Bedding Clips for CPAP/BiPAP Hoses & Tubing (1 Clip)


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  • Brand:Mars Enterprises
  • Part Numbers:HCR405, HCW401, HCB402, HCW403, HCBL404, HCO420, HCY, HCGR005, HCP413, HCBR

When you turn in bed does your hose pull on your CPAP mask? Does your hose pull at your CPAP/BiPAP system when you move during sleep? If so, stop these annoying problems now, use CPAP Hose Tubing Clips to attach your hose to your bed sheets, securing it wherever necessary to ensure you get a good night's sleep.

If you guide your hose/tubing down away from your mask use Tubing Clips to attach the hose to your night shirt, pajamas, sheet , or blanket. If you guide your hose/tubing over your head or along the side of your face use Tubing Clips to secure it to your pillow, the top of the bed, or any other out of the way place.


  • Velcro One Wrap Strap attaches easily to any CPAP/BiPAP hose tubing
  • Attaching Clip snaps securely to the Velcro One Wrap Strap
  • Secure clip positioning keeps the hose from pulling directly on your mask
  • Fits around any CPAP/BiPAP tubing even if you use a Snuggle Hose or other cover attached. Also great with oxygen tubing!
  • Available in a variety of great colors


  • Manufacturer:Mars Enterprises
  • Part Numbers:HCR405, HCW401, HCB402, HCW403, HCBL404, HCO420, HCY, HCGR005, HCP413, HCBR
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00852660745339, 00852660745346, 00852660745353, 00852660745322
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Hose clip

    Fast shipping , great product’
    Written by Angelavblair, -2018-02-27

  • Fast Delivery-Works Great

    Ordered these for an elderly friend and they arrived promptly. Nice to have colors so that they stand out for elderly eyes and not blend in with white sheets. Also great to have several in a pack. Thanks!
    Written by DarkGraySailfish-86883, -2017-05-03

  • Clip could be bigger and stronger

    It helps, but the clip is so small it is hard to get a good grip on the fitted sheet.
    Written by PaleGoldenrodCobra, -2017-04-20

  • Bedding clips

    Informative e chat; easy ordering and quick delivery. The bedding clips have helped keep my hose in the proper place to allow movement in the night without mask slippage.
    Written by brianjakkit, -2017-03-02

  • clip

    bought this for a xmas gift I do not have any need myself but got this for a friend that uses cpap machine
    Written by mareon, -2016-12-09

  • Good Way to Keep Tubing From Slipping

    I bought one bed clip to attach my tubing to my sheets so the tubing would quit slipping off the bed. It has worked great. I just needed this one but will order again if I decide I need more.
    Written by Cindy D, -2016-11-11

  • No more dragging hose

    I had been using velcro and chip clips to attach my CPAP hose to my bottom sheet so it would not drag on my nose at night. Then I discovered these little gems. Now WHY didn't I think of that??! I use two, strategically attached to bedding, and sleep blissfully through the night. No more wrestling with the hose. Problem solved.
    Written by Pat, -2016-07-26

  • Bedding clips

    Great product. Received products fast, no delay. Best place to get CPAP supplies
    Written by D. Riley, -2016-07-26

  • Clamps work great

    Clamps hold my hose on my bed sheet so it doesn't fall on the floor. Works great!
    Written by Happy cpap user, -2016-06-08

  • It's OK

    It is useless if there is no place to clip on your shirt
    Written by Yen-Chywan L, -2015-12-09

  • Great Idea but...

    So when i bought this i was excited, as one of the issues i have is my Cpap machine sits below my bed so the hose tends to pull towards the machine. i was thinking this might be the ticket to holding the hose up so it wasn't always sliding down. for the most part it works however the velcro isn't very strong so i have to re-attach the velcro around the tube. i wish the velcro was stronger or they just used like a button.
    Written by jroberts, -2015-11-11

  • cpap hose clips

    Written by Cher, -2014-11-20

  • Clips

    Since I recently started using a CPAP machine I have been researching how to make it more comfortable. The clips are a must have. Helps avoiding having the nuisance of the tube disutbing your sleep. Will be buying a couple of spares.
    Written by Rxarym, -2013-08-02

  • Wonderful Product and Service

    This clip works wonderful! I clip it to the mattress' ribbing and it keeps the tubing from getting caught. It's also a lot cheaper than one of those stands and is easier to travel with. The service is also 5 star! Items come either early or on time; can't ask for better! Keep up the good work!
    Written by Barry S., -2013-02-18

  • Bedding Clips for CPAP

    I bought just one of these clips to experiment with positioning of my CPAP hose. Besides mask leakage, issues with tangling of the hose and catching in the bed covers was a nightmare and interrupted my sleep, or lack thereof, many times during the night. This problem had to be fixed or I would fail horribly in adapting the CPAP into my life. I rigged up a velcro strap that attached to the headboard of my bed and secured the hose clip on the hose itself. Then, it was just a matter of clipping the hose to the velcro on the headboard to keep the hose suspended over top of my head, instead of to the side along the mattress. Wow, what a difference. With a little adjusting, I am now able to position myself on my back or left and right side without the hose tangling and pulling the mask out of position. Believe me, suspending the hose over my head with this clip made all of the difference and I can now roll over without even feeling the hose positioning from side to side.
    Written by Brian, -2013-01-12

  • Convenient

    These seem to work well and it's fun that they can be matched to my Fleece tubing cover. Your service is also excellent and timely. Thank you very much.
    Written by Irene, -2012-12-11


    Greatest Invention, So Simple but works great, I put on hose, then attach it to my second pillow.
    Written by DIANE, -2012-11-25