Briutcare Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer Kit (with Mouthpiece & Masks)


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COVID-19 NOTICE: No Returns on This Item. Until Further Notice All Sales of This Item Are Final. (Standard Manufacturers Warranties Still Apply.)
Bruitcare Portable Nebulizer Kit
Mouthpiece Tube:
1 Mouthpiece Tube
1 Mouthpiece Tube + 1 Spare Mouthpiece Tube
Face Masks (For Optional Use):
1 Child & 1 Adult Face Mask
1 Child & 1 Adult Face Mask + 1 Pari Bubbles the Fish II Pediatric Mask
1 Child & 1 Adult Face Mask + 1 Pari LC Adult Mask
Custom Zippered Travel Case
1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
A prescription is required for the purchase of this item
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  • Brand:Briutcare
  • Part Numbers:BCN18GREEN, BCN18PINK
  • Colors:Green, Pink
  • Warranties:1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

COVID-19 NOTICE: No Returns on This Item. Until Further Notice All Sales of This Item Are Final. (Standard Manufacturers Warranties Still Apply.)

The Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer from Briutcare is a powerful, pocket sized nebulizer designed to be used by both adults and children.

The Intelligent Nebulizer is easy to use with a simple one button operation; and it includes a long lasting internal battery for convenient treatments wherever you need them. The most unique feature of the Mesh Nebulizer is its adjustable nebulization rate that allows you to slow down or speed up nebulization to suit your personal comfort and preference.


  • Smart, Small & Simple to Use
  • Ultra Long Battery Life
  • Respiratory Monitoring Technology for Added Comfort
  • Smartphone App Designed for Kids

Smart, Small & Simple to Use: Small enough to fit in your pocket, Briutcare's Intelligent Nebulizer weighs in at just 4 ounces and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. The internal long life battery provides up to 4 hours of nebulization between charges; and Briutcare's "One Button Operation" makes it simple and easy to use for both adults and children.

Ultra Long Battery Life: Designed with convenience in mind, Briutcare's Intelligent Nebulizer has a built-in, long-life battery that charges automatically whenever you plug it in using the included USB Charging Cable. The nebulizers battery will last for approximately 4 hours of constant nebulization. To conserve battery, the Briutcare Mesh Nebulizer will automatically shutdown when no liquid is detected.

Respiratory Monitoring Technology for Added Comfort: Briutcare created a smart respiratory sensor with respiratory monitoring, that allows the nebulizer to actively atomize medicine while the patient is inhaling, and stop atomizing while the patient is exhaling. Active respiratory monitoring helps make aerosol therapy more effective, since less medication is lost, and more comfortable so patients are less likely to need to cough during treatment.

Smartphone App Designed for Kids: Sometimes getting your child to use their nebulizer can be rather difficult and frustrating. Bruitcare developed a Smartphone App which consists of interactive games that display treatment information to improve the child's overall nebulization experience and to make the treatment fly by. The Briutcare App is available free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Compatibility Information: The Briutcare Mesh Nebulizer has been tested to welcome many medications intended for general-purpose nebulizers, including: Budesonide, Albuterol Sulfate, Levalbuterol, Ipratropium Bromide, Terbutaline, Salbutamol, Dornase Alpha N-Acetyclysteine, Tobramycin, Bethkis, Tobi Podhaler, Cromolyn sodium and Aztreonam.

Briutcare Mesh Nebulizer is not compatible with Hypertonic Saline Solution or other medications that are designated for practice only with specific delivery devices.


  • Manufacturer:Briutcare
  • Part Numbers:BCN18GREEN, BCN18PINK
  • Warranties:1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Briutcare Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer, Mouthpiece Tube, USB Power Adapter, Child's Face Mask, Adult Face Mask, Carrying Case, Printed User Manual & Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • HCPCS Codes:E0574
  • GTIN Codes:06971331400019
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Colors:Green, Pink
  • Dimensions:Device = 2.00 x 3.15 x 4.35 Inches
    Device With Case = 4.50 x 6.00 x 3.00 Inches
  • Weight:Device = 4 Ounces
    Device with Case & Extras = 1 Pound


  • Battery Runtime:4 Hours
  • Battery Recharge Time:1 Hour
  • Battery Life:300 Cycles
  • Battery Type:Lithium Ion
  • Battery Notes:Prior to first use the Britucare Nebulizer's internal battery should be charged for at least 1 full hour using the included USB charging cable.