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Boomerang Gel Pad for CPAP/BiPAP Masks

The Boomerang Gel CPAP/BiPAP Mask Pad helps increase sleep comfort by decreasing leaks and eliminating pinching and pressure at the bridge of the nose.


  • Non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Increases Comfort & Seal
  • Decreases Skin Irritation & Soreness
  • Decreases the Potential of Air Leaks
  • Manufactured from USP Grade Mineral Oil & Essential Oils
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Manufacturer: AG Industries
GTIN Number(s): 00760120000174, 00760120001065
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7032

Available Size(s): Petite Small, Medium Large
Materials: Latex Free

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Customer Reviews

  • Fits and works great

    Best nose cushion I have tried
    Written by Sjski0202, 2018-06-04

  • Best thing I have bought for making my mask more comfortable to wear.

    My mask used to irritate my nose at night, but not any more!
    Written by stroker116, 2018-04-21

  • Ineffective

    It left an opening in my mask and it leaked air
    Written by smilingdjs, 2018-04-06

  • Boomerang Gel Pad great item for the price

    The gel pads keep marks from across my nose. The price is right and being able to wash them gives them longer use. I try to keep a stock of them. Great product!
    Written by bloominmimi, 2018-03-15

  • Works alright.

    Didn't really work like I expected it too. Went back to the soft cotton liners.
    Written by dammdeaner42, 2017-12-30

  • Boomerang gel pads for cpap

    I actually would not recommend items I received. Too flimsy for me. Slipped on me. Sorry
    Written by Madeline M , 2016-09-21

  • not bad

    Not a bad product. Did not cover where I'm having trouble. The nose bridge is where I get sore. Also a little thick.
    Written by Ted, 2015-04-17

  • Love It!

    I love this pad. It stops most air leaks and is very comfortable. I love the fact that it comes in different sizes.
    Written by J. McDaniel, 2015-04-07

  • Boomerang Gel Pad

    First time using. Its ok and helps to seal leakage. Its worth a try.
    Written by Marvin, 2015-01-21

  • Not easy to use.

    Have found this product to be very difficult to set up and use.
    Written by Jim, 2014-10-16

  • Product poor

    I ordered a small item for my 94 year old father to place on his nose to protect the mask from giving him pressure sores. This silicone liner made it worse.
    Written by Victoria, 2014-04-26

  • still leaks

    I have a Filipino nose...low bridge and wide. Thought this might help but both full face and nasal still leak with it on.
    Written by gkrew96, 2014-04-07

  • Boomerang Ged pad

    This helps me keep from having those marks on my nose! Great product!
    Written by Suzy, 2013-10-19

  • Gel Pd for BiPAP mask

    Not satisfied with the gel pad. There's a leak because the pad is little thick and also makes impression on the nose, hard to adjust it under neat the mask. Had hard time fixing it during using the mask. So not using it at all.
    Written by Irene, 2013-10-15

  • disappointment

    a couple of nights it was great, but for some reason it just is another thing to adjust. Plus it is clear (poor design) and got lost for several days in bed when I had to take off my mask to let the dogs out...seems like a waste of money.
    Written by dk, 2013-09-22

  • Small

    I have used the large Boomerang Gel and it worked well. It seemed a little large so this time I got the small. It seems a little to small. It makes a big difference on my nose not having a big red line. But I do have some issues with leaks sometimes.
    Written by Joe, 2013-07-30

  • excellent product

    When I was a child there was a tree that sent it's seeds spiraling to the ground. They were called winged samaras (I think) and we used to split them and put them on our noses. I am now 71 and the boomerang gel pad has me doing it again. I suffered from red marks on the bridge of my nose from my machine for years and it was making a scar. After only a few days with the boomerang all marks were gone. Can't encourage you enough to buy this product as it really works.
    Written by mimi from Atlanta, 2013-04-29

  • Would order again

    Don't drop it on the floor! Due to it's clear composition, it is virtually impossible to see on a rug or a tiled floor if dropped. Nose irritation and eye irritation are greatly diminished. Good product.
    Written by BuzzyB, 2013-04-15

  • Boomerang Gel pad

    this is one of the best nose pads I have used
    Written by Garry M., 2013-01-20

  • gel pad

    I used this item the first night, found it difficult to position on my nose. I tried it the second night and found the mask worked much better without it. This item was a total waste of money for me. If you have something better to stop the leaks on the bridge of my nose, please let me know.
    Written by Patrick, 2013-01-11

  • What A Relief

    Stopped the soreness on the bridge of my nose for good!!!!! THANK-YOU.
    Written by Dave, 2012-10-25

  • Wonderful

    At first when I got these pads, I thought the new shape was not going to work, and then I put one on, and it worked with absolutely no problems. Usually I have to keep adjusting the Gecko brand ones for about an hour to get them to seal properly. I would absolutely tell people to buy these. You wash it when you get it, and put it on, and that's it. No fuss!
    Written by Scott F., 2012-07-17

  • Excellent value

    Having been paying locally 18 dollars for a similar product this one which does the same is a steal, the bridge of my nose agrees
    Written by taz154b, 2012-06-14

  • Boomerang Gel Pad

    The product is comfortable and fits well. It provides good protection for the bridge of my nose and prevents leeks between my skin and the CPAP mask.
    Written by DDB, 2012-04-17

  • Gel Pad

    It took a little getting used to and even the small one is too big for my nose but it beats getting my nose all chewed up from the mask. I had a rock garden accident last May and cut my forehead and sliced off a chunk of my nose, which is hardly there anyway. Just made a flap on my nose from the bridge down. The doc just glued it back on so it was pretty tender for about 5 months. I had to use the nose pillows. The mask works wonders now and with the gel pad I don't have to worry about scrapes on my nose. A great asset.
    Written by Charlotte Clizbe, 2012-02-29