F&P Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear


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F&P Brevida Nasal Pillows Mask
Cushion Size:
ExtraSmall-Small Air Pillow Seal
Medium-Large Air Pillow Seal
Adjustable Brevida Headgear
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty
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  • Brand:Fisher & Paykel
  • Available Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

Built around a self-inflating AirPillow cushion, that creates a gentle seal in and around the nostrils; and a low profile, minimal contact design Fisher & Paykel's Brevida Nasal Pillows Mask offers CPAP/BiPAP users confidence in their sleep apnea treatment and comfort in their sleep.

Each Brevida mask pack includes adjustable, stretch fabric headgear and an eco-friendly diffuser elbow. Brevida is available in two cushion sizes -- ExtraSmall-Small and Medium-Large -- to fit a wide range of users.


  • Ultra-Light Low Profile Design with Minimal Facial Contact
  • Self-Inflating AirPillow Seals with Unique Side Supports
  • Flexible Short Tube & 360° Swivel Elbow
  • Eco-Friendly Air Diffuser Reduces Exhaust Sound & Intensity
  • VisiBlue Highlights for Easy Assembly & Fitting
  • Two Sizes Available to Fit a Wide Range of Users
  • Help When You Need it with the MyMask App

Self-Inflating AirPillow Seal: Brevida's versatile AirPillow Seal uses therapy air to inflate in and around the nostrils creating a gentle, yet effective double seal. Ultra thin, soft silicone adapts to the complex geometries of the nostrils; and stabilizing side supports, along the outside of the nose, add comfort and stability. Brevida's unique pillow design allows users to experience a looser fit than other pillow masks so it is less invasive, and more comfortable and relaxing to wear.

Adjustable Headgear: F&P Brevida comes with simple, low profile, headgear that adjusts to deliver a custom fit that stays in place throughout the night. Brevida Headgear is simple to use and soft to the touch. It should be worn snugly, but NOT tightly, above the ears. Use the headgear's velcro straps to make large adjustments, and adjust the divided back straps closer or further apart to create a finer fit.

Washable Diffuser: Brevida is an exceptionally quiet mask at less than 31 dBA average; but it comes complete with an optional elbow diffuser that decreases sound levels even more -- by around 5 dBA -- and disperses exhaust airflow to reduce partner disturbance. Brevida's Diffuser is washable and reusable reducing waste and costs to you and the environment!

VisiBlue Highlights for Easy Assembly & Fitting: VisiBlue highlights, incorporated into key components of the Brevida Nasal Pillows Mask, provide cues to the user that make the mask easy to orient, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Flexible Short Tube & 360° Swivel Elbow: A short delivery tube extends from the body of the Brevida's elbow to provide a lightweight, flexible connection to your main breathing tube. The flexible tube is designed to minimize pressure and pull on the face and therapy tubing. Two 360° swivels at the elbow and the tube end provide greater flexibility for tube positioning.

Two Sizes Available to Fit a Wide Range of Users: Brevida is available with two different cushion sizes -- ExtraSmall-Small and Medium-Large -- to fit a wide range of users. If you're not sure which size you need, consider purchasing a FitPack, with both cushion sizes, elsewhere on this site.

Help When You Need it with the MyMask App: Fisher & Paykel's specially developed MyMask App provides step-by-step video instructions and support for all of their latest masks. With the MyMask App on your Smart Phone you can solve mask problems quickly and easily whenever it's convenient to you. Download the MyMask App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


  • Manufacturer:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:BRE1SA, BRE1MA
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Pillow Mask Pack with 1 AirPillow Seal, Adjustable Headgear, and Printed Instructions. Select size in your shopping cart.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:09420012436313, 09420012436351
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Pillow Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 25 cm H20 Recommended
  • Worst mask


    This is the most uncomfortable mask I have ever worn. I can never get it to sit properly under my nose even though I've followed and watched
    Written by , NJ

  • No seal


    Could never get a good seal without leaks
    Written by ,

  • Comfortable


    Much more comfortable than my old mask. I can even sleep on my side.
    Written by , Ohio

  • Shockingly Good


    I had an almost identical CPAP mask a couple of years ago that had a big problem with the nasal pillow would fall off all night long. I always thought that if they got that issue fixed it would be my favorite mask of all time, and Ive used dozens of them since the mid-ninetys! Well, F&P fixed the problem. There is now a solid attachment method that 'clicks' into place and doesn't lrt ho until you want it to when you clean it. This is a light, fully adjustable, mask that makes delicate, painless, and air tight contact with your nose... all night long! I can highly recommend this mask!
    Written by , Oklahoma

  • The face gear is very comfortable. The head gear is flimsy. Should be redesigned more rugged.Has a tenacy to move while sleeping.


    I have used a CPAP some 20 years. My average night is 6/8 hours. My inner clock wakes me every day 5am. I am a retired active Senior citizen. This recent mask works well for me.
    Written by , Rhodes Island

  • Refund


    I gave this mask a try it wasn’t a good fit for me.
    Written by , Hawaii

  • I like the set up but...


    Sometimes I have to remove the mask at night to use the rest room. I always end up with the nasal cushion up side down. They should add small small arrow built into the mold so you can feel it and put it on correctly.
    Written by , Roseville CA

  • Great CPAP Headgear


    I have been using this headgear for three years now and find it very comfortable and unobtrusive.
    Written by , Indianapolis

  • Except for the discomfort...


    Purchasing from cpapex is a good experience. This mask works well, except after an entire night's us, my nostrils hurt for a while. Otherwise, during use, it's OK.
    Written by , Tucson

  • Shifts, leaks, hurts on the nose.


    I ordered this because I was tired of the bulky (size small) air fit 10 mask that pinches near my eyes. This mask was a disappointment. Too lightweight and it shifts easily (when hose pulls on it) causing leaks. I cannot tighten it good because the headgear is flimsy and it won't stay tight on the nose without hurting. I had to wear a chin strap because of snoring and this didn't help the tightness issue either, causing the headgear to slide around on my face. Also, the hard nose piece hurt my nose on the underside and on the end of the nose when tightened. Just couldn't make it through the night with this one and had to go back to the air fit mask. Totally disappointed! Returning it/ 30 day trial.
    Written by ,

  • Not for me.


    I ordered this because it was very similar to the F&P Pilairo Q and heard the Pilairo Q was being discontinued. The plastic part of the nose piece is hard and is very uncomfortable sitting against the bottom part of the nostrils. Also no matter how loose or how tight I made the head gear it slid around on my head. I also do not like the bulkiness of the straps where you tighten it sitting on my face. I used this for about 4 nights, and I could not take the aggravation and loss of sleep for another night. I will be returning. I was able to order the Piairo Q again and love it.
    Written by ,

  • Leaky mask


    I have tried both sizes of the pillows and try as I might I cannot keep it from getting severe leakage don't know what my problem is.
    Written by ,

  • The best mask available.


    This is the ONLY mask that works for me. Had to use another after my first one and it did not work. This is the best nose mask available and it stays put all night.
    Written by ,

  • Did not work well for me but might work well for others


    Tried this new pillow mask, seemed well designed except angle did not fit my face and wasn't adjustable. Was not as comfortable and leaked a bit more than the ResMed AirFit P10 Worth a try but was not right for me...… Never know if you will find something better than you are using until you try return for full credit if it doesn't work like I did
    Written by ,

  • So comfortable!!


    A nasal pillow is definitely the way to go if you aren’t a mouth breather. I have no problems tolerating it even as a person who has claustrophobia issues. No leaks and pillow soft. The straps are extremely comfortable and barely noticeable.
    Written by ,

  • Best Yet


    I've tried lots of masks through the years and this is the best one for me. It's very comfortable, quiet and easy to put on and take off. But what I really like is that there is zero leakage AND the diffuser really does it's job, cutting noise and unwanted exhaust. No more waking up with eyes dry from a barrage of air.
    Written by , Atlanta

  • Light as a Feather


    It is quiet and light. I am happy with it.
    Written by ,

  • Nice replacement to the Q


    Learned that the Pillaro Q was being discontinued and tried out the Brevia as replacement. Love the new pillow connections as they don’t leak at connection. Have a few fit issues but overall love it. Recommend for anyone who has been using the Q.
    Written by ,

  • Looks Promising


    The technician at the sleep center suggested this nasal pillow CPAP mask to me and I've used it for a week or so. So far, so good. This mask works well for people who shift from sleeping on their back to their side often during the night. The Brevida mask has been helpful in this regard.
    Written by ,

  • Florida experience


    My mask broke while away from home so I found the same make on your website at a good price plus free 6 foot hose. Ordered, website very straightforward and mask arrived in 2 days for free! Very happy with product and delivery
    Written by ,

  • difficult to fit to nose


    The masks works once you finally get it adjusted just right. Ittakes 10 minutes to find the fit each night. As with any other mask, I rip it off after an hour.
    Written by ,

  • Didn't work for me


    Very uncomfortable. Difficult to exhale through the mask. Returned.
    Written by ,

  • So far so good!


    I've just recently purchased this mask and have two nights under my belt. Thank you to the reviewer who mentioned being a side-sleeper who buries his face partly in the pillow- that's me too! I haven't had any leakage issues and everything seems to fit very well. The diffuser does make it a bit harder to breathe (this is a common issue for me), and I've tried removing it, but since the tube swivels 360 degrees in both directions (up and down AND twists around), the exhaust hits my face. I put the diffuser back on and just increased my base pressure a bit. Voila! I do wake up with the tip of my nose a bit sore, but I think that's just a product of using a mask like this. I'm sure that's a temporary problem. I did find the best seal and comfort when the headgear is directly over my ears, which isn't the right way to wear the mask, but I will continue experimenting. So far, there has been no rain-out. There have been no lingering marks on my face in the morning. Best of all, I don't have to worry about a forehead piece breaking off. I will update my review if anything changes, but I think this may be the solution I've been looking for!
    Written by ,

  • Nice equipment


    Good price and fits well.
    Written by ,

  • Great Night Sleep


    I have tried numerous mask over the last 20yrs and this one is by far one of the BEST. It's comfortable and really quiet, no air leaks at all. My only issue is head straps a little close to my eyes, but it does not deter from the great night sleeps I have been getting since I switched to this mask.
    Written by ,

  • Absolutely love it!


    Have tried many masks over the years. This is the best! Keeps seal all night long. I have been a customer for years - cpapXchange has my business because their prices and service far out weigh the insurance recommended medical supplier in my area,
    Written by ,

  • Comfortable but Not a good fit


    Was comfortable to wear but couldn’t get a good seal.
    Written by ,

  • Didn't work well for me.


    I have been using the Res-Med Air it P-10 quite successfully. This Brevida mask was recommended to me by my DME. It fixes some of the issues with P-10 better seal better adjustable headgear. I wanted this to work so badly. I gave it a good long test. My leakage numbers were worse, so I backed off pressure. My Blood pressure went though the roof. Then I developed all sorts of floaters in my left eye. Had an appointment with the eye Dr. checking for detached retina. Long story short I'm back to the air fit p-10. My eye problems are clearing up. My blood pressure is back to normal. I would not recommend this mask to anyone. It has some seemingly good features. The swivel can flip around and blow directly in your eyes the fit is not good. Maybe I should try the smaller pillow but at this point I'm afraid of it. I will continue with the Res Med product and its shortfalls. F & P needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.
    Written by , maine

  • Wanted to like it but it was painful to wear.


    I really like the design of the Brevida nasal pillow mask and think it has possibilities but it did not perform well with my nose. The headgear was comfortable and the nasal pillow fit but was not large enough for my average sized male nose and put pressure on the end of it to the point in the morning my nose was exquisitely painful. Also the airseal was excellent when first starting the night but when the pressure ramped up I could not get a good seal. I tried to stick it out for a week as we all know new headgear needs some getting used to but it became to painful and I had to return it. Nice idea and perhaps if the nasal pillow was a little larger it might work for me but keep this in mind before buying.
    Written by , California

  • Brevida


    This mask is great! My only problem is that the head gear is somewhat flimsy.
    Written by , PAYNEHAM

  • Husband loves it!


    Very comfortable, my husband can move around and the seal stays just right. He said he would highly recommend this mask.
    Written by , IL

  • This is the Best Side Sleeper's Mask I have Used


    As a side sleeper this mask offers three features that work for me over my previous nasal pillow mask. 1. The nasal pillow improves the seal by adhering to the outside of the nose, not just the nasal openings. Plus, it prevents your nose from expanding like a balloon at higher pressures and is very comfortable. 2.The ball swivel on the tube to mask connection moves in three axis's. Great when your head is half buried in the pillow. 3. The removable exhaust filter greatly reduces noise and exhaust blow-back to almost negligible levels. This feature alone is worth using this mask and is a must for any side sleeper.
    Written by , Portland, Oregon

  • As close to perfect as I've found! Love it.


    The mask is a perfect combination of pillows and nasal mask. It's soft, comfortable and minimal leakage. I'm on a high (19) setting so it has been hard to find anything comfortable that also doesn't leak. This one is as close to perfect as I have found so far.
    Written by , Brandon, MS