CPAP Hose Lift v5.5 Tubing Suspension System


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CPAP Hose Lift
FREE 30-Night Money Back Guarantee + Manufacturer's Standard Warranty
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  • Brand:Arden Innovations
  • Part Numbers:CPAPHLV5.5 (Replaces 1250LIFT)
  • Warranty:30-Night Money Back Guarantee

cpap hose liftThe CPAP Hose Lift v5.5 is a compact, tubing suspension system that is eliminates the distraction, disturbance and tangles caused by CPAP/BiPAP tubing and hoses that rest on the bed covers during sleep therapy. With sturdy construction, easy setup, an integrated mask hook, and a convenient travel bag the CPAP Hose Lift is an ideal solution for use at home or on the road.


  • Durable Aluminum & Fiberglass Construction
  • Convenient Integrated Mask Hook
  • Ultra-Light Weight at Just 6 Ounces
  • Travel Friendly with Travel Bag Included
  • Easy To Assemble - Semi-Self Erecting
  • Able to be Used With Any Mattress System
  • Reversible "Double Bend" Mast
  • Universally Compatible With Any CPAP

Durable & Stable Construction: The CPAP Hose Lift is made of ultra-durable lightweight anodized Aluminum with metal connectors so it is sturdy and solid but weighs under 6 ounces! An interior tensioned shock cord runs down the center of the system to the molded fiberglass base, so that it is practically self erecting with no loose parts to misplace or lose. The updated base features a redesigned deep socket mast connection for increased stability and support.

Integrated Mask Hook & Tubing Loop: The Hose Lift's tubing loop easily accommodates standard as well as heated CPAP/BiPAP tubing as well as comfort accessories like fleece wraps. The integrated mask hook means that you have a ready made storage space for your mask when you take it off during the night or in the morning. Just hang up your mask and, when a twist is placed into the hose upon first assembly, the mask will magically swivel out of your way whenever it isn't in use.

Great For Travel & Universally Compatible: Great for home and travel the hose lift is universally compatible -- slipping under and secured by any and all mattress systems or any other weighted object. On the road it folds down easily into the provided travel bag and can be packed in with your CPAP or stowed away in your luggage or carry on.

New Reversible "Double Bend" Mast: The updated CPAP Hose Lift v5.5 includes a reversible double bend mast, just above the mask hook, so that you can reduce the height of the hose lift and increase the overall reach depending on which setup is more convenient for your personal use.


  • Manufacturer:Arden Innovations
  • Part Numbers:CPAPHLV5.5 (Replaces 1250LIFT)
  • Warranty:Exclusive 30-Night Money Back Guarantee
  • In The Package:CPAP Hose Lift v5, Integrated Mask Hook, Fabric Drawstring Closure Travel Bag, Printed Instructions
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00859596003014
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Dimensions:Height = 41 Inches (Non-Adjustable), Base = 6.25 x 7.50 x 0.50 Inches, Travel Bag = 9.5 x 4.0 x 1.0 Inches
  • Weight:6 Ounces (With Travel Bag)
  • Tubing Suspension

    This device is simply put, Outstanding! I was really having a problem managing the hose system at night until I started using this suspension device, It keeps the hose elevated for easy management during sleep time. Highly recommended!
    Written by pchummel-82983, -2018-12-22

  • Hose tender.

    I thought it was a little on the cheap side , but it does the trick . Thank you !
    Written by dbrenneraz, -2018-11-20

  • Too Flimsy for my husband's application

    This product is too Flimsy for tubing with a cover. My husband has an adjustable bed and it doesnt work well with that either. Need something heavier or a wall mounted product.
    Written by djb1122, Austin -2018-11-09

  • Great.

    Easy to assemble. Works just fine
    Written by HildaFord47, -2018-10-13

  • Victor

    Excellent, easy to transport and allows the hose to not interfere with your sleep.
    Written by victorlugo, -2018-10-06

  • 2nd time purchasing

    This item is better for traveling with its collapsible base.
    Written by dlm1154, -2018-07-19

  • This gadget is great !!

    I was pleasantly surprised. I have it here at our winter home. I will in all probability get another one for our summer place in the mountains. It keeps the hose completely out of the way.
    Written by Carolemortensen, -2018-01-19

  • Keeps the tubing out of the way.

    Works Great. Does as intended.
    Written by dndaughtrey, -2017-12-17

  • Great stability

    Stable and working really well.
    Written by sstaats0205, -2017-12-09

  • Aaahhh, nice

    I appreciate having the lift. The flow through the tubing seems to flow, nicely. Without the lift, I my tubing seemed somewhat bunched.
    Written by lrv5633, -2017-10-05

  • Just just as advertised and I love it. It...

    Just just as advertised and I love it. It has made a world of difference.
    Written by charliesullivan87, -2017-09-07

  • Wish I could give it more stars!

    Love, love, love this product. Wish I had tried this before the hose clips and homemade fixes that I've gone through. It's exactly what I needed. Assembles in seconds and fits under the mattress at the bed to hold your cpap/bipap tubing suspended up over your head at whatever point best works for you. The amount of slack left from the hanging loop to your mask connection can be adjusted to allow you plenty of room to roll side to side if you're an active sleeper. It provides a convenient place to hang your mask assembly when not in use. All in all, just conveniently keeps the tubing where you need it, but out of your way. Couldn't be more pleased.
    Written by Susan D, -2016-07-31

  • CPAP Hose Lift v5 Tubing Suspension System

    CPAP Hose Lift v5 Tubing Suspension System is an Excellent Product, Thanks.
    Written by Luis G, -2016-06-21

  • Keep the hose free

    This suspends the hose above you and allows you free movement without the hose wrapping you up
    Written by Kennewick , -2016-02-13

  • a little late but very good product

    Although I think it should have shipped a little earlier, it did ship. I wrote asking why it hadn't shipped and they responded very quickly and I had indeed received an email stating that it did ship. The product came packed well and it is better than the last product we had.
    Written by Mike, -2016-01-21

  • Hose Lift v5 Tubing Suspension

    Works Great! As advertised and very versitle
    Written by James K, -2016-01-05

  • very helpful product

    This sure helps keep the tubing out of your face and bed! Love it.
    Written by dk, -2015-11-15

  • I'm keeping this.

    I needed a new way to keep the hose off my head/face and decided to give it a try based on the other reviews even though I was very skeptical. I'm delighted with it. I've put the base under the mattress at the top of my bed and it has worked as advertised. It came with a money back, 30 day return guarantee. I look forward to traveling with it also.
    Written by Dan S, -2015-05-10

  • cpap hose lift

    I am very pleased with this hose lift It's made a big difference is how well I sleep. No more fighting the hose as I change positions during the night. Great product!
    Written by cpap user, -2015-02-25

  • It's a bit fiddly, but it's usable.

    Understand this: this contraption is designed to be portable, which is why it's flimsy. Also, it really only works if you have a CPAP machine directly on it
    Written by Geof M, -2015-02-15

  • cpap hose lift

    I am really enjoying this!
    Written by Carol, -2015-01-19

  • CPAP Hose Lift v5

    This is a great product. It's an easy and convenient way to keeep your hose untangled and off the bed as you sleep, and when you get up, your hose and mask can be out of the way. It's small enough that you can fold it up and pack it very easily for a trip.
    Written by Trish, -2013-09-03

  • Needs extra support

    This is easy to assemble and folds up into a pretty small pouch for travel. It worked great for a couple of weeks but now I can't get it to stand up straight. It seems to not be stable at the base. I read other reviews saying they used tape or something to give it stability. Other than that, I am happy with it.
    Written by Jennifer, -2013-07-14

  • Great support for CPAP machine

    Low price; great support for CPAP machine hose. Only fault I found was lacking lateral support. I used "good ole'Duck tape" to create a triangle on one side, (away from hanging hose side), to compensate weight of hose. I can sleep well without fighting hose under my arms, sleep on side, etc.
    Written by Bryan R, -2012-12-13

  • CPap Hose Lift System

    The C-Pap Hose Lift System is working just fine. It feels a little fragile but seems to be doing the job and I am glad I got it.
    Written by Jan, -2012-07-31