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Control III Cleaning Solution & Disinfectant for CPAP/BiPAP Masks & Equipment (16 Ounce Concentrate)

Control III Cleaning Solution & Disinfectant for CPAP/BiPAP Masks & Equipment (16 Ounce Concentrate)
Manufacturer: Maril Products
Part Number(s): 10002
GTIN Number(s): 00722540000028
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399


  •  $14.95

Widely used in sleep labs, hospitals, and home care environments for more than 25 years Control III is a powerful, safe, effective disinfectant and germicide that is ideally suited for use on CPAP/BiPAP equipment.

Control III will not cause drying or cracking of CPAP/BiPAP supplies and the concentrated formula makes Control III an extremely economical cleaning solution.


  • Used Professionally For More than 25 Years
  • EPA Approved & Safe For The Environment
  • Will Not Cause Drying or Cracking of CPAP/BiPAP Equipment
  • Powerful, Low Cost, Concentrated Cleanser
  • Really Strong! Effective Against Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

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Purchaser Verified Reviews

Very good pricing!

I compared pricing and shipping and both were the best.
By mail-557,


Good product at a fair price delivered quickly. What’s not to like to!
By French56,

April 17, 2017 product review five years

April 17, 2017 product review five years. We have two machines in the house a CPAP and a BiPAP and we clean them once a week with control 111. We have had no problems. No chemical reactions. No break down in plastic. No adverse effects
By wapakfranz,


After reading the warnings. We were afraid to use it on our C-Pap’s
By jimmoss49,

great job

fast shipping, order was complete, would recommend this website for purchase.
By danberg55,


Excellent thanks..........
By wattss8182,

Control Disingectant

This product worked as expected. Thanks
By dammdeaner42,

Great cleaner for my CPAP.

Needed a good cleaner for my CPAP. This was recommended and cpapexchange has a great price. Fast shipping too.
By steves7189,

Couldn't be better

I bought a small bottle of Control III for less than $5, they didn't charge me any shipping, which may have been a special rather than regular operating procedure, but who cares, the package went from New Hampshire to California in 3 days. I really don't see how it could have been better.
By scribblinj,

It does the job!

I’ve been on a real journey regarding the use of CPAP! Spent the first few weeks working to get used to wearing a mask at night, and fairly quickly became accustomed to it. Shortly thereafter, I began to experience feeling ill, and went thru several rounds of antibiotics, and I experimented with various humidity settings. Bought a SoClean unit and a bottle of the Control III concentrate, and began a daily regiment using both products. Every morning after waking, I empty the water reseviour from the night before, I add about a capful of Control III and fill the reseviour with hot tap water. I add my silicon face mask and 90 degree plastic joint to the solution, give it a vigorous shake, and let it sit for about a half hour. Then, I take each piece, one at a time from the solution, and rinse them thoroughly with very warm tap water, let them dry for about a hour, and drop everything into the SoClean unit. This method, while a bit tedious, has allowed me to stay “illness free” for almost four months now, and I feel very good. The Control III and SoClean products are top-notch, and are very effective!
By norske48,

clean clean clean !!!!

First time my hoses got cleaned and disinfected and no fu fu smell !!!
By overvolt007,


Have had my CPAP for over 6 years. I've been cleaning it periodically with soapy water. Never felt that I was doing the best job. I now feel that my equipment is disinfected and my health is protected. Does leave a medicinal smell, but used PurSleep Vapor Clear from this site and it did the trick.
By Deb,

Lowest cost for excellent product

Have used for years, This was the lowest cost option that I have found yetsince I began using it years ago
By mkhehmeyer,

Works very well

Does a good job. Just followed the directions and it was very easy to use. I hope this product is not discontinued ever.
By mbiedenharn,

Works well; Documentation could be better

I use a TAP PAP, and my nose was getting red and a bit crusty where the nasal pillows rested on my nostrils. I figured it was probably some bacterial thing and I needed better cleaning, so I ordered some of this disinfectant. It worked beautifully.
The solution is concentrated: it only takes about 1-1/2 teaspoons and a quart of water to make a dunking solution that will last for two weeks (after which you dump it and make a new batch). I dunk my TAP PAP in it each morning for 10 minutes, rinse it in warm water and set it on a clean towel to dry, and no more skin irritation.
The stuff seems to be intended for medical laboratory use, based on the directions. They talked about testing the solution's strength with test strips (not included, nor indeed even described in any detail), and ensuring a minimum strength of 1000ppm (parts per million); the latter begging the question: 1000 WHAT ppm? Then they say to run hot water for 3 minutes before rinsing the stuff off (flushing any bacteria out of the plumbing, I assume). Hey, we're in the middle of a drought, here! Anyway, I'm not too worried about super-sterility; I'm just putting the appliance in my mouth and against my nose, not performing surgery with it. Plus which, the TAP PAP will deform if you hold it under hot tap water for more than a few seconds. For me, a quick rinse with warm water is just fine.
So 5 stars for performance, minus one star for mediocre directions.
By Marc,