Bleep DreamPort CPAP/BiPAP Mask Starter Kit


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Bleep DreamWay Tubing & Interface
1 Box of 32 DreamPorts (16 Nights)
1 Box of 32 DreamPorts (16 Nights) + 1 Backup Box of 32 DreamPorts (16 Nights)
No Thanks, I'll Use My Own Skin Cleanser
1 Canister of 100 DreamPrep Wipes
Manufacturer's Standard Warranty + Free 14-Night Money Back Guarantee
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  • Brand:Bleep
  • Warranty:14-Night Money Back Guarantee

The innovative Bleep DreamPort CPAP/BiPAP Mask is the smallest, lightest, most ergonomically accommodating CPAP mask on the market. DreamPort fits comfortably -- without headgear, cushions or straps -- so you can sleep any way you'd like and enjoy a restful night's sleep without pinching, pulling and pain.


  • Exceptionally Lightweight & Flexible Sleep Solution
  • It's NOT Nasal Pillows: Nothing Up Your Nose!
  • Easy Custom Fit for a Wide Range of Users
  • Minimal Design Eliminates Contact Points & Improves Comfort
  • Earth Friendly: Hypoallergenic, Disposable & Recyclable
  • Compatible with CPAP/BiPAP Machines from All Manufacturers

Exceptionally Lightweight & Flexible Sleep Solution: The Bleep DreamPort CPAP/BiPAP Mask is flexible, lightweight and very easy to use. In fact it's so light and comfortable that you can even wear it as you read or watch TV before going to sleep. Applying the DreamPorts takes only seconds and then you can rest and relax until you're ready to turn out the lights.

It's NOT Nasal Pillows: Nothing Up Your Nose! No matter how well they fit, nasal pillow CPAP masks still stick up your nose and can cause pain and discomfort. Hypo-allergenic, disposable DreamPort adhesive strips are applied on the outside of the nostrils so nothing goes up your nose except for a pure stream of air from your sleep therapy device.

Easy Custom Fit for a Wide Range of Users: No two noses are the same. That's why Bleep designed the DreamPort Sleep Solution in a single flexible size that really does fit all users. So, no matter what the shape of your nose or nostrils, Bleep's gentle adhesive strips eliminate leaks, and ensure a much stronger seal than nasal pillow or cushion masks. Because of their minimal design, DreamPorts are great for people with facial hair too!

Minimal Design Eliminates Contact Points & Improves Comfort: With the amazing Bleep DreamPort CPAP/BiPAP Mask there's no hard frame, no headgear, and no bulky cushioning to get in the way of your restful night's sleep. The DreamWay Mask Interface, and DreamPort strips, won't leave any marks or dents on your face like traditional CPAP masks do; and with Bleep you can sleep in any position -- on your back, stomach or side -- without pressure or pinching!

Earth Friendly: Hypoallergenic, Disposable & Recyclable: The adhesive strips that hold the DreamPort in place are hypoallergenic and disposable. There is no need to figure out when to replace your mask because each night you use two new disposable DreamPorts to keep your DreamWay Interface in place. The small breathing ports are also recyclable once the tape has been removed so DreamPorts are both clean and green!

The DreamWay Tube & Interface should be replaced every 30-90 days on average just like traditional CPAP masks.

Compatible with CPAP/BiPAP Machines from All Manufacturers: Each Bleep comes with a 10 Inch DreamWay Hose and Swivel Connector that will attach to any heated or non-heated CPAP hose with a standard connector. Just plug it in and you're good to go.


  • Manufacturer:Bleep
  • Part Numbers:100381
  • Warranty:Exclusive 14-Night Money Back Guarantee
  • In The Package:Complete Bleep DreamPort Starter Kit with DreamWay Interface with Short Tube & Swivel, 32 DreamPorts (for 16 Nights of Use), and a Instruction Booklet
  • HCPCS Codes:A7034
  • GTIN Codes:00850003157016
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Materials:Latex Free


  • Mask Types:Nasal Pillow Masks
  • Pressure Range:4 to 20 cm H20 Recommended
  • Great!


    Great option for CPAP users, quick service from this company!
    Written by ,

  • Freedom


    I had used this in the past, but got away when new mask Dr thought would be better. Lately I find that I have a sensitivity to the mask which caused irritation so went looking for Bleep. Two cpap stores that I had used in past did not have stock, were backordered. Not sure but maybe company no longer making the mask. At times it can be frustrating because it can separate which I have learned to connect easily. I love the freedom of no band around my head. I can sleep any position,, disconnect easily at the cpap machine tube connection. I love it.
    Written by ,

  • Too flimsy.


    Too flimsy and light for normal sleep patterns.
    Written by ,

  • Excellent Product !


    I am new to using C-Pap (I have Bi-Pap) and was totally struggling with the seal on 2 prior masks. I just tried the Bleep DreamPort and I LOVE IT !! The seal is excellent and it is soooo comfortable !!! I used an inexpensive Velcro circular thing that connected hose to my nightshirt which prevented tube pulling - it would be REALLY nice if they would include this in the starter kit. My only other suggestion is to design it more user friendly when connecting the ports to the clips. It may be that I am new and just have to practice it. THANK YOU TO THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR INVENTING THIS !!!!!!!!!
    Written by , Massachusetts

  • Hit or Miss


    When they stay on they are great!
    Written by ,

  • 20 years of "mask" ever


    I have been using CPAP for almost 20 years, and have always had trouble with masks and nasal solutions that use plastics at the interface including leaks, discomfort, and nasal ulcerations. That completely changed when I started using a DreamWay kit that I purchased from CPAPXchange. Although getting a secure connection between the connector and the DreamPorts is more of an art than a science (turn your machine on leak test and wiggle DreamPorts into the connector until the interface goes silent), I'm getting zero leaks, no discernible noise, comfort, and a happy bed partner. Absolutely brilliant invention!
    Written by , Atlanta, GA

  • Overall good product...


    Hope this helps someone out there. I have used this system for over 2 years now - its the best solution that I've found. I was using a ResMed p10 for a while (have tried 3 other masks too!) and found it really bothering my nose, so I switched to these right when then came out. It's not perfect but what is right? - overall I have found 'freedom' with these guys - no more headgear. This site seems to have the best pricing as well. On occasion I will get leakage but that's better than being uncomfortable or in pain. I hope they continue to improve on the mask - I believe they are on version 2 right now, hopefully, version 3 will see an improvement with the hose attachment and less leaks (its successful 80-90% of the time) - thanks Bleep Sleep guys.
    Written by , Arizona

  • Heavy


    I was really hoping this would work but it’s a little difficult to get on and pulls on the nose
    Written by ,

  • Skin sensitive


    I tried this for 2 nights. The first time, I didn’t get a good connection. The second time, I got a good connection, but the adhesive damaged my skin when I took it off.
    Written by , Cabot, AR

  • Adapter leaks air


    When I connect the adapter to the nasal prongs air leaks out. Also it would be better if the hose was one that was connected with a ball type connector so you could move the hose in any direction.
    Written by ,

  • The Best CPAP Mask I've ever used!


    The Bleep Dreamports mask is the best CPAP mask I've ever used in the almost 10 years that I've been on the therapy. This thing does NOT leak. I've been using it for about a year and couldn't be happier. There is no headgear to put grooves in your face or mess your hair and as I've said, no leaks at all. CPAPXchange's service is great, I've received supplies within days of ordering.
    Written by , Weymouth, MA

  • The return policy is splendid


    The mask I ordered didn't work. So the company took it back no questions asked. Great policy.
    Written by ,

  • Awful. Keeps falling off


    No matter what I do to try and get the adhesive to stick to my skin. Nothing works and now I lost $80
    Written by , Marietta Georgia

  • Still Leaks! Like all the others


    First, great service from CPAP XChange. Got it in one day with expedited shipping. I wanted this to work. However the overflow valve just pours out air even at a low CPAP level (5). Its very loud, but mostly it just tugs on your nose all night like you are an elephant. You can't move an inch without feeling it tug on nose. And, it leaks at the bottom. I was fooled into think you could return this. But like all other medical devices, once you open it you own it.
    Written by , Chicago

  • Does not work for me


    The dreamport is a good idea just does not work for me.
    Written by , Pinehurst NC

  • After almost 20 years of various masks and pillows, etc. this is a dream!


    I have been a faithful CPAP/APAP user for almost 20 years because of severe central and obstructive apneas. I started with the traditional face masks, went through various types of nasal masks, pillow masks, below the nose masks, etc. before trying the Bleep. Now I will say that over the years, I did appreciate the improvements that came along in the masks- and would stay with a type of mask until the kinks were well worked out of the mask that dealt with the next issue at hand. Remember the early days of waking up to strap marks along your face and dents in your hair? lol That was a nice upgrade to get past. Well, along comes the Bleep- and not only does it not leave strap marks on my face, it doesn't cause the rub sores in the nostrils that the pillow masks can- because nothing even goes in the nose. Be sure to watch the brief Youtube video on the Bleep website where it will show you exactly how to apply the little dream ports and the use of the pressure sensitive medical tape- it will make it all much easier. Once you get the hang of clicking the little ports together, you will find you have the quietest, least tethered down night sleeping with your CPAP/APAP ever. Even those who get claustrophobic might want to give this a try since it only involves taping a couple open little tubes to your nostrils and not a strapped on mask of any sort. Give it a 2 week trial- bet you won't want your old one back. And when I had (through my own fault) discarded one of the ports I needed on my Bleep, I called the "company" and ended on on the private cell phone of the company's owner who was incredible and took care of what I needed ASAP and went out of his way to do so after hours on a Friday night!!! Talk about standing behind your business!
    Written by ,

  • Great concept


    I loved the design of the unit, but I’m one of those who toss and turn all night. The only reason I’m giving it three stars is because the Nose piece separated at a part of the piece that was not intended to be separated. In other words (my words) the system failed me.
    Written by , Cpapxchange

  • Life Changing


    I have been using the Bleep DreamPort for 3 months now. I bought it on a whim after I saw an ad for it online. My headgear/nasal pillow was constantly leaking, and the worst part was, I was literally getting a ridge in my skull from the headgear. Anyway, the Bleep DreamPort has been life changing. My sleep is better than it has been in 10 years. No leaks (even when I turn my head). No annoying headgear. And best of all, no more waking up with a headache! Side story: 2 weeks ago, I had my first sleep study in 10 years. The tech that did it for me said he had never seen the DreamPort before, but thought it was interesting. After about 3.5 hours, he woke me up to say that we were done. He then told me that for 2.5 hours, I registered ZERO leak detection - and he has never seen that in 16 years of doing this. Before he woke me up, he had ordered one for himself! This system is worth every single penny.
    Written by , Akron, OH

  • Beyond Wonderful!!


    I was diagnosed with OSA over twenty years ago, I am on my 3rd attempt over that time frame to do something about this. I am exhausted every day from not getting good sleep and it has only gotten worse as I have aged. I have 5 other masks and I cannot tolerate any of them which makes it impossible for me to be compliant with my CPAP. I tried Bleep as a last resort, not paid for by insurance. OH MY GOD! I have never been so happy about using my CPAP. There is absolutely nothing touching my face anywhere other than around my nose and I have now slept 4 days in a row for 7 plus hours! I am never going back ...... If you have had similar experience do not hesitate to try this. With nothing actually pushing up into my nose or covering my whole face it doesn't bother me at all, the adhesive is sticky enough to work well but it leaves no residue on my nose or lip. I use a clip to pin the hose to my chest so it doesn't pull on my and loop my arm through the long hose (so it is kind of like i am carrying a purse on my arm and it all works perfectly!! I am primarily a side sleeper by the way and this is great on my back or side. Thank you thank you thank you !
    Written by , So Cal

  • Transformative...


    I have found the Bleep devices to be MUCH more comfortable than any other mask I've tried. I thought that I was an unrepentant mouth breather. This device is so comfortable that I learned to keep my mouth closed in 2 nights (using a chin strap) and now sleep comfortably for 4-5 hour stretches with no complications whatsoever. Genuinely a transformative way to get good air and pressures! My oximetry data is also MUCH better on these than on a range of other masks.
    Written by , Boston MA area

  • Best Sleep Solution!!


    Suffering with sleep apnea for many years now. Have tried every mask known to man. This BleepSleep is by far the best solution available today. Great customer service, Great product!!
    Written by , NY

  • Glad I Found It


    I have been using a CPAP for about 5 years now and have always struggled with proper placement and comfort of headgear. When I was on the internet searching for a new headgear to try, I stumbled upon the Bleep DreamPort system, and I'm glad I did. I struggled applying the mask the first two nights, but it is so much easier. I no longer feel confined when sleeping or worry that my mask will move and leak in the middle of the night. When I wake up in the morning, I feel better because I haven't had to wake up several times in the night to readjust the mask. The ports are easy to remove in the morning, and I haven't had any skin irritation. I gave 4 stars because of the noise from the exhaled air, and my previous mask was much quieter. If that issue can be addressed, it's 5 stars from me!
    Written by , Mississippi



    I ordered this product after spotting an article on new sleep innovations. When the kit arrived it was so minimal and simple, I wasn’t confident it would work. IT DOES. I realize not every style and type of mask works 100 % for every person in all situations , but if you’re frustrated with your CPAP sleep experience.... you really owe it to yourself to try this product. I can finally sleep in bed free from straps, mask headgear, “rain out” syndrome in the mask from the hose. I can sleep in any position. After 3 years of struggle with various masks, I can continue my therapy and not throw my CPAP machine into the trash or dread sleeping connected to it! Watch the videos on YouTube. THANK YOU to CPAP exchange for carrying this fabulous product. And no, I was not compensated for posting this review. I want people to be unafraid to try a product that nay really improve your sleep experience.
    Written by , Massachusetts

  • Not for me


    Leaked all night. It had me up all night.
    Written by , Albuquerque NM

  • Great Discovery


    I am petite and have not found CPAP head gear that fits. DreamPort mask is the perfect solution. No more leaks. No more trying to rig up the head gear to make it fit. No more lines on my face. No more hassle. Customer service is great. I had a few questions and Stuart, the founder and CEO, personally called me. We had a FaceTime call and he patiently and considerately answered all my questions and solved any problems that I was having. Now I am having the best night's sleep in years.
    Written by , Ohio

  • fixes so many problems!!


    having used c-pap for over 18 years now, i have had my fair share of c-pap related problems to contend with. from mask material sensitivity, (itchiness, rash), pressure on my upper teeth, (from the weight of some devices) migraines (from pressure on my head, face) facial pain, (from having an a-symmetrical facial structure) nose sensitivity and constant wetness and itching (nasal devices), dried out eyes, cold arms, face, chest (from exhalation ports), facial marking, loosened crowns on teeth, (from oral devices), claustrophobia (from devices in my vision), itching face and scalp (from strap materials), lack of sleep (from noise) muscle soreness (from inability to move around during sleep), nasal soreness (from nasal nares) and bad hair days, just to name a few! the bleep address all those issues! i have no issues with material sensitivity, no weight on my face, or teeth, no pressure points, no straps to mess with my hair or make my face and scalp itch, no dried out eyes ( the exhalation ports face down, but do not make my chest or arms cold) no facial marking, no issues with my teeth, no soreness inside my nose (from nasal nares) no bad hair days. it is SOOO QUIET, i sleep soundly, and i awake refreshed with no muscle soreness, as i can move around! it does require a little more effort at first, but it is soooo worth it. I was worried about the glue involved on the tape around my nose, but i have had no issues with it. let me state, that if you first connect it and it makes a loud noise, it needs re-connecting, as it is QUIET. (my husband doesn't know i'm in bed sometimes! and i can cuddle again, as there are no devices on my head getting in the way!!) i LOVE the BLEEP, and i recommend it highly to all that need c-pap, and have suffered with any of the issues i have had. I purchased mine from LOVE them too! great service and it arrived really FAST. I highly recommend them.
    Written by ,



    I have been on CPAP therapy for over 15 years and have used every style and brand of mask possible without ever going through a night without a leak. Along comes Bleep Dream Ports. So simple to apply and use its amazing and no BLEEPIN leaks. Have been using them for a month and I haven't found a flaw yet. Preparation of the area around your nostrils is imperative to successful adhesion of the dream port tape. Thank you to whoever invented these because you are truly a genius. Give them a try you wont be sorry.
    Written by , CT

  • Does not work


    Leaks air everywhere , want my money back!
    Written by , San Diego

  • First mask to fit with no leaks!


    I've tried 30+ masks. They either leaked badly or had to be pulled on so tightly tht the mask itself kept me awake. The Bleep has been very different. Pros - The Bleep fits easily and has had zero leaks. I cut most of the long tailed adhesive off as only a little bit is needed. It is very light and I use a clip with velcro to attach it to my shirt so it minimizes pulling on my nose while asleep. Side sleeping is a nonissue. I have an allergy to most adhesives. The adhesve on the Bleep has also been a nonissue. Cons - I don't like to put on any mask until I'm ready to fall asleep. But you can't just pull the Bleep on like other masks. While it is is easy to attach, the act of getting out of bed to attach it makes me more alert. That's my biggest complaint. Also, if I have an itch inside my nose I have to be careful about trying to scratch the itch so I don't pull it off. The noise is more than some, less than others. It has not been a problem for me. I think a different venting system could minimze that further.
    Written by , WI

  • Noise level is unbelievable


    It is a great concept and fits well but the noise factor is horrible.
    Written by , Gilroy, CA

  • 33 years of cpap and there’s been nothing like it


    The Dreamport is like no mask ever before and a total relief for a tired old face. Let me start by saying I’m 67 years young and have been dealing with the struggles of “masks” for the last 33 years. I have scars on my face from some of them. They have come and gone, some decent enough and some really bad. Some have left some marks me that have never left and are constant reminders of when I started. But they all had straps and they all leaked in some form or another or relegated me to having to sleep in a position I didn’t much care for. So I had questions at first about the tape working well enough to really not leak or hurt. Many a cpap supplier has spat out enough snake oil saying this and that about how great so and so is, and that this doesn’t leak and it does that and it does this. But hardly any ever hold any water, if you will, and they all have dreaded headgear that makes it seem like a vice is constricting your head. Was I doubtful? Yes, I was. Seen enough in my day to figure I should ask some questions. I called the number on the website and fully expected to get a voicemail but the guy that picks up is the owner of bleep. We talked nearly 30 minutes. He answered every question I had and for once in my life I didn’t get some contrived sugar coated story. I bought it and watched the videos and practiced with it for a bit before putting it on. Stuart, the owner, said it’ll be different than anything you’ve worn before. He’s right. It is very different. Simple as can be in thought, but unlike anything with straps. Besides cleaning my nose, he said, getting good with my fingers and developing some familiarity with how it snaps together was key to early success. Trust me on that one, huge tip. I think practicing with it during the day made it easier putting it on. It lost that awkward feeling out of the box. And I’ll tell you this, it didn’t leak at all the first night or any other night for a matter of fact. It’s as close to not having anything on your face as I’ve ever gotten. It doesn’t wake me needing to adjust anything because it never moves around. Never once has it hurt my face, caused sores, burned or irritated my skin like silicone has. It damn well can’t leave a scar on your nose like a previous one has on me. And I love the Dreamport for all it is and for all the things it’s NOT. And why for the love of all things cpap no one came up with this concept years ago, I have no idea. Will everyone like it, not sure, but I’m glad I tried it. Really glad. In my humble opinion, having been strapping masks to my face for 30 plus years, this is the best thing to come along since I was told I stop breathing over 80 times an hour and needed cpap.
    Written by , Elizabeth City

  • What the bleep!


    It took skin off my nose so I sent it back.
    Written by , Or

  • Try the Bleep Dreamport, you won’t be disappointed.!


    I’m a side sleeper and had problems with other masks, marks on my face, headgear slipping and leaks. Not to mention they were very uncomfortable. The Bleep Dreamport has Nasal strips that are Hypoallergenic and helps if you are Claustrophobic. The Bleep Dreamport is so comfortable! Sincerely, Sue V
    Written by , Pinehurst, NC

  • Excellent Product


    There's no denying that Bleep is an odd looking mask; but it sure is nice not to have headgear on my face or leaks around my nose. I've only been using it for two weeks, but so far I think Bleep is a winner.
    Written by , Michigan

  • Bleep Da Bomb!


    I don't know what to say. I've tried a lot lot of masks over the years and I didn't really hold out a lot of hope for this. It sure does look... unusual. But I can tell you first of all it doesn't leak. It just doesn't. The patches stay on well and the tube flexes so it doesn't pull against your face the way you might think. The first night I used it I slept 7 hours which for me is huuge. The second night was the same and I was thinking this is amazing. Really loving the Bleep and can't wait to see how it feels in a month.
    Written by , Florida