Bleep Adhesive Patches for DreamPort CPAP/BiPAP Masks (32 Pack for 16 Nights)


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DreamPorts Adhesive Patches
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  • Brand:Bleep
  • Part Numbers:100379

Bleep Adhesive Patches are made exclusively for use with the DreamPort CPAP/BiPAP Masks and the DreamWay Interface. They are available in a single flexible size designed to accomodate a wide range of users.

Remember DreamPorts are NOT Nasal Pillows so nothing goes up your nose when you use them!

Usage Information: DreamPort Adhesive Patches are hypoallergenic and disposable. The small, plastic breathing ports are also recyclable once the adhesive has been removed so DreamPorts are both clean and green! For full usage instructions please review the user manual that came with your mask.


  • Manufacturer:Bleep
  • Part Numbers:100379
  • HCPCS Codes:A7033
  • GTIN Codes:00850003157009
  • FLEX SPENDING:Can be purchased with FSA & HSA Cards


  • Materials:Latex Free
  • Great product


    These are great! No face mask, no lines and can sleep in any position.
    Written by , Ohio

  • No more mask!


    I'm a super light sleeper, and every CPAP mask I've tried just keeps me awake! I was ready to give up on CPAP. My RT suggested I try the Bleep system. This is by far the best solution I've found. Easy to use once you've gotten the hang of applying the adhesive Dreamports. I still don't sleep like a baby, but at least the mask doesn't keep me awake.
    Written by , Johns Island, South Carolina

  • Great product!


    Beats using a CPAP mask hands down anytime! Easier to get used to than any mask I’ve ever used.
    Written by , South Florida