in FL, -2015-10-14

  • As good as it gets

    The Air-Sense machine with the P-10 pillow system is the best answer yet for me. It stays on better at night and does not require a high level of consciousness to reposition it in the middle of the night. It is mostly out of my field of vision, and is intuitive to place it on my face. The pillow is improved as well. sizing seems to be similar to prior pillows.
    Written by torrealta, -2015-08-06

  • Finally

    I have used a cpap for over thirty years. I have tried every type mask available: cushioned full mask, mouth pieces, and nasal pillow masks. Finally, I found a mask that is comfortable, light weight, fits perfectly and doesn't leak!! This is a great product, I would recommend the AirFit P10 mask to anyone who is tired of bulk headgear, constant leaks, and restless nights!!
    Written by William B, -2015-07-31

  • Best mask I have used in many years!!!

    I love this mask!!! I having been using C-pap since 1995 and after many different masks, this mask is hands down the most comfortable and the most open mask ever!!!! This mask could be worn while reading or watching TV, it is that silent. Sometimes I forget I am wearing it. Buy this mask and you will be thrilled. It takes a bit of practice to adjust the headgear but it is soooo worth it !!!!!
    Written by Mike K, -2015-07-20

  • P-10 Headgear

    While overall, the P-10 is a great pillow system, the headgear leaves much to be desired as there is no way to adjust the tension. Otherwise I would give this a full 5-stars...

    First, the P-10 nasal pillows are very, very comfortable. The double-wall construction is very soft and the pillows come in 4 different sizes from x-small to large. I found the smaller sizes may not seal real-well, depending on the size of one's nostrils, and the larger sizes may bite the sensitive tissues inside the nose. So the key is to pick the size that fits easily and comfortably against the nostrils. (Don't worry if at first they seem loose, once your machine is up to therapeutic pressure, the base of the pillows will expand somewhat; thus, providing a comfortable seal that doesn't leak). If the pillows seem sharp, try the next size down, if that doesn't work then time to call for help.

    Now on to the topic of headgear fit. The split-strap idea is nice when the headgear is new, there is a small range of adjustment for comfort available, but nothing significant. If the headgear isn't a reasonably close (snug, but comfortable) fit to begin with, don't expect to get much improvement from the split strap as there is no way to tighten the fit except by the position on the head.

    In conclusion, when the headgear was brand-new it fit like a glove. However after just three months, a replacement is needed. I would strongly recommend the manufacturer provide a range of sizes (S,M,L)for the head-gear or a mechanical adjustment feature in the sides of the headgear in order to preserve the overall comfort of the split-strap. if it were not for the fit problems of the P-10 headgear, I would rate this system as best ever designed with 5 stars+
    Written by Still Sleepin , -2015-06-23

  • Waited to long

    Well, again, I hesitated and probably lost many nights sleep because of it. For years I wore the Profile Light nasal mask and though the best I have found, in the last year or so it got to be cumbersome and inconvenient. I have entertained the nasal pillows in the past but was just not ready to layout $100.00 to try something. The reviews of the Airfit P10 were really getting to me.
    I just bit the bullet and went for it. Best move i ever made. No more sweaty cheeks and dripping water on those humid nights. No more strap marks for hours in the morning. It has just worked out extremely well for me.
    Of course it took a couple of weeks to adjust and what really made the difference of "make or break" for me was the "Lansinoh" lanolin nipple cream that I read about in one of these reviews.
    Once you determine which one of the three inserts fits you best after a few nights of trial and error, you may experience some rawness or redness. Until i found this gel, I thought i was going to have to give it up. Just place a little dab around the edge of your nostril before placing the nasal pillow.
    It not only leaves your skin protected but creates an air seal which really prevents any chance of leaking.
    That was one of my major concerns. Leaks and noises. Even my wife agrees that this nasal pillow has eliminated those funny leak sounds that she used to hear. You know the hisses and gurgles syndrome.
    I think this should provide most of you out there a good overview of this product. I don't know what else to say about the product. If you are tired of wearing a spare tire on your face while you sleep, try these. I think its worth the price to take the chance. They have some good policies at Cpapexchange that should ease that thought a bit. Great customer service and feedback also.
    Post your comments. It really does help others with their battle for a good nights sleep.
    Written by Brad, -2015-06-21

  • A freeing experience

    After trying a number of nasal and pillow masks over the last 9 years, I finally found the AirFit P10 which has effectively concluded my search. While accommodations and adjustments must be made for any CPAP mask, this one is the closest I have come to not feeling like I am sleeping with a contraption on my head.

    I almost gave up on this mask early on until I discovered two things:

    (1) I thought the large option was the the right size for me until, out of desperation, I tried the medium and that problem was solved, and

    (2) I kept trying to keep the mask tight as I was used to having to do with my nasal mask, but found that the pillows worked perfectly if they were allowed to rest ever-so-lightly against my nostrils and let the expansion from the air pressure keep them in place.

    I now sleep more freely, and don't worry that my wife will wake up to some sci-fi-looking cyborg facing her.
    Written by CalTex, -2015-05-19

  • Remarkable

    I have been surprised at the comfort of this headset. After being used to the system reaching over my head and over much of my face I was very happy to find a lightweight and comfortable set.
    Written by Mike McG, -2015-05-18

  • Tips for headgear stretching out

    I switched from the Swift FX for her to the AirFit P10 for her and couldn't be happier. The rigid frame around the nasal pillow helps keep it in place to prevent leaks. It also allows the headgear to be softer but like most of the reviewers I noticed the headgear does stretch out after a while, and usually before my insurance says its time for a new one. I've figured out two ways to deal with that. First is to take the head gear off the mask frame and flip it. Put the right on the left side and vice versa. You'll get a few more weeks easily. Second trick is to take off one side and twist the headgear a few times before putting it back on the mask with the twists in it. It will "shorten up" the straps and makes a snugger fit. The twists flatten and aren't noticible.
    Written by Meghan, -2015-05-15

  • Head gear not enough adjustment

    I really like the way the P10 Pillows feel and the light weight. BUT the head gear has very little adjustment. The men's gear was way to loose for me and would not keep the pillows tight. I had to fold the sides up, staple them, and the tape them to protect from the staples before it would keep pillows in the proper tention.
    Written by Bob H, -2015-05-14

  • AirFit Nasal pillows

    Had to return after trying it for only hours because the headgear was very tight and placed pressure under my nose and upper lip.
    Written by Chris , -2015-04-30

  • new mask

    mask is confortable but the head gear needs a way to tighten it you, seem to be getting loser and not hold the nose pieace in place
    Written by Kenneth, -2015-04-29

  • Nasal Pillows Very Good

    I like the pillows...very comfortable and more quiet than other types of pillows I have used. I like the head band arrangement, except that it is a bit small for me, with a size 8 head. That is the only thing that kept me from giving this equipment a 5 star rating.
    Written by David, -2015-04-14

  • Nasal pillows hurt nose

    I found the mask a wonderful product, but, the nasal pillows seemed sharp in my nose and I could not make the night. Love the head gear and fit, change the nasal pillows like the competitions Nuance/Nuance Pro and you will own the industry:)
    Written by RWB, -2015-03-28

  • air fit P10

    I am very pleased with this nasal pillows system. Quiet, comfortable lightweight. Peaceful night right out of the box.
    Written by susan, -2015-03-23

  • airfit p10

    I cannot get enough air throu the nose and it forceses me to open my my mouth which defeats the purpose.
    Written by Edna H, -2015-03-12

  • Air fit p10

    Very happy with product, shipped out next business day. I will use them again
    Written by K. Taylor , -2015-03-09

  • The Best I've tried

    I have been on CPAP for more than 15 years. This is, BY FAR, the best mask I have tried. I always thought "nasal pillows" looked very uncomfortable, so I never tried them. But now, Like someone else mentioned, I sometimes wake up and wonder if it is still on. Seriously! It is that comfortable! Very light weight and small compared to all the others I have used. I must admit, it took me a few nights to really get it to that point because It felt so strange. With "cover the nose masks" I almost always had leaks that would blow into my eyes. If this mask leaks at all, I have never felt it. It's been two months. It is VERY quiet also. I only have two semi-negative points. The headgear isn't adjustable in the regular sense, and if you have a very small head you had better order the female version. And, it does sort of cause mild chapping of the inside of the nostrils. But I put just a tiny bit of Vaseline on before the mask and that is no longer an issue. You really need to try this mask!
    Written by Tim S, -2015-02-14

  • cpap mask.

    What an awesome mask, I have tried over a dozen, and at least 4 pillow styles. this is the best style I have used.
    Written by Sam N, -2015-02-06

  • AirFit P10

    Quiet, light and a very comfortable fit. The only complaint is that the headgear (straps) loose tension fairly quickly and I loose the seal of the nasal pillows. I will use this until a better option comes along.
    Written by Walter, -2014-11-25

  • AirFit

    I have tried 3 different nasal pillows masks including this one, and the AirFit
    Written by Trish B, -2014-11-24

  • Super lightweight; difficult to keep tight

    I love this new mask. It is so small and lightweight and the XS nasal pillow fits better than any previous pillow. The short hose is excellent - so light and flexible. The only downside is the headgear. It doesn't stay in place for the whole night and I find that I end up having to adjust it at least once most nights. If they can fix that problem, this would warrant more than 5 stars.
    Written by ***, -2014-09-13

  • Pretty Good.

    Very light and comfortable. Extremely quite. Like any pillow, they don't work well with pressures over 10 for some, myself included. I use it for a change from my primary mask. I would recommend.
    Written by Igggy, -2014-09-04

  • Just great

    This mask is so comfortable for me that I often wake up and wonder it I still have it on. Unlike other nasal pillow masks I have tried, this one combines rigid points of connection to the headgear and the mask which remains pretty immobile even as I turn over during the night. I have minimal leakage and the headgear doesn't shift at all. Awesome all around.
    Written by Rebecca H., -2014-07-09

  • Very Comfortable

    Purchased for use with a new compact CPAP I purchased for travel. The fit is both comfortable and snug with little if any strap marks after wear. Very pleased...
    Written by Dwight, -2014-06-08

  • Try this mask

    Best nasal pillow system I've tried, by far! I love the fact that the air vent is so quiet. Great for side sleepers. No issues with leakage. Headgear is super light. I had no problem with the headgear adjustment as some reviewers have stated. A definite recommend by me!
    Written by Budster, -2014-03-10

  • P10

    Fantastic! Used the easy life mask before this and the P10 is heads above that. have a mustache and goatee, alway had leakage, with P10 no leakage, almost invisible having it on. Can't say enough!
    Written by c Hayes, -2014-03-04

  • Ahhh... Much Better

    Kind of new to the CPAP thing. Sleep doc fitted me for the resmed nano which after awhile started to chaff and bother. I did a little research and figured I'd try the airfit P10. Whats $100 for comfort right? Great choice. Very light and comfortable. No bothersome exhaust air. I toss and turn and the rig stays on. I'm starting to be able to wear it through the entire night which for me is saying a lot.
    Written by Jay, -2014-02-25

  • value ?

    The product is very comfortable and easy to wear. It does appear to be of light-weight construction - time will tell as far as durability goes. All in all, a good product, if a little pricey.
    Written by Jeff, -2014-02-17

  • Air fit P10 nasal pillow

    Works we'll with very little material to get in your way. As far as I am concerned, all these products are over priced for the materials used. As a user of a Cpap machine, what other choices do we have?
    Written by Ken M, -2014-02-12

  • Great Mask

    The best mask I've used. I will be buying another when this one wears out
    Written by DeeR, -2014-02-09

  • AirFit is a winner

    Previously used the Resmed Swift FX, this mask is lighter, seals better, and less air is "blown out" of the front of it. The strap is extremely simple and doesn't require any velcro adjustments as it has a nifty adjuster where it connects. Can't be any happier, and cpapxchange shipped it promptly so I could have it at home after a trip where the airline lost my luggage. Kudos!
    Written by Roy G, -2014-02-06

  • I had to try it!

    This ResMed mask is an improvement over the FX in most ways: it is much lighter, more compact, simple to position. There is no adjustment to the head-strap and this is quite odd to me - the fit is good for me, but wouldn't be the same for all users. Also, nasal pillows aren't as comfortable
    Written by Walter, -2014-02-04

  • AirFit P10

    Overall, I did not like the AirFit P10 device. The attachments what would match it up with my existing hose were very hard to uncouple so they would fit with the existing larger hose. Once attached, the device was an overall more comfortable fit, but for some reason, the air delivery was not the most comfortable. not sure why, but it felt like I was not getting enough supply of air through the device. It may have been due to noticing the much smaller diameter delivery tube that came with this device, or possibly just psychological. In any event, I could not get comfortable with the volume of air delivery -- which was fine with my prior device.
    Written by Dennis, -2014-02-03

  • ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows

    Having used CPAP for twelve years, there was some reluctance to try a new mask. My experience with the following systems provided decent sleep but left me feeling that I might not obtain complete satisfaction with any. Puritan Bennett - Breeze, Fisher & Paykel - Opus 360 ResMed - Mirage Swift II and Swift LT The Swift LT has been my favorite for the past three years but no longer. Using the ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows for the past few weeks has been a pleasant experience. I've been sleeping through the night without periodic mask adjustments as associated with the Swift LT. The AirFit is light, quiet, simple to adjust and clean. There was some concern that the short tube, not having an anchor point on the head gear, would get in the way or that the headgear would not allow adequate adjustment. That has not been the case. The AirFit works great for ME.
    Written by Richard C, -2014-02-02

  • Recommended without Reservation

    The AirFit P10 Pillow Mask/Headgear is the best pillow mask setup I have used to date. In comparison; the Swift FX is heavier and sometimes awkward when turning in sleep; the swivel on the pillow was noticeable when changing positions in bed. The headgear straps on the cheeks were sometimes uncomfortable. The straps that encircle the head are bulky in the back and sometimes noticeable. The unit was quiet. The AirFit P10 unit is so light it seems as if it weights nothing when worn. the thin tubing that comes off the pillow functions as a swivel mechanism and allows for quite a bit of rotational twisting when changing positions in bed. It's swivel action was hardly noticeable. the nasal pillow is highly comfortable when you follow the alignment directions provided by Resmed. The straps that encircle the head are comfortable and barely noticed once adjusted. I recommend the AirFit P10 without reservation. (note: both nasal pillow/headgear units were supported by the CPAP hose suspension system attached to the back side of the beds headboard with hardware from a local Home Depot store)
    Written by Peter, -2014-01-27

  • AirFit

    Quality was excellent. Unfortunately, the pillows were so uncomfortable that I had to remove them after a few hours.
    Written by Robert, -2014-01-27

  • P10 Nasal Pillows

    I've been totally impressed with these new pillows. I have found it to be very comfortable during the night and especially like the feeling that there isn't so much "hardware" on my head while trying to sleep. My wife has also enjoyed the quietness of the air coming out of the device that is now being muffled.
    Written by Steve , -2014-01-27