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CPAP Bedside Table
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  • Brand:Arden Innovations
  • Warranty:30-Night Money Back Guarantee

The CPAP Bedside Table is a safe, secure shelf solution that lets you keep your CPAP close to your bed without cluttering your bedside table or risking falls and spills off the nightstand. The CPAP Bedside Table slides into place between your mattress and box spring creating a platform just the right size for a CPAP machine. It's a perfect storage solution!


  • Provides Easy Access to Your CPAP
  • Universally Compatible with Any CPAP Machine
  • Able to be Used with Most Mattress Systems
  • Easy To Assemble, Safe & Secure
  • Durable Aluminum and Water Resistant Cloth Construction
  • Great for Home & Travel Friendly Too

Provides Easy Access to Your CPAP: Because the Bedside CPAP Table rests just beneath your mattress, it keeps your CPAP/BiPAP very close to hand. This is especially convenient for quick access to settings or to turn the machine on or off at night. In addition the lower positioning can help make lights from the CPAP less visible and noise from operation less distinct.

Universally Compatible With Any CPAP Machine: The Bedside Table includes a sturdy fabric platform that is wide enough to accommodate any CPAP/BiPAP machine, and most heated humidifiers as well. A strong bungie cord is included to hold your sleep therapy device in place so that it can't be accidentally knocked off of the platform by overactive pets or errant CPAP tubes!

Easy to Assemble, Safe & Secure: Made from 8 sections of premium strength, lightweight aluminum the compact Bedside CPAP Table's frame is easy to assemble. The water resistant fabric platform slides onto the frame and is secured with metal buttons and a bungie cord to create a sturdy shelf. Overall assembly takes just a few minutes and the Bedside CPAP Table can be left in place as long as it's needed.

Great for Home & Travel Friendly Too: Weighing less than a pound, the Bedside CPAP Table is as easy to disassemble as it is to put together so it is great for travel as well as home environments. While the Bedside CPAP Table works best between a mattress and box spring, it can also be used with futons, sofa beds, and other similar temporary sleeping arrangements.

Usage Tips: Always make sure that the Bedside CPAP Table is secured firmly between your box spring and your mattress so that it cannot shift or fall. Some bedding systems like water beds, Sleep Number beds, adjustable beds, and floatation systems may not be appropriate for use with the Bedside CPAP Table. Use caution when setting it up for the first time. cpapXchange cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by use of the Bedside CPAP Table.


  • Manufacturer:Arden Innovations
  • Part Numbers:CPAPBSTv1
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00859596003021
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Dimensions:11.5 x 4.0 x 1.5 Inches (Disassembled), 30.0 x 13.5 x 0.5 Inches (Assembled), 10.0 x 13.5 Inches (Blue Platform Shelf)
  • Weight:15 Ounces
  • CPAP Table cleared Space on Bedside Table


    I purchased the CPAP Table for my husband and so far it has provided some cleared space needed on the bedside table. It was placed near the head of the bed and so far he hasn't taken it "out" climbing out of bed in the dark. It seems a tad expensive for a flexible vinyl cover pad and some light weight aluminum rods but it works and that's what counts.
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  • Love it!


    Great experience and really love my Bedside CPAP Table! Now my nightstand is free and I can reach and see my clock easily!!
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  • Does What I Need


    I travel with a CPAP and sometimes the night stand in the room is not adequate. This product answered the need. I even use it at home. Well worth the price and peace of mind.
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  • Great product!


    Love the bedside CPAP holder. Easy to assemble, makes machine easily accessible, clears floor and nightstand space.
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  • Not worth time or money.


    1: no assembly instructions 2: cheap material for price
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  • Bedside CPAP Table Is Convenient


    I had to sleep with my cpap machine. Now with the Bedside CPAP Table, it is conveniently near and can be next to my So-Clean machine as well.
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  • Very good product


    Easy to set up and use. Very compact and perfect for traveling.
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  • I Love this Thing!


    It keeps my Airsense 10 out of sight and my nightstand clear for glasses, phone and Kindle. What more could you ask for? The Airsense just fits the little fabric shelf. It is a bit harder to see the display now, but I am so glad to have to machine off the nightstand and hidden from view.
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  • Bedside CPAP Table


    Easy to assemble and helpful to keep off the floor.
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  • So Convenient


    I was delighted at how well made this small bedside table was when I received it. Then I used it while visiting my daughter. It stayed in place beautifully and kept my CPAP machine secure from falling. The CPAP machine was right at hand and off the floor. When packing to go home the table came apart easily and stored in minimal space in my CPAP bag. I recommend this product for travelers.
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  • Worked best for my machine


    Tried the other bedside table that didn't work for my resmed air sense 10 due to the plug in the back. This was a good solution because there's nothing to obstruct the cords
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  • Handy!


    I bought the bedside holder and used it on a trip. Now I'm using it at home too. Works really well! I even keep my phone next to my CPAP so it's not under my pillow any more. Bonus.
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