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  • For Reference:Discontinued 11.05.2017
  • Brand:Puritan Bennett
  • Part Numbers:Y-101400-00-1
  • Sizes:Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Warranties:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

Puritan Bennett's legendary Breeze SleepGear CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Nasal Pillows offers superb comfort and flexibility in a unique design that is great for side sleepers. Breeze's Halo Headgear straps are worn high on the head so there is no contact with the cheeks; and six nasal pillow sizes are available to provide a truly custom fit.


  • Updated Version with More Flexible, Sturdy Design
  • No Complicated or Confining Straps on the Face
  • Open Field of Vision, Can be Worn with Glasses
  • Fast & Easy Custom Setup for Superior Comfort

Updated Version with More Flexible, Sturdy Design: In response to patient feedback the already innovative and popular Breeze SleepGear system has received some welcome comfort and durability enhancements including: an improved Hose Guide constructed from MUCH STRONGER materials, halo headgear straps that can be positioned for greater flexibility and a more secure fit, thicker and more comfortable padding on the cradle at the back of the head, and a quick disconnect cuff at the end of the mask's short tube.

No Complicated or Confining Straps on the Face: The Breeze SleepGear Nasal Pillows Interface provides the comfort of a custom fit, with multiple adjustments and nasal pillows sizes to choose from. Unlike traditional masks, the Breeze has no confining straps. The integrated one-piece design floats over the face and contours the head; and the Headgear Halo straps are positioned high on the head to avoid red marks on the cheeks and blocked vision. The Breeze can even be worn with glasses.

Fast & Easy Custom Setup for Superior Comfort: Breeze SleepGear comes complete with everything needed to connect easily to standard CPAP/BiPAP tubing. The single frame size is available with six different pillow options to provide a truly custom fit. Pillows are color coded for easy identification. Most people prefer the STANDARD Small Blue, Medium Clear, Large Green or Extra Large Lavender pillows. For people with longer nares DILATOR pillows, with longer stems that reach further into the nares, are available in Medium Dilator White and Large Dilator Yellow sizes. (Small Dilator Gray pillows have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available.)

Each Breeze mask comes with one set of nasal pillows. cpapXchange offers extra pillows, at a discounted rate, in your shopping cart; so if you know your size you can purchase additional sets to keep as backups and if you're not sure of which size will fit best for you you can purchase multiple sizes to try!


  • For Reference:Discontinued 11.05.2017
  • Manufacturer:Puritan Bennett
  • Part Numbers:Y-101400-00-1
  • Warranties:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Mask with Nasal Pillows and Headgear. Select Sizes and Add Additional Nasal Pillows in Cart
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:20884521134710
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Pillow Masks, FitPack Masks
  • Pressure Range:3 to 35 cm H20 Recommended
Tubing Compatibility Note: The swivel adapter that connects Breeze masks to longer CPAP or BiPAP tubing can sometimes slip off of tubing with hard end caps (i.e., ThermoSmart Heated Tubing and UltraLite Performance Tubing). If you are using a Breeze mask and your current tubing has hard end caps then consider adding a FlexiTube Angle Adapter, between the mask swivel and the long breathing tube, to ensure a safe and secure connection.
  • Great cap mask.

    Great mask . I wish the manufacturer hadn't stop making this one.
    Written by dsstdc, -2017-11-18

  • Shipping was quick and sure!

    Very satisfied with all around transaction.
    Written by revworley, -2017-11-01

  • Great nose pads. Sleep well.

    Except for the back of the head pad, you can sleep in any position. A small inconvenienct for a good nights sleep.
    Written by GMMCCAUSLAND, -2017-10-02

  • Only mask I can use

    The Breeze nasal pillow is the only C-pap gear that does not have straps that go across the face/cheeks. As someone with severely sensitive skin that flares red when it is even touched, this is the only mask/gear that I can comfortable use. I don't know what I will be able to use now that it is no longer made. The mask also allows a person to comfortably sleep on his or her side. But handle it gentlely, for some of the plastic parts easily break.
    Written by vkouba888, -2017-09-28

  • They are awesome! Easy to use. Good seal when on. I hope they keep making these.

    They are awesome! Easy to use. Good seal when on. I hope they keep making these.
    Written by Steve, Renton, WA -2017-09-07

  • best mask ever

    is a good mask the only one doesn't bodder me when i sleeping my only concern is over priced too much money for this mas if the reduced the price they will sell many more
    Written by johnny, new york -2017-08-16

  • Excellent

    It was a little pricey but I have looked and looked for that specific headgear and could not find it. Not only did I find it with you, but the whole buying experience went ultra smooth. I'm very happy. Thank you once again. R Amieva
    Written by brandonparegien, Las Vegas -2017-08-13

  • Excellent

    Top quality products and easy to purchase. Very easy process. Thanks for being here. This IS my go to place for all my clap needs.
    Written by larrygreen620, -2017-04-29

  • Excellent product and service. It was easy to call a...

    Excellent product and service. It was easy to call a sales representative and receive excellent service. I was surprised how fast my order was sent to me.
    Written by JERRY_DOWNIE, -2017-03-16

  • Excellent Product

    Great air flow, without leaks. This is probably the best overall headgear out there, if your a side sleeper. You can sleep in all head positions, left side, back and right side, without disrupting the headgear and airflow.
    Written by Lars., -2017-03-13

  • It works

    Now I can sleep. I hear that this unit is discontinued tres mal!!
    Written by Cpap user, -2016-12-24

  • Breeze SleepGear Nasal Pillows CPAP/BiPAP Mask With Headgear

    Excellent CPAP interface
    Written by David, -2016-12-19

  • The breeze mask

    Excellent product! Fits great! I have 2 others and didn't realize how badly I needed a new one!
    Written by Jhines, -2016-10-30

  • Breeze sleepgear nasal pillows CPAP

    I have used the breeze Sleepgear for almost 12 years and have only had that brand/style since I was diagnosed with OSA! Recently it was dropped and part of the headgear cracked. My niece taped it, it fell again and my niece taped it more! I went to 3 local Medical Supply place and was told they do not make them anymore and of course I did not like any of the newer styles and thought I was going to have to get used to some new style! I hated the thought of going to another style so I went online and found the Breeze sleepgear and it was less expensive at your website. I was soooo excited to see I could still get the headgear I was used to for 12 years. Your Service Rep was so pleasant and knew about the product and I saved money by getting it on your website!

    When I go to sleep at night I just love that I have my old headgear style that I was used to! Thank you soooo much for carrying this brand/style headgear so I did not have to get used to another style headgear. I am a totally satisfied customer!
    Written by Frances, -2016-10-27

  • product sicls

    I purchased a breeze sleepgear cpap mask about 3 months ago and the padding on the back and front are coming off which is a huge discomfort when trying to sleep.
    Written by cragar 14, -2016-10-18


    The original configuration of this mask was perfect and I bought and used them for several years. That said they had to go and change the thing by moving the adjustment from the rear of the mask to the front. Who had this stupid idea? Also for some reason now the nasal pillows are VERY uncomfortable to the point of hurting my nose so that it is sore when I get up in the morning. If I try to adjust it, the mask becomes too loose to be effective. This is very bad and disappointing.
    Written by CPAP USER, -2016-08-21

  • breeze user

    thank you for carrying the only mask that works for me. i'll surely order from you again.
    Written by deb, -2016-08-18

  • Weak points

    I really enjoy the head gear. I've ben using this brand for years and it just works well for me as I can sleep on my side or stomach with out problems. My only negative is they eventually break. And although I keep hearing they have fixed the flaw, they still break in the same place.
    Written by Patricio, -2016-08-14

  • Best Mask Ever

    My husband have been using a Cpap machine 20+years, and, have seen and tried many different masks through the years and none can stand up to the Breeze Headgear with Nasal Pillows. When offered or urged to change his mask...He always goes back to the Breeze. He Swears "IT'S THE BEST MASK OUT THERE" Choosing 1 word to describe the Breeze Headgear Is EFFICIENT!
    Written by Mrs. L, -2016-07-27

  • No strap

    This mask is easy to use and no hassle of a strap around your face. Works great since I'm a side sleeper.
    Written by Serena, -2016-07-27

  • Old friend is back!

    When I was told that the Breeze was no longer being manufactured a few years back, I was crushed. Went to the hassle of Velcro and straps. When I saw the Breeze on your website I became overjoyed! Service was excellent and I got my old friend "The Breeze" back! Thank you
    Written by Edward , -2016-06-17

  • Puritan Bennett Breeze Headgear

    I have used this headgear for more than 20 years with excellent results. It is getting hard to find. I have tried other headgear but have found nothing as comfortable as the Breeze.
    Written by Bill, -2016-06-16

  • No marks on my face

    This is the only headgear that I can wear that does not leave one mark on my face. Once you get used to it you will love it.
    Written by Linneetee, -2016-06-13

  • new cpap headgear

    Very pleased with our order. Product was as described and it was easy to adjust for use. Also it was delivered promptly after ordering! We were anxious for a speedy delivery as his old one had broken and could not be used. Also, it was a blessing to have a new one as the old one had not fit correctly for some time and was quite noisy at times. Once again I have blessed silence in the bedroom!
    Written by Mary, -2016-04-29

  • Sea Breeze Mask

    Product (Sea Breeze mask) was perfect bio filters are great priced service and delivery was prompt will by my mask from here on out
    Written by Russell, -2016-04-27

  • A loyal user for 10+years

    While I know that a CPAP mask is a highly personal choice, I found that the nasal pillow mask (Breeze) was the one that worked the best for me. I liked not having the straps on the face and what generally feels less constraining at night.
    I did have issue that these masks generally last about a year or two before something breaks (if they only made one out of unbreakable carbon fiber!)... I did just move to a light-weight hose which makes it even better.
    This does travel well with me (I take weekly business trips) - so I can be a bit hard on these (taking them apart and shoving the pieces into the luggage).
    My wife and kids always laugh when I wear it - but I'd rather look like an alien monster than not sleep at all.
    Written by RussiaDad, -2016-04-11

  • Breeze SleepGear CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Nasal Pillows & Headgear

    Excellent design from a comfort standpoint - have been using this model since year 2000, but now very hard to find. The design is unfortunately subject to breaking. Luckily I repaired a broken one seven years ago that is still going strong. I bought this new one for a "just in case" backup.
    Written by Jim, -2016-04-02

  • Repeat customer satisfied again

    Cpapxchange, you've bailed me out again! Great service and top of the line products!
    Written by Carol, -2016-03-16

  • Love This Mask

    For several years I used the Breeze Dreamseal and really liked it. I thought I would give the nasal pillows version a chance and love it just as much. I love how there are minimal mask parts touching me. I love how the tubing goes over the head and behind me. Side sleeping is much easier with the nasal pillows than with the Dreamseal over the nose mask. I can get and keep a better seal with the nasal pillows. I would highly recommend this mask to all CPAP users.
    Written by Janet, -2016-03-01

  • Breeze Headgear

    Excellent product. I usually purchase one a year. Good price.
    Written by Ardene P, -2016-02-17

  • Breeze sleep gear

    Very pricey wasn't sure I wanted it. But I purchased it and Love the way it fit's and feel's. I get a very good night sleep now and never lose the seal.
    Written by Timothy W, -2016-02-07

  • breeze headgear

    Very good product, easy ordering, quick shipping, exactly the headgear I was looking for.
    Written by Kevin, -2016-02-03

  • Breeze Sleep Gear

    I have used the Breeze Sleep Gear Mask for years. I love it. I think it's the best one ever!
    Written by Jo Ann, -2016-01-23


    Written by MIKE, -2016-01-18

  • Only mask that doesn't touch your face

    I love these nasal pillows since this is the only CPAP headgear out there that does not touch your face or cheeks - no morning face marks. Yes, this gear could be more sturdy and if you roll over you need to readjust to keep the seal tight. I have done some simple customization to reinforce and improve the fit but I consider this a small bother to have a headgear that only touches my nostrils.
    Written by Heather M, -2015-12-31

  • Comfortable, but has structural design flaw.

    I use this mask because it is the most comfortable for me and allows me to sleep on my side. I have had 3 masks so far and they only last 1 or 1 1/2 years before breaking in the same place. That is where the screw that adjusts the plenum is attached to a very thin piece of plastic. If they would only thicken the plastic at that part, it would be a great product.
    Written by Stephen, -2015-12-17

  • Mr.

    Very satisfied with my order of a Breeze Sleep Gear Mask and with the fast service of getting it to me. Thanks.
    Written by Barry, -2015-11-22

  • cpapXchange our favorite

    The company that used to supply my cpap needs said they couldn't get the Breeze mask anymore, but I got it at cpapXchange with no problem and also the old company would sell the mask and headgear as two separate items, so you can imagine how happy I was when both were in here when I opened the box that I thought just included the mask
    Written by Carol, -2015-11-12

  • Breeze

    Came very fast and in perfect shape very good price will buy again
    Written by Avren, -2015-09-28

  • Service and delivery

    I was very please with the order placement and the quick delivery. I would surely use them again for further CPAP supply needs
    Written by Pat C., -2015-09-14

  • Good product, helpful service

    I purchased head gear for my cpap machine. I couldn't get it attached to me tubing so I emailed about my problem. I received a response within 24 hrs telling me how to fix the problem. Worked great! Thank you!
    Written by Babs , -2015-07-09

  • Breeze 2 Headgear

    Headgear works well. Fits well. Very satisfied.
    Written by Ken B, -2015-07-02

  • Simply the best!

    I've been using the Breeze sleep gear for my cpap mask for over 15 years. The quality of the product has improved slightly over the years. I loved the Breeze head gear then and will not take any chances on another brand. Breeze by Puritan-Bennett is simply the best as far as I'm concerned.
    Written by Joe, -2015-06-29

  • I love this mask

    My machine is set on 19 so it's very hard to find something comfortable that won't leak. I love that this one doesn't touch my face at all and that the headgear is very comfortable. Also no leakage. I just hope it's not true that it will soon be discontinued :(
    Written by Rita, -2015-06-26

  • Mask headgear

    This is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn. It pulls the nose up like it is trying to stop a charging bull. I used it two nights and my nose hurt for three more days. The engineer that designed this should be forced to wear it for a few days.
    Written by Mike, -2015-06-23

  • Great Price on this product

    Not only was the price right but the shipping was pretty darned quick too. I have examined this unit pretty well and it seems to be exactly like my original and all since I started using the Breeze over 10 years ago. As an older Grey Beard bike-a-holic this mask and head gear works just great. No air leaks like the others when contacting beard. Love It.
    Written by Mike, -2015-06-08

  • Great mask!!!

    I had used an older version of this mask before with good results. I tried a different one for the past four years that wasn't nearly as good. This new mask is wonderful. It fits perfectly, and adjusts well. I haven't slept this well in a long long time.
    Written by Scott , -2015-06-08

  • Breeze headgear

    Thanks so much for the headgear - can't find it in my small city and it's my favourite! Nice that there's no shipping fee, too!
    Written by Colleen, -2015-04-22

  • Didn't work for me

    I had high hopes, but I use my BiPAP machine in bed and this was like trying to sleep with a metal helmet on. Actually, couldn't even make it fit. I did much better with a soft elastic mask. I was told this product is a 10- or 15-year-old model.
    Written by Ben M, -2015-03-28

  • CapaXchange Great Website and Seller

    The Breeze SleepGear CPAP mask is a great fit and very comfortable I would recommend it to any for the price.
    Written by Tom R., -2015-03-18

  • New headgear

    Very happy with new Capp head gear, fast service and exactly what I needed. Thanks .
    Written by Louie, -2015-03-17

  • Breeze CPAP mask

    The design of this mask has changed, in my view, for the worse. The strap holders had been movable in the past. This newest version has it fixed into a position that is too high, which sometimes allows the mask to come off when turning in bed, waking me up.
    Written by Keith, -2015-03-03

  • Breeze SleepGear

    Well if I could keep the cpap hose hooked up to it where I could use it all night it may be a good product, but until then I can't use it.
    Written by James M, -2015-02-17

  • the best yet

    the Breeze sleep mask is by far the best I have used I now believe I can stop fighting with my mask and go enjoy a deep sleep
    Written by V Carroll, -2015-02-03

  • Excellent service

    I ordered a replacement mask on line. The web site was easy to navigate, and the order was shipped to me the very next day. I will be using your company again.
    Written by Excellent service, -2015-01-30

  • The only head gear we will wear!!

    My wife and I both use the Breeze Nasal Pillow set. We have tried many others, but this is the only one that works for us. True, there are some short comings, but the overall benefit is beyond compare of the other devices. The device comes with several sizes of pillow, so one can fine tune the fit to your needs. The headstrap is adjustable for comfort and fit. Nasal pillow holder swivels and will lock down so you don't have anything touching your face... that is most important for us. I have used it for over 10 years with no breakage (I lie still when I sleep). My wife has been known to break the nasal pillow holder. I can fix it, but most people would find buying a whole new set from cpapXchange a better option! I hope they never stop making this as long as we are alive!!
    Written by Charlie, -2015-01-29

  • Breeze SleepGear

    The headgear did not fit very well. It came loose every time I moved. The nasal pillows were too noisy for my comfort. I will not be using this device again.
    Written by Rich, -2015-01-25

  • Plastic Parts Easily Break

    I have used several of these masks, and everyone had the same plastic breakage where you tighten the angle of the air pillows. Other than that design flaw, I loved the mask and was one of the most comfortable that I've tried. I just got tired of having to replace the basic framework of this mask do to the breaking problem. Had to move on to another design.
    Written by James H, -2015-01-20

  • Great company

    CpapXchange is a great company to deal with. Phone calls are returned promptly and packages are not delayed. The mask I purchased was 50% or more less in out of pocke costs than any other mask I'd ever bought and those other masks almost all had some insurance paying also. I HIGHLY reccomend this company
    Written by Gordon, -2015-01-14

  • Buyer beware

    The Breeze sleep gear isn't all the reviews say it is! The nasal pillow holder is hard plastic and when worn applies constant pressure to you upper lip. Trying to adjust this headgear is next to impossible tha clips aren't built to apply pressure to adjust the straps and keeps coming lose when trying to stop air leakage. The head gear is poorly made and very light weight material that doesn't stay in place.
    Written by Denis, -2014-12-08

  • Only Mask I'll Use

    Been using this mask for 12 yrs. when it first came out. Some of the plastic pieces are a little fragile, but this is the only mask I can tolerate. Hope they never stop making it.
    Written by GaryW., -2014-11-11

  • Excellent experience

    Purchased a new cpap. Very easy and extremely fast delivery. Highly recommend.
    Written by Chris, -2014-11-09

  • only mask I can use

    The service from this company is great. Ordered on Monday, with regular shipping, and received it before the end of the week. The mask itself could use a few tweaks in design, like the adjusting screw complex could be metal and unbreakable. Otherwise this mask is excellent...the only one I have been able to use.
    Written by Magnolia, -2014-10-14

  • Service and timing were most excellent!

    Price, timing of delivery, and service were awesome!!
    Written by PCMelville, -2014-10-06

  • It is the BEST!

    I have used cpap for 17 years and only missed 3 nights. I have tried at least six other designs. THIS ONE WORKS GREAT FOR ME! I especially like that I can wear my eye glasses under it while reading or watching tv in bedroom.
    Written by MONTANA LEN, -2014-09-28

  • The Only One I would use

    The title says it all. This mask doesn't touch my skin; it allows me to wear my glasses to read in bed. It is lightweight and easy to put on and remove. And it is very easy to adjust for a close fit. I've used this kind of mask (replaced every 6 months or so) for many years and recommend it highly. Yes, it looks kind of funny but no sleep mask is much of a fashion statement anyway. I'm alive because I use it every single time I go to sleep.
    Written by Rosie, -2014-09-22

  • Simply the best

    I have used the Breeze for over 14 years now and it provides the best sleep with the minimum discomfort to my head. Could not do without it.
    Written by Tom, -2014-09-17

  • Breeze Sidesleeper Headgear and Mask

    This headgear was meant to replace the type I've been using for 10 years now, but after a few nights of wearing it, I find it's not made the same way as the ones I'm used to. It seems to be larger overall, and keeps slipping off my head and face, and I can't wear it successfully. Unfortunately, I've had to go back to using my old one, updated with pieces from the new one.
    Written by Diane R, -2014-09-15

  • Breeze SleepGear CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Nasal Pillows & Headgear

    The new manufacturer, Covidian have managed to make a consistently bad product worse. Same weaknesses as prior maker plus a flimsy thinner hose (the one that comes attached to the nose piece). As stated by prior reviewers, the clip that's made to keep this hose in place IS SHARP and cuts the hose all the time. Are there any Engineers at Covidien? Do Covidien has any quality control? Who designs this things at Covidien? Now I will have to purchase a new hose for my new replacement mask.
    Written by JC, -2014-07-31

  • Hose rips- poor quality

    I have been using this mask for years and have liked not having anything on my face. However, in the past 6 months, I have gone through 3 masks as the hose rips at the point where it sets into the clips. These clips are rather sharp and tear the hose.
    Written by Cathy, -2014-07-16

  • Best Headgear for me

    This is the only headgear I've found that permits me to sleep comfortably on my back or on my side. The mask is easily adjustable to fit any face. I have heard some people complain that the nose buds cause discomfort; this can be avoided by simply loosening the straps so that it doesn't fit so tightly. I had a tough time finding a replacement for the mask I had used for the last 5 years. I hope the manufacturer does not discontinue this product.
    Written by Humphrey, -2014-07-14

  • Great design, somewhat disappointing execution

    I've been using the Breeze nasal CPAP mask for more than a decade, now. In that time, I've twice had to replace the headgear - which is not at all an unreasonable mean time between failures. Unfortunately, since the last time I bought one, Puritan Bennett has decided to glue the short tube to the nosepiece assembly, making it impossible to simply replace a worn-out tube. I regard this as a sign of contempt for PB's customers, and it bodes ill for the future of this product. So does the redesign of the two-piece headgear assembly. The first two I purchased were EXTREMELY adjustable. This latest one is much less so. In fact, I had to rack the nosepiece assembly all the way out to its final stop in order to make it fit me comfortably. It would NOT comfortably fit anyone whose skull is longer, back-to-front, than mine. I'd also echo the complaints of others that the adhesive that holds the rubber padding onto the parts of the headgear that contact your skull is of poor quality, and the rubber itself tends to break off at points of high stress. Recommended, with the above caveats.
    Written by Thom S, -2014-07-09

  • I LOVE this product!!

    I have used this for years and love it!! I'm having a hard time finding it now, and that doesn't make me happy. I hate having straps on my face, so this works out great for me. Please don't discontinue this mask!!I have friends who decided to try it because of me, and they love it also
    Written by Valerie M, -2014-06-15

  • This company just does what it's supposed to do.....

    Provide EXCELLENT service
    Written by TL, -2014-03-16

  • I got exactly what I ordered`

    Thank you for sending me what I wanted. It arrived safely and I sleep better. Thanks. K
    Written by kellyher, -2014-01-23

  • Great seller

    I am very satisfied with your product, your price & your rapid shipping!
    Written by Leonard H, -2014-01-12

  • Review

    I was pleased with the product and how fast I received it. A good experience.
    Written by Arnold B, -2013-12-17

  • Only Mask that works for me....

    and I've tried at least 20. Unfortunately even the "improved and strengthened design" breaks apart every 3 months and I'm weary of having to buy new ones.
    Written by Greg, -2013-11-25

  • Pressure Sores

    I am surprised this has such good reviews. It is not very stable. The nasal pillows have to go pretty far into your nostrils to seal. It is uncomfortable because it puts too much pressure on the end of my nose (I do not have a large nose either). The worst part is that it gave me pressure sores so I really can't use it. Disappointing.
    Written by Jennifer, -2013-11-09

  • Dry throat with heated humidifer

    Suggestions to Denise, Tampa re using a humidifier, but still having trouble with a dry throat. The user has to keep the humidity in the hose rather than turning into droplets that drain back into the heated humidifier. There are three ways to control that. Increase the temperature on the humidifier and wrap the hose with an insulating material such as polyester batting inside a polyester cloth with a zipper the entire length of the 6' hose. If your husband snores through his mouth at times, you can buy a chin strap to keep his mouth closed which would decrease the air flow. In addition, make sure the hose is run smoothly in the air with no kinks from the humidifier to your husband. You could do this with a couple c-pap hose holders. They work great. Good Luck.
    Written by Bob, -2013-09-11

  • didn't work for me

    I tried it for one night. The best mask for me is the total face mask. It was time to replace it, so I thought I would try this one. It looked better than the nasal pillow I used several years ago. I liked the quality, but the nasal pillow is not right for me.
    Written by steve, -2013-09-02

  • Breeze SleepGear CPAP/BiPAP Mask Pack with 1 Set of Nasal Pillows & Headgear

    I am most pleased with the Breeze SleepGear I ordered from your company! Everything arrived in perfect condition and ahead of schedule. This headgear is so comfortable and leaves no marks on my head or face. Thank you.
    Written by Sarah, -2013-09-02

  • Breeze nasal pillows

    The headgear is great, my husband can finally lay on his side. His nose has been slightly dry and irritated. He is currently using a heated humidifier and distilled water. Any suggestions?
    Written by Denise , -2013-08-15

  • Good product so far

    I have used the headgear with nasal pillows. I like it because I couldn't have my nose and mouth covered at the same time. Also does not leave strap impressions on your face. Only thing is buy extra pillows. I ordered the medium and wished I had also ordered the small. Otherwise, no problems.
    Written by Terri G, -2013-07-28

  • Finally

    My regular supplier of supplies no longer offered this item, so i tried the mask they offered, it STUNK. This mask is great. Thanks
    Written by steve, -2013-06-11

  • Sleeping Better

    The new breeze sleep gear is working beautifully. There has been a time of adjustment but I am very happy with my new purchase.
    Written by Bert, -2013-05-17

  • Awkward- clunky

    Thought I would try a new nasal pillow mask. Uncomfortable, clunky.. for me this is horrible....
    Written by David, -2013-04-25

  • Outstandingly Comfortable Sleep-Gear

    The Breeze SleepGear CPAP Nasal Mask is the most comfortable and convenient device on the market. For well over a dozen years, I've tried a number of different types of masks. None compare to the Breeze. I cannot imagine using anything else from now on.
    Written by Larry J., -2013-01-28

  • breeze sleepgear CPAP mask (w/ nasal pillows)

    good unit with great performance -- really works well with the positions that I sleep in (side and back) -- would highly recommend this "mask".
    Written by mike, -2013-01-23

  • nose pillows very uncomfortable

    I have found this head gear to be difficult to wear and the nose pillows hard and irritating to my nose. I have switched back to my old gear and would not recommend buying this unit.
    Written by Rick, -2013-01-14

  • Breeze SleepGear

    I researched several online websites for this product and found CPAPXCHANGE to have the best price. I placed my order which was very easy and recieved it very quickly. Follow up emails from CPAPXCHANGE prove that they have the customers best interest at heart. Hats off to CPAPXCHANGE for class "A" business practices. They have all of my future cpap orders.
    Written by Charles C., -2013-01-13

  • Breeze SleepGear CPAP/BiPAP Mask Pack with 1 Set of Nasal Pillows & Headgear

    I have used the Breeze Sleep Gear for almost 8 years and found it to be the most comfortable, and form fitting nasal mask available. The only negative observation is that the nose piece often breaks within 45 - 60 days.
    Written by John O., -2013-01-11

  • easy for me to sleep on my back, side, or stomach

    I've been using this style headgear and nasal pillows for 8 years and find it very comfortable. I had used a nose mask at the sleep clinic and didn't like it at all. The padding and hose on this headgear system do wear out and my only real complaint is that the hose is no longer available as a separate spare part. I've never felt the need to try any other system since I've used this.
    Written by Daniel, -2013-01-08

  • satisfied

    This product is the least inhibiting of any others I have used or viewed for me. It is a good fit. I used the comfortlite2 but was awake several times a night adjusting the nose piece be cause of air leaks. With the breeze, I sleep w/o interruptions. The one piece on the nose piece connecting it to the head gear does break and has to be replace. It would be helpful if this could be made more durable.
    Written by Brenda, -2012-12-14

  • It's a breeze; literally. :-)

    Best CPAP mask IMO and this is my second one; wore out the first one. This one is improved with better nasal angle and sturdier. No annoying straps over your face/cheeks to scar your skin or make you sweat in hot weather. Love it!!
    Written by Thomas, -2012-12-13

  • Breeze SleepGear with Nasal Pillows

    Great Product. My favorite CPAP mask.
    Written by ML, -2012-11-04

  • Great product

    I have enjoyed this product for about 6 years now. My old one completely wore out and this is my second one. Fits well and works well. I use it every night. You won't be disappointed if you decide to purchase it.
    Written by Mark, -2012-10-12

  • Not Impressed

    I bought the Breeze Sleepgear because my other sleep masks kept coming off at night. I thought with this design it would not bother me during sleep. It did not. Every morning when I wake up it is on the floor just like all other masks. Maybe trying to sleep with something strapped to your face is just too unnatural.
    Written by C. Looper, -2012-08-22

  • Breeze SleepGear CPAP

    I called my doctor's office to order a new CPAP and they were going to bill me $150 for this same mask. My insurance would not cover it because it would have to be billed to my $1000 deductible so I would have paid DOUBLE for the same mask I ordered online. I love this doesn't leave marks on my face. I rubber band the hose to the top of the mask so that when I turn over at night, it doesn't fall on my pillow and then I lay on it. The doctor's office also has a dentist who fit me with a mouth guard that I use when I travel or go on vacation... it is awesome. Both the mask and mouth guard have given me back the energy that I'm used to. Both saved my life. I was exhausted before being diagnosed with sleep apnea. I thought I had some terrible disease because I wanted to sleep all day long and was so fatigued all the time. Now I am energized and ready to go... thanks to my mask or mouthguard. I noticed a difference in three days. Excellent service with They sent the new mask within 3-4 days. I also called and received great customer service with answering my questions before ordering. I would definitely recommend them and will use them again if I need to order anything.
    Written by Roxie, -2012-08-17

  • Breeze meets expectations

    this headgear was recommended by a physician - definitely better than my old version
    Written by anonymous, -2012-07-01

  • great product

    I have used the Breeze mask for 10 years. it is very comfortable and the best mask for people who sleep on their stomachs.
    Written by Russell, -2012-05-09

  • breeze headgear

    excellent product, my wife and i have both used this type of headgear for years, both of ours needed replacement due to years of wear and tear, i tried to other mask combinations and came back to the breeze nasal pillows. we bith LOVE it !!!!!
    Written by red, -2012-04-30

  • Breeze SleepGear CPAP/BiPAP Mask Pack with Nasal Pillows & Headgear

    This is the second Breeze SleepGear CPAP/BiPAP Mask Pack that I have purchased and I used it last night for the first time and it is just as I remembered, comfortable and quiet with no air leaks waking me up every time I turned over. I do add a couple of velcro straps to the top to keep the hose stable and it works for me! Thanks Breeze for a great product.
    Written by Breeze SleepGear, -2012-04-13

  • Breeze Nasal Pillows

    I have been using this mask for a number of years as my nostrils tend to close up with other devices. Nasal pillows apply pressure directly into the nostrils. I suppose the product could be built to be much more durable, yet durability would add cost and weight. An adjustment for the angle of the pillows is all but useless, and the soft pads that rest against my head quickly become oily and detach from the headgear. Does it work? Yes, It works best out of any others for me. I wish it were a little more durable.
    Written by John Z, -2012-03-29

  • Breeze Headgear is PERFECT!

    I've tried all the popular, more compact headgear but I always come back to the Breeze. It is easy to adjust and does not touch me anywhere but the base of my neck and nose. Nothing on either side of my face feels great, and I can lay flat on my back too. I use it with a 'tether' system which allows full freedom of movement. My wife struggled with her new CPAP until I recommended she try Breeze Headgear and now she sleeps 8 hours per night and loves it.
    Written by Jack, -2012-03-15

  • Best nasal pillow CPAP mask on the market

    I have been using the Breeze for many years. It is the most comfortable I have used.
    Written by JackieP, -2012-03-06

  • No xtra pillows to discard

    I love the Breeze pillow mask. They're just a bit fragile and I've broken a couple; often able to canabalize parts from one to fix another. Anyway I always keep two, one packed in my suitcase that stands in as a spare and one by my bed. I was exteremely pleased with the price... save $10 for not taking extra nose pillows I don't need! And the service. I recommend Breeze and cpapXchange to anyone - if you're a road warrior you'll need a hard case.
    Written by Jeremy Colton, -2012-03-01