CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow with Removable Quilted Pillow Cover


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CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow
Pillow Cover:
Quilted Dual Surface Fitted Cover with Zippered Closure
Pillow Case (Optional):
No Thanks, I don't need a pillow case.
White 100% Cotton Fitted Pillow Case
Navy Blue 100% Cotton Fitted Pillow Case
2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Brand:Contour Living
  • Part Numbers:15-551R

Many CPAP & BiPAP patients find that traditional bed pillows interfere with mask performance, causing shifting, leaks and facial discomfort. The CPAPmax Pillow solves these problems performing better, and ultimately providing greater comfort, than traditional sleep pillows.


  • Unique Shape Designed for Use with CPAP/BiPAP Masks
  • Innovative Enhancements For a Custom Sleep Experience
  • Improves Overall Sleep Therapy Comfort & Compliance

Unique Shape Designed for Use with CPAP/BiPAP Masks: CPAPmax's contoured shape features broad facial areas that provide support for side sleepers while allowing CPAP/BiPAP masks to extend over the pillow's edge; the ergonomic center depression provides comfort and support for back sleepers; and the arced front edge aligns with the natural curves of the neck and shoulders.

Innovative Enhancements For a Custom Sleep Experience: The CPAPmax dual sided construction -- with fiber on one side and memory foam on the other -- allows you to choose your preferred sleeping surface; and a removable 3/4-inch foam layer means you can adjust the pillow's height to suit your needs. The CPAPmax's interior also includes innovative perforations that ventilate all the way through the pillow allowing air to circulate and humidity and moisture to dissipate.

Improves Overall Sleep Therapy Comfort & Compliance: With it's unique design, features and construction the CPAPmax offers superb CPAP mask accommodation, excellent support and unparalleled comfort! CPAPMax provides neck support, and improves spinal and airway alignment, for easier breathing during sleep therapy. It helps prevent mask leaks and sore spots so therapy is more effective, more comfortable, and ultimately more successful.


  • Manufacturer:Contour Living
  • Part Numbers:15-551R
  • In The Package:CPAPmax Pillow, Removable Fitted Pillow Cover
  • HCPCS Codes:E1399
  • GTIN Codes:00737709004861
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards
  • Dimensions = 20" x 13" x 5.8" (With 3/4" removable layer)
  • Pillow Materials = 100% Urethane Foam
  • Cover Materials = 100% Polyester
cpapmax pillow diagram
Ventilated foam is cool, breathes and reduces perspiration
Ergonomically shaped center cradles your head to improve airway alignment when sleeping on your back
Front edge shaped to match natural curves of neck and shoulders
Improved facial support area provides exceptional comfort for side sleepers
Pressure-Free zones prevent interference between the mask and pillow to reduce: mask shifting, leaks and pressure; and improve: sleep comfort,CPAP usability and compliance
  • Very comfortable


    If.ip and flop befire settling. This pillow allows me to find a comfortable position.
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  • Great pillow! Wish I got it sooner


    Wish I got this pillow a long time ago. You can adjust it to the height of your head. And I have no neck pain anymore. Excellent pillow
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  • CPAPmax Pillow


    All I can say is that I like it very much.
    Written by , Virginia



    What a difference from the pillows I "thought" were good. This pillow is so much more. I love laying on my back and my head nestled in the pillow. Sleep all night without a neck ache in the morning. Going to order another so I can make sure I have one under my head each night. I clean the cover weekly so I can change each week without having to miss out on this pillow each night.
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  • CPAP max Pillow Is The Best


    I have tried more pillows in my lifetime and wasted a lot of money. I would be rich if I would have just put that money in the bank. This pillow is by far the best I have ever slept on. It is cool, especially the one side. I have neck problems and I am experiencing no pain at night with this pillow. Add the pillow case (optional) and you will not regret it. The pillow has a strap with velcro that will keep your tubing where it belongs. I highly recommend this to all CPAP users. As soon as my husband receives his new CPAP machine, I will be ordering him the same package that I received...which included fleece cover for tubing, pillowcase and cleaning wipes. I am a happy camper.
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  • Smaller in person


    I like my pillow, but I was expecting it to be larger. Pictures are not accurate, you should place a disclaimer that they are smaller than they appear, but I'm still happy with it.
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  • CPAPmax Pillow


    Received my first CPAPmax pillow after having a week I ordered a second one. I work 14 days away from home and 14 days I am at home. I have brought the first pillow to my work location and just keep it in my locker. It has solved my dry eye problem and improved my sleep quality.
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  • Very comfortable pillow


    Firm, but not too firm. This was a replacement for another CPAP pillow that I have been using for the past two years. I would highly recommend this pillow. It is very comfortable.
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