Allergy Free CPAP Pillow by Best In Rest


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Allergy Free CPAP Pillow

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The Allergy Free CPAP Pillow by Best In Rest was specifically designed to give you exceptional support and comfort while sleeping with a CPAP mask on. The unique cut outs on this pillow help to reduce mask leaks allowing you to get a full benefit of your CPAP therapy.

This pillow is made with a luxurious down alternative filler which is ideal for CPAP users who prefer a softer option rather than the firmness of the Memory Foam CPAP Pillow by Best In Rest, which is available elsewhere on this site. With this pillow, your sleeping position is worry free and was specifically made to encourage easier breathing by alleviating pressure from your CPAP mask to continuously give a relaxing deep sleep.

Physical Specifications

  • Dimentions: 16 x 30 Inches
  • Materials: Down Alternative Filling, 100% Cotton Pillow Case