Full Face Cushion (Seal) for Simplus CPAP/BiPAP Masks


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  • Brand:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:400HC579, 400HC580, 400HC581
  • Sizes:Small, Medium, Large

Fisher & Paykel's RollFit Full Face Seal is designed for use with all F&P Simplus CPAP/BiPAP Masks. As the name suggests, the one-piece RollFit Seal rolls back and forth on the nose and face, auto-adjusting during sleep to reduce pressure on hard to fit areas, like the bridge of the nose, while increasing overall seal and comfort.

The RollFit Seal incorporates integrated stability panels for optimal sealing performance and stability all night long.

Sizing Information: Three Simplus RollFit Cushion (Seal) sizes are available -- Small, Medium & Large. All Simplus masks use a single frame size so any seal size can be used on any mask frame. If you would like to change the size of your mask, you can just purchase a different seal size and fit it to your existing mask frame.

Usage Information: Simplus RollFit Full Face Seals are made up of two parts -- a silicone seal and an acrylic shell. The two parts CANNOT be separated.


  • Manufacturer:Fisher & Paykel
  • Part Numbers:400HC579, 400HC580, 400HC581
  • HCPCS Codes:A7031
  • GTIN Codes:09420012426215, 09420012426222, 09420012426239
  • FSA Eligible:Can be purchased with FSA Cards


  • Available Sizes:Small, Medium, Large
  • Materials:Latex Free
  • SIMPLUS works for me

    SIMPLUS has been a godsend; at the 19 cm/h20 high pressure, I need a full-face mask and over time has turned to a mask that pressed around the perimeter of my face. Smaller ones hurt the bridge of my nose. SIMPLUS stays sealed without having to cinch it down particularly tight, and the nifty ribbed flexing at the bridge of the nose has forestalled any hurting there, while remaining sealed. I had wondered about under-the-nostrils new full-face designs...and they end up hurting under my nose. Did I say that SIMPLUS has been a godsend for me? So far, it's the only mask that I'd recommend to a friend.
    Written by ronkinsey-43369, -2018-12-24

  • Love this mask!

    I have tried other masks but this is the best!
    Written by trichter46, -2018-02-15

  • Comfortable

    I have used the Simplus mask since I received my CPAP machine. It is comfortable to wear and easy and affordable to purchase from cpapXchange
    Written by dwdailey39, -2018-01-14

  • Works

    Popped right in and worked as designed.
    Written by warp2diesel, -2017-11-26

  • Leoncinettino

    Well designed, though setting it for a larger face is difficult
    Written by satko001, -2017-09-22

  • Down sizing

    I originally went with the medium-size mask but was too big causing raw spots on the side of my nose. I am currently using the small and it fits great!!!
    Written by carol_rosing, -2017-08-19

  • Replacement masks

    Very fast shipping and the cost was what we expected. Will continue to purchase for my husband from here.
    Written by Terri, -2016-11-07

  • Great service

    Fast shipping, outstanding pricing, this is my new supplier and I am a Respiratory Therapist that works for a homecare company.
    Written by Sellinox, -2016-07-13

  • Fast Delivery!

    I needed a replacement mask as the silicone on my other one ripped. I did regular shipping and it still arrived within a few days... so that was a nice surprise. Product was new and still in the packaging. I'd definitely buy from here again!
    Written by amburton, -2016-05-27

  • Simplus Full Face Cushion (Seal)

    I bought both a small and medium seal for the F&P Simplus mask and I am using the small one for now, but I think the medium will work if I had to use it. I really like this mask.
    Written by Patricia B, -2016-02-24

  • Great product/ great price.

    I just received my machine a few months ago. It was time to replace the cushion so I went back to the clinic I received the equipment from. Because I have a $1000 co-pay with my insurance I was going to end up paying $400 or so for a replacement cushion. Which I thought was crazy. So I found this website and ordered what I needed. It's great, same brand (not a knockoff) and it only cost me $35 thanks guys. I will definitely be a return customer.
    Written by Clint, -2015-12-21

  • Like the mask

    I like this mask. It gives me the right amount of pressure. My only issue is sometimes I get small leaks, which I probably has more to do with how tight I have it fastened, given I sleep on my side.
    Written by Scott, -2015-10-20

  • cushion

    100 %. well shipped. i could not ask for better.
    Written by rolland p, -2015-05-25

  • A great light weight mask

    The simplus is a great light weight mask. Be careful when sizing your mask using the template. I originally bought a large that worked fine, but didn't fit quite right below my eyes. I'm now using a medium and am very happy.
    Written by Steve M, -2015-05-02

  • A great light weight mask

    The Simplus Full Face mask is a great alternative for anyone moving from a nasal pillow mask. I normally use an Opus 360, but use the Simplus mask during allergy season or when I get a head cold. The mask is light weight, leaves no marks on my face, and doesn't make me feel claustrophobic. Use the sizing guide on the site to get the right size. I originally opted for a large, but have since purchased a medium for a better fit.
    Written by Steve M, -2015-03-23

  • F&P Simplus Mask

    According to the pattern I needed a large which I ordered. ( I did check the 1" standard so the pattern was the right size) Any way it was way oversize. I then ordered and received a "Medium" and it worked fine. This is the first mask that has really worked for me. Thanks.
    Written by Edward A, -2014-03-08