Breeze SleepGear Nasal Mask with DreamSeal - DISCONTINUED


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  • For Reference:Discontinued 04.30.2018
  • Brand:Puritan Bennett
  • Part Numbers:Y-102616-00, Y-103059-00, Y-103074-00
  • Sizes:Standard, Large, Shallow
  • Warranties:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

This is the IMPROVED Breeze SleepGear system from Puritan Bennett. In response to patient feedback the already innovative and popular Breeze SleepGear system has received some welcome enhancements:

  • Improved Hose Guide design constructed from MUCH STRONGER materials
  • Halo Straps can be positioned for greater flexibility and a more secure fit
  • Thicker, more comfortable padding on the cradle pad increases comfort
  • Cuff added to swivel adapter to make disconnecting quick and easy

The Breeze SleepGear Nasal Interface System provides the comfort of a custom fit, with multiple adjustments and the standard DreamSeal® Mask. Unlike traditional headgear and masks, there are no confining straps to contend with. The integrated one-piece design floats over the face and contours the head. The DreamSeal assembly quickly snaps in and out of the interface.

The Breeze SleepGear is a complete Nasal Interface System and easily connects to standard CPAP/BiPAP tubing.


  • Easy, adjustable fit
  • No complicated or confining straps on the face
  • Can be worn with glasses
  • Will not obstruct your vision
  • Fast and easy setup with superior comfort
  • DreamSeal Mask floats over the nose as airway is pressurized
  • Standard DreamSeal cushion included
  • Soft silicone inner and outer membrane
  • All Breeze SleepGear components are latex-free


  • For Reference:Discontinued 04.30.2018
  • Manufacturer:Puritan Bennett
  • Part Numbers:Y-102616-00, Y-103059-00, Y-103074-00
  • Warranties:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Mask Pack with DreamSeal Cushion (Standard, Large or Shallow) and Headgear.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:20884521135038
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Standard, Large, Shallow
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Cushion Masks
  • Pressure Range:3 to 35 cm H20 Recommended
Tubing Compatibility Note: The swivel adapter that connects Breeze masks to longer CPAP or BiPAP tubing can sometimes slip off of tubing with hard end caps (i.e., ThermoSmart Heated Tubing and UltraLite Performance Tubing). If you are using a Breeze mask and your current tubing has hard end caps then consider adding a FlexiTube Angle Adapter, between the mask swivel and the long breathing tube, to ensure a safe and secure connection.
  • great price for a hard to find part

    I purchased this for my brother in law's 15 year old CPAP. Most sites on line said "obsolete, not available" you had it and it works perfectly-THANKS
    Written by dewittsdesigns, -2018-02-10

  • Sleep mask breeze

    Thank you!! My provider doesn't carry this anymore so that my insurance will pay! It is the only one that I am so comfortable with!!!!
    Written by Diana W, -2016-06-10

  • Breeze SleepGear CPAP/BiPAP Mask with DreamSeal & Headgear

    I am happy with the DreamSeal Mask and headgear.
    Written by Kathy, -2016-04-16

  • New is not necessarily better

    The Breeze with DreamSeal was at one time a great interface, I used it about ten years ago but it broke too often, however, that is no longer the case. The new updated design has been impossible to fit to my face. The arc of the head gear pinches my head with all adjustments at their maximum (I only wear a hat size seven and an eighth). In addition it sticks so far out in front that it moves off center with the slightest touch creating a massive air leak. Definitely not an interface for anyone that sleeps any way but flat on their backs at all times. I have worked with this interface for a week now to no avail. I am back using the now out of production Comfortlite2 that is well over a year old. Yet it still seals better than I can get with the Dreamseals and it is hardly noticeable on my face.
    Written by Randy W., -2016-02-18

  • Perfect

    Just what I needed. Fast delivery too.
    Written by Nyssamom, -2015-12-10

  • Breeze SleepGear

    The head gear does not stay at adjusted settings, cause readjustment through out the night. Air leaks noted before adjustment.
    Written by Larry, -2015-11-11

  • Breeze CPAP masks

    Thank you for your prompt response to our order. The masks were exactly what we requested, and were the improved, upgraded models which are stronger and less likely to break. We will recommend your company to those we know with similar CPAP, etc., needs.
    Written by Ralph W. S., -2015-08-26

  • Only CPAP mask I can live with.

    When I first used a CPAP machine, I tried the nasal "pillows". Hah! They felt as though they were pushing my nose upwards to the bridge. Then I tried a very nice and soft small mask. I loved the mask and the delivery system, BUT the U-shaped supports going from the mask to the sides of the face were silicone and VERY uncomfortable. They mashed my cheeks and gave me a squirrel-looking face with obviously squashed sections. The Breeze SleepGear BiPAP Mask is the most comfortable of all. No, it does not always stay put. It takes some getting used to how to adjust all the features. But I am most comfortable, by far, in this mask. I am thankful that I did some internet searching and found it. No straps anywhere to mash the face. Hooray!
    Written by Edie, -2015-02-23

  • Finally a mask I can tolerate redesigned for greater durability

    For a very long time I used my CPAP machine only occasionally or for just a few hours because the head gear was so uncomfortable. It would most often end up on the floor before midnight. The Breeze SleepGear doesn't bind around your head and doesn't touch your face (except for the triangular DreamSeal mask - no straps). This mask design is good for people who like to sleep with their cheek on the pillow (side and stomach sleepers), but perhaps not as comfortable for back sleepers because of the backplate. I have used the Breeze SleepGear for years, and recently bought the redesigned mask, which the manufacturer specifically designed to be more durable (my old one broke twice in the same spot in 9 months). The primary structure feels more substantial and is heavier than the previous design.
    Written by moats002, -2014-10-29

  • For those who can't tolerate masks with cheek straps

    I have been buying The Breeze for years because I have difficulty with masks which have straps which go over the cheeks and I don't like nasal pillows either. Anyway, The Breeze has served the purpose for a long time and I will continue to use it. The only negative, and the reason for four stars instead of five, is that there are some plastic joints which wear out over time and then the headgear becomes loose.
    Written by Sinclair, -2014-05-28

  • This product is not comfortable for me to use

    I purchased this mask based on the previous reviews. But,it was the opposite, it not comfortable and I could not use. Bottom line don't purchase this mask... you will find better mask ... that is what I am going to do.
    Written by iraj, -2014-03-16

  • Best Cpap Mask ever

    I think your website is very user friendly. The Breeze Sleep Gear is completely different from other C-PAP mask, it offers a different level of comfort and freedom to the user. It is amazing - I would recommend this mask to anyone who can not tolerate the traditional C-PAP gear.
    Written by Serge D, -2014-01-26

  • Love this mask.

    For those of you who feel claustrophobic this mask is a great alternative. It has many adjustments and moves the hose to the back rather than in front of your face. Very comfy sleeping (if that's possible).
    Written by Carole, -2014-01-13

  • Great Head Gear - Mask Needs Better Seal

    I love the Breeze SleepGear head set: no straps or silicone thingies around me to indent my cheeks or rearrange my face. It is comfortable and stays on well. The mask, however, needs a little work so that it will seal better. I would vote for a softer, cushier silicone in the part closest to the face.
    Written by Edie, -2013-12-12

  • Too Small

    Does not stay in the face
    Written by Xoxo, -2013-05-10

  • Satifaction

    I prefer the dreamseal over the nose pillows. I still have trouble getting a really good seal without holding the cover as I fall asleep. Also, it is hard to fall asleep with the leak roaring in my ears. I liked it better when there was a lower place to run the velcro strips. As it is now, the strips are too far back for a lady's head, fitting more for a man's head.
    Written by Lois W., -2013-04-11

  • Most Comfortable CPAP Mask

    I have been using the Breeze SleepGear CPAP DreamSeal mask for years. It has been the only mask that was comfortable and unrestrictive while side sleeping. I have found over the years that I don't even require the straps attached to the nose seal and rear headgear. This mask will stay in place without air leakage and will leave you without those annoying strap marks on your face the next morning.
    Written by Trisha, -2013-04-04

  • Breeze Dream Seal mask and headgear

    It was very easy to adjust to wearing this mask. There are no straps on your face, no sense of being constrained at all. The hose is held above and behind your head so the tubing does not get tangled in the blankets and you get great freedom of motion.
    Written by Emily W., -2012-12-17

  • It is great

    I don't know how it works but this is the best mask ever. It is a little more noisey then the others I have used, but no more lines on my face or pain on my forehead.
    Written by JTB, -2012-07-18

  • Love my BreezeSleep Gear!!!

    I have been wearing this style of head gear for a few years. In fact, it was the first one I started with. I liked it so much that when my provider stopped carrying it I got on the internet and found a new provider to order it from. Of course in the interim I tried a couple of different styles, but they just didn't work as well.
    Written by Marsha H., -2012-07-11

  • Cpap mask

    Good mask just what I have been looking for. Works perfect.
    Written by Linda C, -2012-03-02

  • Breeze SleepGear Mask

    Fabulous product. The only one that is comfortable enough for me to sleep. I've tried so many different makes and models, but this is by far the best.
    Written by Patty, -2012-02-26