ComfortFusion Nasal Mask - DISCONTINUED


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  • For Reference:Discontinued 2016-01-28
  • Brand:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1040769, 1040770, 1040768
  • Sizes:Small, Medium
  • Warranties:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty

The ComfortFusion brings together years of mask design experience with an understanding and appreciation of patient needs to provide a simple, proven mask solution. ComfortFusion's soft, replaceable cushion provides a superior seal which is enhanced by a premium soft forehead pad and Fusion Headgear.


  • Soft Nasal Cushion Adapts to Facial Features
  • Soft Forehead Pad Distributes Pressure & Reduces Marking
  • StabilitySelector Optimizes Mask Position
  • Fusion Four Point Headgear with Quick Clips

Soft Nasal Cushion Adapts to Facial Features: The ComfortFusion's soft nasal cushion adapts to facial features to provide a robust seal and a stable fit. Two cushion sizes are available -- Small and Medium -- to fit a wide range of patients.

Soft Forehead Pad Distributes Pressure & Reduces Marking: ComfortFusion's forehead support includes a premium soft forehead pad, made of similar materials to the cushion, that adapts to your forehead shape, distributing pressure evenly and comfortably across the forehead to reduce pressure points and marking.

Stability Selector Optimizes Mask Position: The Stability Selector, located at the join between the main ComfortFusion mask frame and the forehead bar, raises and lowers the mask for an optimal mask angle, seal and fit.

Fusion Four Point Headgear with Quick Clips: Fusion Headgear provides four points of adjustment for a reliable, comfortable fit without over tightening. Once the mask is adjusted to your best fit, use the ergonomic Quick Clips to take the mask off and put it on without readjustment.


  • For Reference:Discontinued 2016-01-28
  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • Part Numbers:1040769, 1040770, 1040768
  • Warranties:90-Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • In The Package:Complete Nasal Mask Pack with Cushion (Small or Medium) and Headgear. Upgrade to a FitPack with 2 Cushions in Your Shopping Cart.
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034 A7035
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Small, Medium
  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Cushion Masks, FitPack Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 40 cm H20 Recommended
  • mask with headgear

    Nice mask,works great and great price
    Written by Bonnie, -2016-02-07

  • Mask not comfortable.

    Seal is not sufficient to seal without excess pressure on face.
    Written by Randy, -2016-02-06

  • Nice Mask at a Reasonable Price

    Mask fits well and is more comfortable than most masks I have used.
    Written by Zeep, -2016-02-06

  • Great product, service and price!!

    Delivered a great product. Fast and great customer service. Very easy transaction. I found a new place for cpap supplies!! Thank you !!!!
    Written by Karl , -2016-02-01

  • just waht you ordered

    Written by ASHLI, -2016-01-28

  • Cpap gear

    My order arrived as expected. Since my items weren't available, I was upgraded.
    Written by Dee Dee, -2016-01-26

  • my cpap order

    Even that I had to return my cpap becasue I order the wrong size. the fast responce and delivery was amazing. Love to have found this company
    Written by charles p, -2016-01-26

  • Great service

    Great service. Very helpful people. Will buy again.
    Written by Melissa, -2016-01-23

  • Great service

    I've always used a full face mask, but decided to try the nasal mask because of the price. Comfortable fit, but nasal mask doesn't work for me. But I can use the headgear on my full face mask, so I still got a good deal. Customer service was excellent, and I received the package sooner than anticipated.
    Written by Pang 1635, -2016-01-21

  • Excellent Design

    This mask is better designed and more comfortable than my original mask. The price was great and service was excellent.
    Written by Patrick J. G., -2016-01-19

  • Comfort gel mask and tubing

    I have re ordered many times in the past years. No problem and works well.
    Written by Nile S, -2016-01-13

  • Very easy!

    I love how easy it was to find what I needed at a price I could afford!
    Written by Cristi, -2016-01-04

  • You should see my face this morning

    This is a terrible mask. I even used a Pad A Cheek with it. Problems all night. My face is eaten up. Could NOT get a good fit with small at all.
    Written by Vicki B, -2015-12-30

  • cpap mask

    I have suffered from sleep apnea for all of my adult life, becoming accustomed to the mask was the most difficult part using cpap. I am sure this is true for all of these therapies. A comfortable mask is the most import connection to get a good night's sleep. If you are using these but are still sleepy in the afternoon and have daytime headaches for no other reason then your treatment probably isn't effective but can be. TRUST ME good cpap is better than any sleep you have had in many years. Seek it.
    Written by J Broadwell sr, -2015-12-29

  • Extremely satisfied

    It was fast and easy to purchase what I needed, and order arrived in 3 days with regular shipping. Shipment was professionally packaged and items were new in sealed bags. Best part was the price, was able to pick up a complete mask with head strap as a spare for only $25.
    Written by Matt K, -2015-12-04

  • OK for the price

    The mask and head gear were inexpensive on sale. I wouldn't pay more it as it is not a quality product but worth what I paid for it.
    Written by sleepless, -2015-12-02

  • great mask

    Great mask especially for the price. Feels a bit fragile but comfortable with the adjustable settings. I will keep this as my backup and can't be happier about the price.
    Written by Jay, -2015-11-28

  • Great company

    I purchased a cpap mask from cpapxchange. The order arrived before expected and the item was upgraded as they were out of what I needed. The price to begin with was better than everywhere else. Spectacular service. I will definitely buy from them again.
    Written by GSM, -2015-11-24

  • comfort fushion nasal mask

    Product arrived promptly as promised. I adjusted it slightly and have been using since. Did a lot of research and read the reviews. With the 30 day return option decided to try it. I was not sure about the forehead part but it leaves no marks and is very fine. Small size works is spacious. As side sleeper I do have to reposition the mask to stop some leakage. Also I cause it to rise up and scuff skin at the bottom of my nose. Not a big issue-someone said they used a chin strap to solve that. You could spend three times as much and be less satisfied. The headgear is working fie. I'll consider buying another one of this model for future use after some further use.
    Written by Craig, -2015-11-19

  • Good under pressure

    This mask is extremely low cost and holds a good seal without leaving lines or marks. I am at high pressure (30) and have had trouble finding a mask that works. This one does the job. The only knock I have on it is that the nose-piece adjustment mechanism seems easy to strip, so I suggest you leave it once you get it set to your face. Overall, best mask so far, even over $100.00 models. Great service from this site. I ordered on a Thu and had it on a Mon.
    Written by K. O., -2015-11-10

  • very good for the price

    decided to try this mask because it was on sale. ive been using a comfort classic for years. this mask does not put pressure on your forehead no red spot in da am. A little more complicated to adjust but not bad. seals very well and you can buy it w/ a small and med interchangeable mask if you don't know your size. Its da same size as a comfort classic w/out da gel spacer so if your a small in a comfort classic then you are a small in this mask. I just ordered another one.
    Written by Big C, -2015-10-29

  • Amazing

    Ordered this product on a Thursday and received it on a Saturday! It was exactly what I needed and more! I will definitely order again. The price was beyond words the best I found!
    Written by Ray, -2015-10-14

  • Very Pleased

    I'm very pleased with this product, I find it comfortable and easy to use. I'm glad to see that they are making them now that they do not cover the whole mouth.
    Written by Don X, -2015-09-28

  • Mask with headgear

    The product is excellent works great, the employees that helped me thru my process should be commended very highly, that was Nat, Jennifer and Kat, they are the best employees a company could possibly have. Thanks Nat, Jennifer and Kat.
    Written by Orena B, -2015-09-01

  • Much better than a full face mask

    Much better than a full face mask, very comfortable and I do not remove during the like my full face mask. Easily adjustable and the fit is great.
    Written by steve c., -2015-08-24

  • Comfort Fusion

    I love this mask simple to clean, and simple to wear easy on and off. I prefer this one since your only dealing with one piece then the outside piece that holds the hose and attaches to head gear.
    Written by Bob, -2015-08-14

  • Great product and service

    Where I live the price for the mask I purchased is $130.00. I will continue to purchase from cpap exchange. Great service and even better product.
    Written by Carlos , -2015-07-28

  • cpap Mask with headgear

    I think that it was very good. It is very comfortable at night.
    Written by Jacqueline, -2015-05-27

  • comfortfusion

    I was not happy with this mask. The hard plastic was not giving and the nasal part wasn't comfortable. I had been using the profilelite gel . It is so much better.
    Written by Diana G, -2015-05-05

  • Finally! The right mask for me!

    I've been trying different masks here, and have taken advantage of the 30 day return policy, which has been super helpful. This is the 3rd mask I've tried and it is near perfect. Fits well, no leaks and it's comfortable.
    Written by Vintage Mama, -2015-04-16

  • not so happy

    Even though I purchased a small mask, it doesn't fit like the small mask I previously had. air leaks around my cheeks and almost hits my eyes. It's not comfortable
    Written by Linda, -2015-03-19

  • Great product and prompt delivery!

    Excellent fit thanks to the cut out pattern supplied on line. I've been using a CPAP for 15 years and this mask was a perfect replacement at a great price.
    Written by Sharon, -2015-02-16

  • Makes a lot of air noise

    When exhaling the elbow fitting with the air holes makes a lot of noise. Enough to keep me up. Fit of the system and comfort was good though. I will not use this mask
    Written by Bob H, -2015-01-05

  • Works for me

    It's flexible so I can sleep on my side or stomach without pushing it out of place. Easy to disassemble and wash, and adjustable so I can make a good seal.
    Written by Snoozer, -2014-11-25

  • comfortable

    comfortable and doesn't leak what else can I say
    Written by goodnite, -2014-09-25

  • comfort fusion nasal cpap/bipapmask with headgear

    Cpapxchange I will continue using emergency cpap with you in the future, the cpap is working and when I need a product I know you there to help.
    Written by Nelson L, -2014-04-18

  • good mask

    I like this mask. it fits well and stays in place. The only problem is that air comes out of the top which blows into the corners of your eyes. Other than that the mask works fine.
    Written by chris h, -2014-04-17

  • Mask Delivery

    Great products and service.
    Written by Harry, -2014-03-05

  • Not a quality product

    The masks work fairly well, but the plastic crappy. The tabs that hold the elastic straps break off very easily. Should be redesigned, but I guess the manufacturer sell more by having them break all of the time, instead of making a quality product.
    Written by allen, -2014-02-14

  • Best mask I've had.

    So far, this is the best CPAP mask I've had. I say "so far" only because I've had it a short time and can't comment on how well it will hold up over long-term use. It is the most comfortable mask I've used, which is due at least in part to the adjustable forehead piece. This mask is also quieter than other masks I've used. I like the quick-connect snaps, and the fact that a spare cushion and retaining ring come with it. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better mask at this price.
    Written by Robert S, -2013-11-20

  • The Best !!

    Have been ordering from cpap xchange for a long time and have always been VERY satisfied with service, products, prices and the fastest shipping ever !! Very helpful when needed a replacement product for one that was discontinued. Would HIGHLY recommended this company to anyone in need of cpap products.Thanks you !
    Written by Robert, -2013-01-15

  • ComfortFusion Nasal CPAP/BiPAP Mask w/Headgear

    I ordered two of these one for my husband and one for myself. I can use mine but it is not very comfortable and not much cushioning. My husband cannot use his at all...leaks terribly. He is still using his old CPAP mask. I would not reorder this mask.
    Written by Mary L., -2012-12-14

  • The Mask is well constructed

    I have gone through 3 of these masks in the last 3 years and found that they are constructed well except for the lower tabs that hold the head straps. After about a years usage one of the tabs will break making the mask useless.
    Written by JEff, -2012-11-28

  • my new mask

    What a joy to have a new mask that fits comfortably without the hassle of going to a dealer. It is exactly like my old one, which I wore until the strap attachment broke.
    Written by Gail G, -2012-05-11