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CPAP Hose Lift v5 Tubing Suspension System

cpap hose liftThe CPAP Hose Lift v5 is a compact, tubing suspension system that is eliminates the distraction, disturbance and tangles caused by CPAP/BiPAP tubing and hoses that rest on the bed covers during sleep therapy. With sturdy construction, easy setup, an integrated mask hook, and a convenient travel bag the CPAP Hose Lift is an ideal solution for use at home or on the road.


  • Durable Aluminum & Fiberglass Construction
  • Convenient Integrated Mask Hook
  • Ultra-Light Weight at Just 6 Ounces
  • Travel Friendly with Travel Bag Included
  • Easy To Assemble - Semi-Self Erecting
  • Able to be Used With Any Mattress System
  • Universally Compatible With Any CPAP
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30-NIGHT RISK FREE TRIAL: Try CPAP Hose Lift v5 at home, if you're not satisfied return it for a full refund of the original purchase price. Simple!

Manufacturer: Arden Innovations
Part Number(s): CPAPHLv5
GTIN Number(s):
In the Box: CPAP Hose Lift v5, Integrated Mask Hook, Fabric Drawstring Closure Travel Bag, Printed Instructions
HCPCS Insurance Code(s): E1399

Dimensions: Height = 41 Inches (Non-Adjustable), Base = 6.25 x 7.50 x 0.50 Inches, Travel Bag = 9.5 x 4.0 x 1.0 Inches (Approximate)
Weight: 6 Ounces (With Travel Bag) (Approximate)

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Customer Reviews

This gadget is great !!

I was pleasantly surprised. I have it here at our winter home. I will in all probability get another one for our summer place in the mountains. It keeps the hose completely out of the way.
By Carolemortensen,

Keeps the tubing out of the way.

Works Great. Does as intended.
By dndaughtrey,

Great stability

Stable and working really well.
By sstaats0205,

Aaahhh, nice

I appreciate having the lift. The flow through the tubing seems to flow, nicely. Without the lift, I my tubing seemed somewhat bunched.
By lrv5633,

Just just as advertised and I love it. It...

Just just as advertised and I love it. It has made a world of difference.
By charliesullivan87,

Wish I could give it more stars!

Love, love, love this product. Wish I had tried this before the hose clips and homemade fixes that I've gone through. It's exactly what I needed. Assembles in seconds and fits under the mattress at the bed to hold your cpap/bipap tubing suspended up over your head at whatever point best works for you. The amount of slack left from the hanging loop to your mask connection can be adjusted to allow you plenty of room to roll side to side if you're an active sleeper. It provides a convenient place to hang your mask assembly when not in use. All in all, just conveniently keeps the tubing where you need it, but out of your way. Couldn't be more pleased.
By Susan D,

CPAP Hose Lift v5 Tubing Suspension System

CPAP Hose Lift v5 Tubing Suspension System is an Excellent Product, Thanks.
By Luis G,

Keep the hose free

This suspends the hose above you and allows you free movement without the hose wrapping you up
By Kennewick ,

a little late but very good product

Although I think it should have shipped a little earlier, it did ship. I wrote asking why it hadn't shipped and they responded very quickly and I had indeed received an email stating that it did ship. The product came packed well and it is better than the last product we had.
By Mike,

Hose Lift v5 Tubing Suspension

Works Great! As advertised and very versitle
By James K,

very helpful product

This sure helps keep the tubing out of your face and bed! Love it.
By dk,

I'm keeping this.

I needed a new way to keep the hose off my head/face and decided to give it a try based on the other reviews even though I was very skeptical. I'm delighted with it. I've put the base under the mattress at the top of my bed and it has worked as advertised. It came with a money back, 30 day return guarantee. I look forward to traveling with it also.
By Dan S,

cpap hose lift

I am very pleased with this hose lift It's made a big difference is how well I sleep. No more fighting the hose as I change positions during the night. Great product!
By cpap user,

It's a bit fiddly, but it's usable.

Understand this: this contraption is designed to be portable, which is why it's flimsy. Also, it really only works if you have a CPAP machine directly on it
By Geof M,

cpap hose lift

I am really enjoying this!
By Carol,