ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear


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ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask
Cushion Size:
Adjustable Premium Headgear
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty
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  • Brand:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1070040, 1070039, 1070038, 1070037
  • Sizes:Petite, Small, Medium, Large
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

ComfortGel Blue's soft, blue gel nasal cushion readily adapts to facial features, simplifying fit and enhancing comfort. Its premium, soft forehead pad reduces pressure points and its low profile exhalation port quietly directs air flow up and away from the mask wearer and bed partners.


  • Improved Blue Gel Cushion is Softer & More Adaptable
  • Premium Forehead Pad Improves Comfort and Fit
  • Stability Selector Rasies & Lowers Forehead Pad for a Custom Fit
  • Angled Micro Exhalation Ports for Quiet Exhalation
  • Premium Headgear Distributes Pressure Evenly For a Stable Fit
  • Two 360º Swivels in the Mask Elbow so Tubing Can Move Freely

Building on the global success of the original ComfortGel Nasal Mask, Philips Respironics has combined the best qualities of their time-proven gel masks with several highly regarded enhancements to establish a whole new level of mask performance with the ComfortGel BLUE.

The ComfortGel BLUE's new generation, soft, pliable blue gel cushion readily adapts to facial features, thereby simplifying fit and contributing to extended comfort. A silicone Comfort Flap improves seal and makes cleaning the mask quick and easy.

The ComfortGel Blue's redesigned forehead cushion reduces pressure points for a more comfortable experience; and premium headgear makes fitting and adjustment a snap and helps maintain a proper seal. Together, these features create a higher level of comfort and stability than was previously possible.

The ComfortGel Blue also includes a lower profile exhalation port with an integrated swivel that quietly directs air flow up and away from the mask wearer and bed partners.

Sometimes a little enhancement can go a long way and with the ComfortGel Blue Philips Respironics has shown how a few small changes can make a great mask even better!


  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1070040, 1070039, 1070038, 1070037
  • Warranties:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee & 90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Mask Pack with Cushion and Headgear.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • GTIN Codes:00606959004290, 00606959004283, 00606959004276, 00606959004269
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Petite, Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Cushion Masks, Gel Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 40 cm H20 Recommended
  • Great Service!

    I've been using this type of mask for years and was told it was no longer available. I'm happy to find that cpapXchange had it in stock and whipped it to me very quickly. Thanks so much!
    Written by grossmichael, -2019-08-24

  • Uncomfortable

    The nose peace rides in my eyes and presses into the bottom on my nose into my upper lip, hard to sleep with but if I'm sleeping on my back or watching tv
    Written by rouse405, Oklahoma -2019-08-23

  • Give me under nose pain. Occ awakening due to pain...

    Give me under nose pain. Occ awakening due to pain on my cheek or nose
    Written by MD, USA -2019-08-14

  • Not comfortable

    Gave me a sore under my nose
    Written by Rbyn9525, NYS -2019-07-17

  • Cpap mask

    Everything was great. I got it in a very timely fashion, and I was able to follow the transport of it.
    Written by larrybryanjr, -2019-07-11

    Haven’t slept better. Best mask ever.
    Written by Barryclark, -2019-07-02

  • Exactly what I needed!

    It was fast, easy, quick. I'll be back!
    Written by tedndeb25, Illinois -2019-06-25

  • I can breath again

    I’ve had a CPAP for 20 years. This mask is perfect. Doesn’t leak or squeal. Thanks!
    Written by vincecurran, Home -2019-06-22

  • Very good fit

    The mask is more comfortable and sturdy then other brands I have tried.
    Written by Dukeflys, -2019-06-18

  • Excellent service as usual.

    I have been buying for years and never had any problem. Thanks.
    Written by AppleGreenLlama, -2019-05-23

  • Awsome

    It comfortable and easy to clean only problem a little buckey
    Written by Jlord31513, Baxley ga -2019-05-18

  • I don’t like this particular mask or strap

    leaks and the strap does not have any stretch
    Written by twinkisme28, mississippi -2019-05-17

  • Old Faithful

    I've been unfaithful in the past, and probably will again, enamored by magnetic snaps, low profile comfort, and promises of perfection. I've returned to this mask multiple times, and always wonder why I fool around with the rest!
    Written by jmpum, -2019-05-10

    This is the best nasal mask. I have used others in the past then found this one. Will not buy any other kind.
    Written by flower2008kl, -2019-03-11

  • Great sleep again

    Great price and product with quick shipping.
    Written by ranbo239, -2019-03-01

  • great!

    Comfortable mask! Excellent price! Fast delivery!
    Written by train_copeland, -2019-03-01

  • A new beginning

    I bought replacing an old mask.i am still adjusting to the mask as its been many months without one.
    Written by horton4tu, -2019-02-07

  • Loose but super

    Other than being a bit loose it worked very well. I will buy new items from this seller
    Written by Oystercracker1-3969, -2019-02-01

  • Excellent quality and service!

    I purchased these products from Canada. The whole process was simple and painless. I would recommend products and the seller without hesitation. Shane D.
    Written by swifty-41422, -2019-01-08

  • Customer service is # 1

    Excellent service and have been very pleased with their products for years.
    Written by RAFDAF, -2019-01-07

  • Excellent products, lightning quick shipping, fantastic company!!!

    Awesome everything!!! ;O)
    Written by falljax, -2018-12-19

  • Leaks bad

    Leaks severe can’t sleep with it
    Written by buknmar, -2018-12-12

  • It is a little hard on the face as compared with the softer gel mask I have or have been using.

    It is a little hard on the face as compared with the softer gel mask I have or have been using. In the middle of couple of nights I had to switch to my older mask.
    Written by mjr4608, -2018-11-25

  • Excellent

    Always find what I need with great pricing. Better than going to one of those home medical stores
    Written by nancut13, -2018-11-16

    It is very comfortable and flexible to use.
    Written by jorgenegron303, -2018-11-12

  • Fast shipping, fit is perfect.

    Pleased with the prompt shipment of my order. Delivery was fast, fit was perfect and it was well packaged and protected. Will do business with you again.
    Written by StrategicMarketing, -2018-11-09

  • Excellent Value

    Very comfortable mask for the price!
    Written by ethegwood, -2018-10-06

  • It was a little smaller than i thought it should be.

    Nice quality but the head gear was small as was the mask.
    Written by juliethomas187, -2018-09-15


    Fits well, feels great, and lasts. This is my third comfort gel blue nasal mask, and works well for my head/nose/face shape!
    Written by gkmetz-30708, -2018-09-11


    Written by fjmhimself, -2018-08-31

  • Thank you so much

    Great prompt service and excellent quality.
    Written by metmin, -2018-08-31

  • Blue Gel Mask

    I love the comfort of the blue gel mask KEEPS my skin cool . But the mushroom clips for connecting the head gear they don't secure properly and they keep popping off. I really don't like those,1 I wish we could change out for a better one not that type with the ball on the end. but everything else I like. I'm not sure why my mouth gets dry and my throat hurts but my mask be secure ,but it doesn't cover my mouth and I've got large. very affordable Glad I subscribe to the web site, (Good products.)
    Written by Cookie, Dallas Texas -2018-08-25

  • full comfort all over my head. Sleep like a baby...

    full comfort all over my head. Sleep like a baby in a cloud. Did a return for it cause I got the wrong one. The return process was smooth as glass I will always shop here!
    Written by Hal, salem nh -2018-08-20

  • Uncomfortable/hard to use

    To big, uncomfortable, hard to strap up and unstrap
    Written by jdf1157, -2018-08-14

  • Not as Good As I Hoped !

    Hate it! Painful and difficult
    Written by sandycroft, -2018-08-12

  • Works Perfect Husband can sleep all night

    I will give it a 10 it came pretty fast
    Written by robinomega, -2018-07-31

  • Leaks

    Looked similar to the mirage at a much lower price. I thought it was worth a try. I was very disappointed. This mask leaks badly with any movement and quality of sleep was very poor. I returned with 30 day guarantee.
    Written by sleepy in santa cruz, santa cruz -2018-07-02

  • I've tried them all.

    This type of mask is my favorite. I've tried the nasal pillows and the full face mask and end up taking them off in my sleep. I like the soft rubber fitting that has contact with my face. I like the indirect airflow. And i like that it is comfortable enough that i usually wake up with it still in place.
    Written by donettahernandez, -2018-06-29

  • Medium side is too big

    The air comes out because its to big
    Written by solomelissa1, -2018-06-28

  • very good

    very good mask,fits snug,like it
    Written by mromboli, -2018-06-22

  • Poor

    I like to have my old mask ProFill lite blue . By Phillips
    Written by mrwall48, -2018-05-24

  • awesome

    great, superb, super duper
    Written by donneil-47432, -2018-05-14

  • Good news

    The product arrived on time and as advertised
    Written by tlf72802, -2018-05-09

  • Still trying to get accustomed to my new mask

    Great experience will be back
    Written by gunlover601971, -2018-05-04

  • Great buy

    Headgear is excellent quality. The gel mask is working great. Will definitely buy again.
    Written by mchand1961, -2018-04-04

  • Return customer

    I enjoy buying my supplies through here it is simple and quick ...thanks I look forward to keeping my business here.
    Written by Armandosifuentes43, -2018-04-04

  • Not Comfortable

    When you fit it tight it rubs uncomfortably....When you loosen it up to be comfortable it makes an a lot of noise from the air rushing from around the seals!
    Written by kirkswlms, -2018-03-11

  • Very nice

    Comfortable with t he product would recommend your product to anyone who needs one!!! GREAT I'M very happy.
    Written by mickgainey1, -2018-03-07

  • Good Deal

    Comfortable. Great price .
    Written by wlmarshall, -2018-02-27

  • Chances are I will not shop cpapchange ever again.

    Mask leaked and you wouldn't let me send it back.
    Written by duer-36828, -2018-02-24

  • quiet and comfy

    Imperceptible exhaust port noise. Great sealing. Performs better than masks that cost twice as much.
    Written by hum9hrey, -2018-02-20

  • My mask and head gear

    It’s perfect the mask So comfortable thanks for your quick service and ldelivery of my mouth I will be buying from you from now on thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Written by tommythespider, -2018-02-15

  • Easy Peasy

    I tried a new style mask that did not work for me and returned it -- no hassle at all. I then ordered a replacement mask and it arrived quickly, nice price too.
    Written by scotto2000, -2018-02-09

  • Excellent

    It works very well for me. I have recommended it to others.
    Written by pastorjohn-40677, -2018-02-06

  • Fantastic Fit

    The mask arrived ahead of schedule and was a fantastic fit. I got a good nights sleep that night!
    Written by RMTischler, -2018-02-05

  • Great Order Experience

    Everything in the order was exactly as described on the website and the prices were good compared to other websites I checked.
    Written by keadams200, -2018-02-04

  • Leaks

    I’m happy with cpapXchange, but the Respironics ComfortGel Blue mask did not work for me at all. I used it for 10 nights and did not get a decent night’s sleep the whole time. Despite numerous adjustments, the mask continued to leak. It woke me up at least once every hour. Respironics claims that some leakage is normal. I reject this assertion. For 15 years, I used Respironics ProfileLite masks without leakage problems. Of course, they discontinued that line. Couldn’t leave well enough alone. Now I’m floundering, trying to find something that works as well.
    Written by dttprice, -2018-02-02

  • not worth it

    this mask is very hard to seal compared to others wish I had went ahead with the true blue mask won't make that mistake again
    Written by kymedic1688, -2018-01-30

  • Nice comfortable mask.

    Based on all the different masks I have tried over the last 10 years or so this mask is pretty comfortable to wear.
    Written by randallauckerman, -2018-01-30

  • Better than full face

    Not bad but will leak air. Will give you red pressure lines. It’s okay but not as nice as my Dreamwear.
    Written by nardly, -2018-01-26

  • does not fit

    top of mask does not seal without a fight.
    Written by PARTS-44876, -2018-01-26

  • It heavy compared to my other one

    It will take some getting use to it's a little heavy on my face
    Written by Stutesvince, -2018-01-23

  • great mask

    I've used this same type mask for years, I like it very much and it is very durable, It seems to hold up well.
    Written by stevelassiter, -2018-01-22

  • Awesome product, awesome price and shipping was free and speedy !!

    Awesome product, awesome price and shipping was free and speedy !!
    Written by jeffreydiedrich321, -2018-01-20

  • Great Mask

    I started with this mask years ago, have tried others, but I keep coming back to this one, for me, very comfortable. I like the fact that I can buy just the comfortgel insert if I need it. cpapxchange has the best price on complete masks and parts. Fast shipping.
    Written by watfordchuck, -2018-01-20

  • cpap mask

    used these masks for 20 plus years they came very fast and had no trouble
    Written by garytkachyk, -2018-01-14

  • great customer service people and price on CPAP supplies

    Frantastic customer service personel and great prices on supplies
    Written by MARYLYNNDROUGHTON, -2018-01-11

  • Outstanding customer service

    I realized that I ordered the wrong mask and emailed my concern and the ladies put a hold on my order and sent the mask that i needed. Really a great group of helpful and pleasant people to work with. Thank you again
    Written by DAVIDMILLERE02, -2017-12-28

  • Great service

    This item came fast and was easy to order.
    Written by garry-14284, -2017-12-27

  • Serves it's purpose.

    Quick,easy and afordable.
    Written by jeffreychavez, -2017-12-19

  • Great

    The mask helped me have a full night.
    Written by hensleytina565, -2017-12-14

  • All cPap masks are crap.

    Nothing has been invented for a side sleeper.
    Written by john_elliott_randall, -2017-12-10

  • Garbage

    The bottom was too square to fit properly. I had to have it very tight so it would not leak around my eyes. If I changed my head position such as looking down or up, the lower part of the mask would become so lose it would not seal if I moved my head so the chin would be closer to my chest, if I moved my head the other direction it would get so tight that it was uncomfortable. I only used it for one night and skin under my nose became so irritated that it had started to breakout and has taken about a week to heal. DO NOT BYE THIS MASK.
    Written by brionselectricllc, -2017-12-10

  • Awesome

    Love this place, unbeatable prices and quality
    Written by milldu1, -2017-12-09

  • ComfortGel Blue CPAP Mask with Headgear

    The face mask fits very well. The head gear slips up from the back of my head and pops off during the night.
    Written by tolamarie, -2017-11-29

  • It was an awesome mask!!!

    The mask is really comfortable!!
    Written by PRECISEINNOVATORS, -2017-11-27

  • gel for comfort

    Fits very well and comfortable
    Written by egcash2002, -2017-11-25

  • Comfortable

    This is the 2nd one I've purchased, since they discontinued my model. It's very comfortable. Arrived in 3 days.
    Written by pultz52, -2017-11-23

  • Good Quality

    I ordered this mask because apparently my old mask has been discontinued. This is very similar, main difference being headgear attachment. Unfortunately, I ordered a Large. I am a large individual. But it's too large. I am going to order a medium, soon. I believe my old mask was a medium, but I am so unused to buying anything for normal sized people that I didn't trust my memory.
    Written by artm08, -2017-11-23

  • Hard on the hands.

    Fit is good, However the lower straps are extremely difficult to hook-up for arthritic hands. I would recommend to others only if they have normal hand coordination and dexterity.
    Written by MediumAquamarineFox-39540, -2017-11-23

  • Customer Service

    The customer service representative was very friendly and took excellent care of me. The product is very good but it is the customer service that brings me back to this vendor.
    Written by rhinolinnea, -2017-11-21

  • Just didn't fit.

    It's just the shape of my face, I suppose, but I couldn't find any adjustment that would keep air from escaping the seals, and I'm only set at 7.5. Given my large head and features, it's not too surprising. When you think about how many dimensions are involved, it's hard to believe any design with only 3 or 4 size choices would fit everyone.
    Written by rjogden-52241, -2017-11-21

  • Size

    I ordered a small which it said was offered I got a small medium so it's a little big. When I do move it moves a little other than that it is a fine mask.
    Written by gudrunleszczynski, -2017-11-20

    CXC Notes: Hello, I've checked into our records and see that you were indeed sent the Small ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask. Please note that both the Small and Medium ComfortGel Blue Nasal masks both use the same frame size which is marked as such. The only difference in the two sizes is the actual nasal cushion which is either the Small that you received or a Medium. If you find that the Small is too big for you then you might consider the Petite size instead.

  • Prompt, professional and the best price.

    Prompt, professional and the best price.
    Written by markleblanc100, -2017-11-17

  • The Usual Excellent Service

    Site had what I needed, at a fair price, and shipped it quickly. Everything arrived with no delay.
    Written by Redondo-Beach-Customer, -2017-11-06

  • blue nasal

    works great thanks for shipping quick
    Written by trzcc1, -2017-11-01

  • mask

    Very satified, quick service, fair price.
    Written by hochkeppel, -2017-10-31

  • Blue Nasal

    Shipping was great very fast, love my blue nasal mask very comfortable
    Written by trzcc1, -2017-10-31

  • Somewhat disappointed.

    The nasal mask would not seal without significant strap pressure. I am accustomed to a full face mask which requires minimal strap pressure unless laying on my side. I was however, very pleased with the technical offer to assist with the tubing mismatch. Maybe a good price will come for a full face mask in the near future.
    Written by cgccc51, -2017-10-28

  • Horrible

    Tried it four times. Not able to wear it more than 2 hours. Fit was very bad. Head gear was hard to connect.
    Written by olddog412, -2017-10-26

  • Satisfied customer

    Ordering was simple, product is exactly as shown n expected, on time delivery!
    Written by amaslanc, -2017-10-23

  • Love my new mask.

    My old mask needed replacing. I love my new mask. Comfortable and works great.
    Written by vangyzencmvg5, -2017-10-15

  • Adequate

    I was disappointed that the original model mask I had been using since 2001. That one was adequate as well. This one is an improvement over the original in that the exhaust is blown in another direction less likely to bother. The headgear is made with less stretchy material, requiring that the straps be removed and repositioned -- perhaps the intention of the re-design is to make it necessary to adjust the straps. It's not perfect. It does what it needs to do. I still have not found a better mask yet.
    Written by roger_ouellette, -2017-10-03

  • Clap mask

    Both are great just like the original
    Written by wima71tb, -2017-10-02

  • Comfort Gel Mask

    Fits well, it can be a little more comfortable with better padding. Best out of all the masks I have tried. I did like the cloth mask but it did not even last one year.
    Written by robertfils, -2017-09-30

  • Hubby loves it!

    His mask split and he didn't want to go through a Sleep Study to get a new one. Great solution.
    Written by mebipolarbear, -2017-09-19

  • uncomfortable to wear

    returned with 30 exchange policy because the mask was too uncomfortable to wear.
    Written by WHOLESOMEVALUES, -2017-09-11

  • Too tight

    Let me qualify by saying I am a very restless sleeper. when sitting up watching TV, this mask was 10 of 10. When I laid down, it leaked. To get it to, seal, I just had to make it soooo tight. It did stay in place pretty well, but it was really tight, big marks on my face, etc.
    Written by Damon P Schoen, Fort Littleton -2017-09-08

  • Great Experience

    Thank you so much for making ordering replacement parts so easy! You are a true life saver!
    Written by kellyanne67, Kansas City, MO -2017-08-31

  • new mask

    I don't need the small holes but at least they don't blow on my face or eyes. My next mask may not have those holes! I like the fact that this mask goes on and off easily... I hope I don't wear out the quick connection! Happy new year
    Written by james cap, dayton, ohio -2017-08-23

  • great, best one I have ever tried before since I...

    great, best one I have ever tried before since I have needed one
    Written by conniemccoy11, yuma arizona -2017-08-17

  • Very comfortable

    I really enjoyed using this product. It has good coverage and comfortable. I had to return it to get a smaller size though. The small was just a bit big on my face. I hope the petite size works. It is hard to get female sized masks.
    Written by lnsmale, Florida -2017-07-14

  • The velcro is weak and pulls apart nearly every use

    The mask is a good fit, the velcro is the worst quality velcro I have ever come across. It would be such an easy fix it is hard to understand why they would make them like this.
    Written by stevehowar, Pismo Beach -2017-07-08

  • Exceeded my expectations.

    Didn't care much for the head band but the mask was better than I thought it would be. Fit very well and the price was right
    Written by oldoug, -2017-07-06

  • Do not like ...

    Like old gel mask with better fit...This mask is very uncomfortable. Head band rubs forehead and can't get good night of sleep. Perfer old style better.
    Written by dueces6671, -2017-06-14

  • Not user friendly

    Not user friendly at all .. very hard to put on and take off. leaks a little bit and the quality is not all that
    Written by ThulianPinkDolphin, Windsor, Ontario, Canada -2017-06-05

  • excellent purchase

    its working perfectly. The specifications of the products were exactly like described. All the products were shipped on good time and the price was incredible.
    Written by sgog, -2017-06-02

  • Even though the gel surface is quite prominent, I am...

    Even though the gel surface is quite prominent, I am still having trouble getting the mask to fit properly, and it leaks whenever I turn to the side.
    Written by nickpizziferri, Florida -2017-05-31

  • Overall a very good product. Pretty comfortable & the headgear...

    Overall a very good product. Pretty comfortable & the headgear is better quality than the previous ones I have had. The upper part of the mask, is a lot more comfortable than some of the others.
    Written by jcbeck14, Eureka, MO -2017-05-25

  • Too loud

    Too loud and very uncomfortable. Thank goodness that this mask had a 30 day money back guarantee. So this mask didnt work for me and hope you have better luck.
    Written by stephenandangi, USA -2017-05-02

  • love it

    Best prices I seen in 10 years. I'm already considering my next purchase. I will be doin g that real soon.
    Written by GuppieGreenOribi, -2017-04-09


    Been using CPAP for about 4- 5 years - have had two other masks - this one is the best I have had.
    Written by mike_herron_sr, -2017-03-29

  • My purchase

    It fits snugly but the gel hurts my face compared to one's without gel. I have went back to my old one.
    Written by luishiamercer, -2017-03-14

  • Easy no Hassel ordering

    I love how easy it is to order my products online. I get a great high quality product at a great price and only takes me a few minutes to put in my order.
    Written by chipreis, -2017-03-04

  • Great fit

    Love the fit. One of the few masks that doesn't leave pressure marks on my nose. I simply love this mask.
    Written by kc0lwn, -2017-03-01

  • This item was discounted because I think it was a...

    This item was discounted because I think it was a couple of generations older than the current products. It is still a serviceable product.
    Written by mac_perry2, -2017-02-18

  • Excellent Product

    Very happy with my purchases . I have purchased items from this vendor before and have been satisfied with their quality service.
    Written by judoman007, -2017-02-17

  • Awesome

    This is my first experience with Cpapxchange. I must say it was all they said it would be. Great price, excellent service and timely results. Thank you
    Written by Lloyd Williford, -2016-12-08

  • Great customer service

    Great help over the phone, shipped quick, and got just what I ordered. You can't ask for anymore than that. Oh yea not a bad price either. Much Thanks to the person who helped me.
    Written by Steve, -2016-12-05

  • pretty good, bought again

    good mask, I just ordered again. respironics blue gel is a good product, but the flaps on this type of mask arent really ready for prime time. still, the combination is fairly good. when isnt it? if the fit is not just right, the flap part 'flaps' makes racket. But the feature allowing adjustment of the angle of the whole mask is a good one -- that and adjustment of the headgear fixes most fit issues (until the premium headgear has stretched so much that it cannot be tightened enough - a sep. review, but that comes in this kit. Good that the kit I got has a replacement gel unit - with two of those they will last a as long as the plastic frame. Bottom line is that I bought it all again when the first kit was worn.
    Written by LW, -2016-12-01

  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    The fit and comfort are very good. Unfortunately, every time I wear it the bridge of my nose swells and gets sores on it. I must be allergic to the materials. I have even tried padding where the mask sits on my nose and the results are the same.
    Written by Barb, -2016-11-15

  • Sleepless

    This mask is the most uncomfortable I have ever had. It leaks at each change of head placement. My wife thought I had a really bad gas problem at night. Also it does not conform well if you move, and did cause a small pimple to form on my cheek.
    Written by Rocket Roy, -2016-11-09

  • Amazing!!!!

    I looked at other Internet companies and their prices were rediculous!!!! I got everything i needed at an amazing price and shipping was fast!!! I will buy again for sure!!!
    Written by Vivian, -2016-11-08

  • pleasant experience

    I was very pleased with my experience dealing with this company. As it turned out, we had ordered the incorrect mask. The return policy and instructions were simple and easy to follow. We would recommend this company to friends and family.
    Written by DGA, -2016-11-06

  • Just what I expected

    Thanks for the quick shipping and displaying/advertising exactly what you were selling. Returned the first product I bought from someone and what I received was not what was advertised or shown in picture. I will be ordering my next CPAP gear from you when the time comes.
    Written by Steve, -2016-11-05

  • forehead support flimsy

    everything looks OK except for the forehead support. which does look very temporary. Haven't used it yet. Because I will be trying to sure up the supports before I use it.
    Written by J Jay, -2016-11-05

  • CPAP headgear

    The product arrived in good time. It fits nicely and is not uncomfortable, but this unit exhausts much more air than the previous model I was wearing and blows down from around the nose area. This can often blow upon my chest and that is very uncomfortable - I have to wedge a sheet in below the exhaust to block the air flow.
    Written by John G, -2016-11-03

  • Cpap mask

    All great as advertised. Pleased to do it again when necessary. Thanks
    Written by John c, -2016-11-02

  • Doesn't fit me well

    The headgear that came with the mask did not fit well (RS too small, regular too large). I modified headgear for another mask (that was sized better) and it did a much better job (a strap that goes over the top of the head that keeps the headgear from sliding down to my neck is needed). If I lay on my back the mask did not leak but as soon as I move to my side it would start leaking. Even though I had the small cushion (which fit well) the mask frame is large. The frame seemed heavy and wanted to pull the mask to one side or the other causing the leaks.
    Written by erica, -2016-10-26

  • face mask

    the mask I buy from youll are perfect fit and a lot better than the company I been buying from
    Written by travis y, -2016-10-13

  • The best mask so far.

    I think this mask fits really well. After a few days, I was able to finally have the adjustment just right. there is some slight pressure on the nose when I wake up. Nothing that is problematic. The mask is defiantly better than the full face mask.
    Written by great mask, -2016-10-09

  • comfortgel blue

    no issues
    Written by rick tanghe, -2016-10-06

  • The best mask I've used

    I have used dozens of masks over the years, from nasal pillows to full face masks, to several brands of nasal masks. Nothing fits as reliably as the ComfortGel Blue. It is the best mask I've used.
    Written by Dennis G., -2016-10-02

  • Don't fix it if it ain't broke!

    I have been using this gel mask and head gear for years. I have tried a total of four other mask and head gear combinations but I always come back to this one. Simply put, it works for me. I hope it's on the market for many years to come.
    Written by Bill L, -2016-09-29

  • Comfort Gel Blus Nasal CPAP Mask & Headgear

    This is exactly what I was looking for at a price I could afford. I ordered on Friday and my mask was here on Monday. I highly recommend this company.
    Written by Vickie, -2016-09-26

  • Thank you

    My old mask was falling apart. My headgear was even worse. I did not know I could purchase a new mask and headgear for a reasonable amount of money. Thank you so much. My new mask is wonderful although next time I think I will order a smaller size. I am so happy when I put that mask on at night because I know I am going to sleep great.
    Written by Helen C, -2016-09-23

  • Comfortable blue nasal Cpap BiPAP MASK WITH HEADGEAR

    I think that this is a very good mask , but, I miss ordered the mask and should have gotten a size small. So I can't get it to seal correctly, and I know that I never will , but as I didn't see that I had the correct information on my order, guess what I'm stuck with my mistake. But, I have used this mask model and style before, I can honestly say that this is a very good and well built mask, and will give any user excellent service for the lifetime of the product. I have been using this style of mask for about six years and I find it is the best choice for my needs. I will be buying this product many times in the future.
    Written by D. R. G., -2016-09-23

  • Not the same

    I recently purchased this product to replace my Profile Lite which was discontinued. I hate it.
    Written by Rich, -2016-09-21

  • Not good!!

    One of the most uncomfortable masks that I have ever worn, keeps my nose sore, will not order again.
    Written by Mewing, -2016-09-04

  • Purchase of Cpap mask and headgear

    Excellent quality and easy and comfortable to use..
    Written by Anthony, -2016-08-19

  • Not for me

    This mask is very uncomfortable and noisy. Won't properly seal on my face no matter how much I tighten it. Would not buy again.
    Written by Anthony P, -2016-08-19

  • Cpap mask

    I came across your site while surfing the internet . I needed a small gel mask and was searching everywhere to find other sites were sold out or didn't have my size. Some site were charging way too much. Then I came to this site not only was the price very reasonable I thought it was a mistake at first cause it came with the total headgear for what other sites were charging just for the gel part. The service was excellent too! I came home to find my box in my mailbox and wondered what it was and to my surprise it was here. I love the fast service and the prices are the best out there. I will continue buying my supplies from Cpapxchange . Thanks a million!
    Written by C Hernandez, -2016-08-15

  • tightened enough to keep air from leaking is painful

    I like the mask but it has a cut-out along the bottom and if I tightened it enough to keep it from leaking it caused pain all the next day. I am returning it Monday, I hate that it isn't working as the lighter ones tend to have to be adjusted on my face alot. But at least they dont hurt.
    Written by Larry, -2016-08-13

  • comfort gel blue

    like the softness of nasal gel conforms to your skin and nose with ease. great product.
    Written by Wilks K. H., -2016-08-13

  • My Purchase Experience

    I received excellent customer service and my mask arrived on time and was exactly what I needed. I would HIGHLY recommend this business!!
    Written by Marci K., -2016-08-12

  • CPAP Mask

    Product shipped fast and was exactly what I ordered. I will order again from this company
    Written by Jesse, -2016-08-12

  • Surprised First Time

    This was my very first order with your company and after looking at CPAP masks on multiple websites I chose your company even though I had never heard about them before. Other people told me not to order from sites that I did not know and I expected there to be multiple issues. This is one of those great experiences that you want to tell everyone about ! From ordering to shipping to customer service this company beat my expectations and I will be ordering again and again in the future!
    Written by Jerry G, -2016-07-31

  • ComfortGel Blue

    Mask is a little different then what I have been using due to discontinued product. felt a little strange the first couple of nights, but I am getting use to it and I think I'm going to like it over all.
    Written by George, -2016-07-21

  • C pap mask

    The service is excellent you won me as a customer for life.
    Written by Jerome K Jr, -2016-07-19

  • Not particularly happy

    no instructions came with mask/headgear. have had issues getting it adjust right, may have to go back to my old mask.
    Written by Chet, -2016-07-12

  • No going back!

    I really liked the original Comfort Classic Nasal Mask but realized it was being discontinued. So I went with the ComfortGel Blue Nasal since it's design and construction looked familiar. Also I like the design of the substantial looking headgear. Well all I can say is I wish I would have made the switch sooner. The very comfortable to wear and stays in place through out the night.
    Written by Jack P, -2016-06-25

  • wunderbar

    fits nice, easy to get used to
    Written by mugwump, -2016-06-23

  • more leaks than a sive

    Very uncomfortable and so leaky that I never even attempted to wear it for night. Just trying in the day for quite a while I could never get a seal. Does not work on my face at all.
    Written by Todd, -2016-06-20

  • Very good products

    Products are always good.
    Written by James R , -2016-06-16

  • All Good--Service, Price, and Product

    I found this company on the internet and have been very satisfied with all aspects. The person I spoke with was pleasant and made good suggestions without being pushy. Inventory was plentiful and deep in what I needed, a Blue Nasal CPAP/BIPAP. Delivery was prompt and made less expensive by the suggestions of the sales person. The product itself was just what I needed expected. In all, the process was less time consuming than my previous attempts with other sources, including in person sales. It was also on sale which added to to the value. Thanks for asking my opinion.
    Written by TPF, -2016-06-15

  • delighted with my nasal face mask

    What a quality nasal mask and head gear for the price. I was so very satisfied with the comfortable fit, the swivel connectors that the head gear straps thread through, and the strength of the Velcro. Delivery was quick. I am Just thrilled with the product, as well as your service, and I was hesitant to order it. Now I could be your best spokesperson.
    Written by Dolly T, -2016-06-11

  • Comfort gel blue basal clap mask and headgear

    I have been looking for this mask for a couple of years. I don't like the strap over my head. So this goes around and I love it.
    Written by Pat Y, -2016-06-11

  • Cpap mask

    Awesome fit. Very adjustable
    Written by Jennifer, -2016-06-02

  • nasal cpap mask

    great design and comfortable to wear although full mask is better suits my husband
    Written by karen, -2016-05-30

  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    My husband loves the ComfortGel Blue Nasal mask. The price at cpapXchange is so much better than other places I've tried.
    Written by Lorena G, -2016-05-23

  • Great product!

    The quality and fit of my CPAP mask is excellent! I couldn't have gotten a better deal for the price and durability. I will order all of my CPAP equipment from
    Written by Tara, -2016-05-17

  • Very pleased

    Same high quality at half the price I have paid before
    Written by Tom, -2016-04-22

  • Great product

    Very fast delivery and great service. The product was exactly what I wanted at a decent price.
    Written by Doug, -2016-04-08

  • comfortgel blue nasal mask

    I am happy with the ComfortGel blue nasal mask. I have used this model for years but this time, the "Premium" Headgear that came with it has very little stretch and is not comfortable.
    Written by JimE, -2016-04-04

  • Cap mask and head gear

    Loved it. It was the exact replacement mask I needed and I will be using the this for future needs.
    Written by Ronald R, -2016-04-03

  • Service

    Awesome service great prices
    Written by Pam, -2016-03-24

  • my C-pap mask

    This is a superb mask I don't really know what else to say about it I was worried about ordering from this company I was worried that it wasn't going to be quality product I received it in about 4 days this is an excellent product excellent construction I am so proud that I found this website and this company to order my pride my CPAP machine I wanted like to thank you very much for this mask and at a great great price
    Written by Jimmy R, -2016-03-19

  • great company terrible mask

    Love the service hate the mask. Anything but comfortgel. On the second night woke up with blood streaming down my face. The gel on the bridge of the nose is to hard. Even after loosening the straps to the just seal point it cuts into the soft tissue on the bridge of my nose. I bought this unit after my old standby mask was discontinued. Not sure what to replace it with. 14 year CPAP user.
    Written by Tommy, -2016-03-16

  • Great Service

    Good Price, Great Service, Quality Product. I am very satisfied.
    Written by Rich, -2016-03-15

  • Blue gel mask

    Written by Blue gel mask, -2016-03-14

  • nice fitting

    Nice mask, doesn't leave lines on my face in the morning like my old one, comfortable, I highly recommend.
    Written by Debbie W, -2016-02-24

  • The new replacement for profile lite

    The so called improvement is so bad, I have been on cpap and now bipap for 20 years this new masks are so bad I don't want to use my bipap
    Written by Edwin, -2016-02-11

  • CPAP mask

    Just like in the picture. works great
    Written by sue, -2016-02-10

  • Cpap mask

    I really like your product a lot more than any other cpap mask l've used before. I definitely like it because it doesn't leak like other brands. I have used Cpap machines and masks for three years. Now I can relax and not wake up.
    Written by Carol M, -2016-02-03

  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal

    I haVE been wearING A Profile Lite mask for years. I was recently informed that the Profile Lites were discontinued and that ComfortGel Blue is the replacement. I tried the ComfortGel Blue and it was horrible. It leaked terribly. and hurt my nose.
    Written by JR, -2016-01-18

  • BiPAP Mask

    It's a great mask but I order a large and should have ordered a medium.
    Written by Errol B, -2015-12-27

  • Good value

    Mask compares to more expensive masks. Flex points he'll keep seal
    Written by Dew, -2015-12-14

  • ComfortGel Mask

    This particular mask is anything but comfortable. I have problems with the headgear staying in place on my head, it keeps slipping, so I have to keep on adjusting the straps and the ComfortGel mask is not comfortable, the bottom part of the mask is very uncomfortable where it sits just below my nose.
    Written by Alan, -2015-12-10


    Written by PAUL, -2015-11-03

  • Easy ordering, excwllwnt product

    Ordering was very easy, items were delivered within the time specified, product was exactly what I needed, and arrived in good shape. I am a returning customer and will continue to be.
    Written by James M, -2015-09-30

  • Wasn't what I thought

    I did not like the clips, they were very hard to clip. Gel mask was not as comfortable as described. I like the old cushion ones.
    Written by Kasey, -2015-09-19

  • Head Strap is tight

    We have had no problem until this time that the head strap is to tight. Yes you can adjust it but while you are sleeping it has no give if a person turns over. So by the time they turn over it is cutting them in the front. And we have had no trouble until this one. We have purchased three now.
    Written by Kimberly, -2015-09-16

  • Better than the old comfort gel

    Love it so much better than old comfort gel style and I loved it.
    Written by Terry, -2015-09-12

  • Nothing is perfect

    The new straps of this mask seem to adjust better than the old type, but the mask still isn't a perfect fit. It is reasonably comfortable but there is still air leakage if I shift positions while asleep. I don't think there can be a perfect fit with C-PAP masks since everyone's face is shaped differently. I just wish that we could try all types of masks risk-free but that would be horribly wasteful. Like every other mask I've hhad, this one will work out fine eventually.
    Written by three dog nighty-night, -2015-08-27

  • CPAP Exchange is wondwrful!

    I could not be happier with the product, the service, or the price!
    Written by Mary, -2015-08-24

  • poorly made mask

    This mask is the cheapest plastic I have ever seen used for the connection to the head piece. This brand has totally switched to low quality plastic. The last one I had was so much better in quality. Being that I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist of 38 years I can tell you for sure that this mask is not quality.
    Written by Mary Beth, -2015-07-29

  • Not Flexible like TrueBlue

    Thought it might be better than my TrueBlue flexible mask.WRONG! This mask had to be worn significantly tighter than my TrueBlue mask & still broke seal when tossing/turning.I like the flexible piece between the frame and blue pad the TrueBlue stands up to frequent turning by flexing with me. I returned the ComfortGel Blue and purchased a new TrueBlue and an extra replacement pad. The new TrueBlue is great, just like my old one.
    Written by John , -2015-07-19

  • Not as good as FlexiFit 407

    For years I have used the Flexifit 407. I keep thinking I should branch out and try a new mask. This new mask was better than others I have tried but not as good as my old standby.
    I was not able to get a restful nights sleep and I would wake up off and on throughout the night. Never could master the side clips when putting this mask on. Gives a good deal around the leaks. Rests against forehead comfortably. The mask is a bit heavy. I used it for 5 nights straight and decided to go back to my FlexiFit so I could get a full nights rest.
    I haven't given up on this mask. Will try it again one of these nights. Overall it's a good mask.
    Written by Gayle, -2015-07-13

  • Too tight if sealed well

    If I tightened enough to prevent air leakage around the face seal, it was so tight I woke up with the bridge of my nose and my lips hurting. Doesn't seem to be a way to balance the fit, either so tight it hurts, or too loose and it doesn't seal well, and leaks. Not satisfied with it.
    Written by Les , -2015-07-04

  • c-pap mask and head gear

    No problem, this is the exact replacment. really nice to have a good quality product.
    Written by Belinda, -2015-06-30

  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask

    I have found this nasal mask to be comfortable, although a little heavier than similar masks I have used in the past. I have found the clips for the mask to be difficult to use, and would prefer the hook-like clips rather than the clips the ComfortGel mask has. The mask works very well.
    Written by Kevin, -2015-06-26

  • comfort gel blue nasal CPAP mask

    every thing on the mask and headgear is very good except for the soft translucent outer mask that was over the blue gel nasal mask. It smelled like mold or mildew even after being washed several times.
    Written by C. Gregston, -2015-06-22

  • Comfortable, Reasonably Priced Mask

    This model continues to be my favorite mask. The mask is comfortable and doesn't have any air leaks even without having to overtighten the straps.
    Written by Marc D., -2015-06-18

  • CPAP/BiPAP Mask

    On average, the mask is almost as the original one. I think it's a matter of time before I get used to it.
    Written by David M, -2015-06-01

  • Not as good as old one

    This new mask is not as comfortable as my old one. I have to tighten it more to keep it in place to the point of discomfort. I do not like the headgear harness either.
    Written by Mike, -2015-05-23

  • Great price for a great mask

    I have facial hair and this is the best mask I have found. This gets the best seal with the least amount of pressure when compared to more expensive models. There are two very similar models of this mask and I choose to pay $10 more for this particular version. Both fit the same, how ever I like the top portion that rest on your forward a small bit more and this mask has a different vent and is quieter.
    Written by Apnea Sucks, -2015-05-19

  • bi pap mask w headgear

    comfortable and keeps its seal even during side sleeping- thank you
    Written by Tari, -2015-05-11

  • ComfortGel Mask

    The original comfort gel mask was dark blue and made of a heavier rubber and came up on the bridge of the nose for a better seal. They are calling this Comfort Gel Blue but it is not the ORIGINAL Comfort Gel! Please bring back the ORIGINAL Comfort Gel! I am looking for something better but this isn't it.
    Written by Eddy P, -2015-05-05

  • New Mask and Gel Pads

    CPAP Xchange makes it easy to order, was delivered quickly and probably saved me $60 or $70. My prescribing facility has not sold any of my supplies or masks since I found CPAP Xchange. I can sleep so much better with the new mask and pad.
    Written by Bob C, -2015-05-04

  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    Best fitting mask my wife has ever used!
    Written by George, -2015-05-02

  • pricing

    good quality at a great price
    Written by steve, -2015-04-28


    I like the quick release better. Head gear is very comfortable
    Written by Elmo C, -2015-04-18

  • Fantastic service-my new home for cpap supplies

    I broke my mask and was in a panic to replace it. The best price was here and it arrived lightning quick! I have saved their site as a favorite and will shop nowhere else!
    Written by Jim G, -2015-04-16

  • Good mask

    Good mask, good seal and good straps. Wish there was something they had to keep from getting that mark or dent in your forehead :(
    Written by Keel863, -2015-03-31

  • great

    great product at a reasonable price. been a customer for many years
    Written by flick, -2015-03-26

  • CPAP

    The full experience, product, price, delivery was excellent all around. Very highly recommended. Will buy again if need to.
    Written by Jorge G, -2015-03-09

  • It falls short of what I'm used to

    I used to use a different kind of mask. Same style, better quality. This was suggested as a replacement for the old one. This one looks the same but it missed the mark. The forehead pillow won't rest on my forehead properly, because of this, I have tighten the lower straps tighter to keep a decent seal. I woke up this morning with the bottom of my mask touching the middle of my top lip. Sometimes, I'll wake up and have to strategically place my head to keep a good seal because of that forehead rest. Also, if I have a good seal the forehead rest will hit something because it's just hanging out by itself in the great wide open, and that wakes me up. Also, the headgear is very stiff. No give at all, no stretch. I don't like it.
    Written by Sandi R, -2015-02-18

  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    Very satisfied with Price, Quality & Shipping. Purchased for 1/2 the cost of local Supply Store! Don't see myself buying my supplies anywhere else in the future but here!!
    Written by , -2015-01-27

  • comfort gel blue nasal mask

    Love the product, same as i get from my health care provider. Cpap exchange is my new supplier. I have been recommending them to everyone I know who uses CPAP
    Written by Rick, -2015-01-01

  • Not the same

    I seem to be having the same problems as some of the others. Let me say that I have been using this particular face mask for over 4 or 5 years. Review from Ures has the same problems with mask as I do. I have a sore under nose, head gear has very little elastic in it and the forehead pad keeps breaking loose from head gear. I've notice, not sure if this has anything to do with this but the gel is not as deep blue or soft as my previous ones. Not sure what to do now since since this product has worked so good in the past.
    Written by SCurry, -2014-12-31

  • Gel Mask is more comfortable than the last one

    This mask is a replacement of one that I had been using for over a year and is more comfortable than the old one.
    Written by Jeff, -2014-12-04

  • Better than the former model

    The blue gel insert seems to be more stable than the previous style.
    Written by Susan, -2014-11-11

  • great service

    Mask was exactly as described and arrived quickly
    Written by Larry, -2014-11-07

  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    I've been using comfort gel blue nasal cpap/bpap mask for a long time, this is the only mask i like using because i am comfortable with it. I've tried a lot of different kinds of masks, even other brands but I still come back and buy this product cause i love the way it gives me 100% comfy for all the years that I am buying and using this, as well as you can buy only the parts u need whenever possible.
    Written by Manny L, -2014-10-13

  • mask

    Ordered size medium mask which was to big and was able to exchange for a smaller size with no hassle. Will continue to use this company for supplies.
    Written by Don, -2014-10-05

  • Gel Cushion Mask

    Good fit,easy to adjust, comfortable to wear.
    Written by David L, -2014-08-28

  • ComfortGel BLUE Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask with Headgear

    excellent ...
    Written by Ron C., -2014-05-05

  • Great product

    I have used this style of headgear for years, and am very pleased that it continues to be a reliable product. Very fast shipping too....
    Written by Elaine, -2014-04-22

  • An outstanding ComfortGel mask!

    This is my second purchase of this particular mask. It is light on the face, easily adjustable for a great, leak-free fit, and has a unique air-relief valve that seems to add to its overall comfort. This is a top-quality product at a very fair price.
    Written by Paul K. B., -2014-03-03

  • cpap mask comfort gel blue

    after only one day of wearing this mask I have an open sore below my nose...the "comfort flap" whistles" at the slightest movement...very cheaply made...basically disgusted with this purchase. The headgear sucks, as the stretch is already almost non existent. On the good side...CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXCELLENT!! BRAVO!!
    Written by Urses, -2014-02-27

  • Great price and service

    The price was good. Everything was as promised with fast shipping.
    Written by Sleeping in Andover, -2014-02-05

  • comfort gel mask

    It is really painful on me at my cheekbone. I am still looking
    Written by Judy, -2014-01-22

  • CPAP Mask

    This CPAP Mask with the Blue gel has been the most comfotable mask that I have ever used. CpapXchange is also great and very easy.
    Written by F. Pauloz, -2012-08-13

  • CPAP Mask

    Gentlemen (or Ladies), I appreciate the quick shipping and excellent pricing for your products. You will receive my business going forward.
    Written by Dave, -2012-06-29

  • Comfort blue Nasal mask.

    I thought the mask covered nose and mouth. It Only covers nose so you need a chin strap. My mistake.
    Written by T L S., -2012-03-30


    Written by JOHN, -2012-03-08