The AirMini Bed Caddy Mounting System allows the AirMini travel CPAP to be secured to various points such as a bedframe, bedside table, a wall or airplane seat pocket.

This kit includes the Bed Caddy Mount and three modules -- the Mattress Module, the Hook Module, and the Wall Module -- along with instructions on how to properly use each to secure your AirMini Auto-CPAP in various configurations.

Mattress Module: The Mattress Module can be used to attach the AirMini to the side of a bed, between a bedframe and mattress.

Hook Module: The Hook Module can be used to hang the AirMini in various loactions such as a bed rail, a bedside table or an airline seat pocket.

Wall Module: The Wall Module can be used to mount the AirMini on a wall.

  • All AirMini Series CPAP Machines

Physical Specifications

  • Materials: Latex Free

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