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ComfortLite 2 Mask - DISCONTINUED

Many people can't get comfortable CPAP therapy using traditional nasal masks because of common complaints like pinching, soreness, leaks and pressure points. Respironics made that insight the inspiration behind the ComfortLite 2.

The first thing you'll notice about the Comfort Lite 2 is its unique soft, fabric headgear. Unlike other masks that use the nostrils for seal and stability, the Comfort Lite 2 uses a “Halo” headgear design and forehead mechanism for stability. This allows the interface cushion to provide a comfortable, reliable seal with no pressure points.

In addition the ComfortLite 2 offers three nasal interface options -- Nasal Pillows, Simple Cushions and Direct Seals -- so that you have a wide variety to choose from to find the right, most comfortable for you.

With its unique headgear and three cushion styles the ComfortLite 2 reaches an all new level of personalized comfort. Each of cpapXchange's ComfortLite 2 Combo Packs goes that extra step further though. Each Combo Pack offers two cushion styles -- either Nasal Pillows and Simple Cushions or Direct Seals and Simple Cushions -- and each offers two sizes of each cushion as well -- either Small and Medium or Medium and Large. It's a great deal at a great price from everyone at cpapXchange.

Nasal Pillows
offer a highly contoured pillow interface that fits comfortably into the nostrils for an easy, leak-free seal.

Direct Seals
curved cushions seal gently, but securly on the nostrils without actually ever inserting into them.

Simple Cushions
slide over the tip of the nose reducing bulk and eliminating pressure points common with traditional nasal cushions.


  • Updated 360º crown swivel is made of a new material to swivel more easily and move with you as you sleep
  • Tubing attachment point is moved forward toward the forehead minimizing contact with the pillow -- and maximizing stability
  • Multiple position angle adjuster and rotating vertical adjuster provide optimal cushion placement for personalized seal and superior comfort
  • Headgear straps are made with a softer, sleep-friendly fabric to eliminate pressure points and improve comfort for all sleepers
  • Like all masks in the Comfort Series, the ComfortLite is 100% latex free.
  • Innovative seal and cushion technologies ensure optimal seal is achieved: Direct Seal cushion includes flexible adjustment band to help optimize cushion angle for proper seal; Simple Cushion's freely rotating ball-and-socket elbow/cushion assembly enables proper cushion tilt for personalized seal.

Manufacturer: Philips Respironics
Part Number(s): 1030495 (ComboPack with M/L Nasal Pillows & M/L Simple Cushions), 1025112 (ComboPack with 4/5 Direct Seals & S/M Simple Cushions), 1025113 (ComboPack with 5/6 Direct Seals & M/L Simple Cushions), 1030494 (ComboPack with S/M Nasal Pillows & S/M Simple Cushions)
GTIN Number(s):
In the Box: Complete Mask Combo Pack with 2 Interfaces (Simple Cushions, Nasal Pillows or DirectSeals) in 2 Sizes (Small & Medium or Medium & Large) and Headgear
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): A7034 A7035

Mask Type(s): Nasal Cushion Masks, Nasal Pillow Masks, FitPack Masks, ComboPack Masks
Available Size(s): Petite, Small, Medium, Large

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Customer Reviews

Great Seal

This is the most comfortable mask I have ever owned in the last 9 years. The problem I had was the headgear strap slid over the back of my head and I had to keep putting it back down.
By LawDog2005,

Poor fit

This mask required such tightness to keep it in place that it woke me up at night. Any movement of my head would change the angle of the mask as it sat on my face.
By Brad,

Side Sleeper

The ComfortLite 2 works very well for me. I have had a lot of trouble with other mask because I sleep on my side. This mask minimizes the problems for me. The hose stays out of the way and the mask is not as prone to leaking. Having two choices for the mask has been very handy. Depending on my nasal condition I alternate mask at times. This has been a welcome feature for me.

Comfortlite 2 CPAP Mask Combo

Very nice product. Shipping was very fast. I got the Medium to Large ComboPack and the large mask seems a little smaller for me. Other than that, I am satisfied with the order.
By Emmanuel,

The fit is good when awake, but lacks during sleep

I bought this mask as an alternative to my opus mask, when awake the fit feels good, but I have been extremely tired when I wake and my spouse tells me I have been snoring so not very good
By M.klink,

comfort lite yes

I sleep on my side, and this mask does not leak like a lot of others I have tried. It does not leave marks on the face either.
By andria,

Happy Customer

The comfort lite 2 is as described and the shipping was very fast. I am totally satisfied with this transaction and with the product.
By Mike,

CPAP mask

Wonderful product! Exactly as pictured. Arrived very quickly.
By Breathing easier,

Great price and fast delivery!!

Ordered my product on 4th of July holiday and it arrived 2 days later with free shipping!! Great product and company
By Greg B,

Comfort Lite 2

I have had this mask before and bought another one simply because it is less obtrusive when you sleep.
By Jim,

Great idea, but do not maintain seal

Neither the nasal pillows or the nasal mask are substantial enough to maintain a seal throughout the night at the required pressure. Both sizes of nasal pillows were uncomfortable. I actually like the headgear and tubing arrangement, but this mask and pillows are worthless. I gave up after a week and purchased another mask and headgear.
By Charles Tanshew,

comfortlite 2 headgear and mask

After battling with masks and headgear I finally ended up with a nose pillow setup that I had to modify to even make it work. This new comfortlite 2 is fantastic...the rotating adjustment for the height of the nose piece should be mentioned in the sales description because it makes fine adjustment of the mask or nose pillow pressure against your face possible without fooling with velcrow like most other masks. It even came with two sizes of nose pillows and two sizes of nose masks and the exhaust vent is diffused instead of all the air shooting out one little hole like my old mask.
By Donald Beck,